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Help Desk Ticket for the Moose – Report Your Problems Here [UPDATE]

Yesterday and today, Internet Explorer users are reporting problems with commenting on the Moose.

Let’s try to gather the problems and troubleshooting steps we have tried here so that the techs are not running all over the threads tying to figure stuff out.

UPDATE 01/31/2013 4:30am RPT:

Internet Explorer Problem Update

Internet Explorer users cannot Post a Comment or Reply to a comment because of a bug in the Sharing buttons attached to each diary page (specifically the [inShare] button from LinkedIn).

The workaround is to do a right-click on the date/time stamp of the comment and choose Open in a New Tab. The new tab does not have the Share buttons and you can compose and post your reply.

This information has been passed on to the Moose. I am hoping they can remove the button. It is also causing a slowdown when loading a page because the code that is failing is related to page scraping.

The best I can tell is that the problem is limited to Internet Explorer. Versions 7 and 8 for sure, what about IE 9?

The symptom is that people can’t reply to comments? Or is the problem that people can’t comment either? Ha!!! And how would they be able to tell us if they couldn’t comment???

Floja Roja reported yesterday that if you right-click and open the comment in a new tab you can reply. Is that true?

Things that were tried:

– Clearing cookies

– Clearing cache

– Turning off/on Compatibility View

– Changing Temporary Internet Files to never check for newer versions.

I checked Microsoft Bulletins and there have been no updates to IE pushed since mid-month.

The problem was first reported yesterday afternoon. For people who have the problem, can you tell us exactly when you noticed it?


I will update the diary as more reports come in.


Update 1: We don’t want to hear about your personal problems, just your computer problems. 😉

Update 2: Of course we want to hear about your personal problems … just not here!

Update 3:

Problem is in Internet Explorer, all versions. Some people can reply to comments if they right-click on the comment (date/time stamp) and open it in a new tab.

Some people cannot comment at all.

Moose Technical Support: Can you help our IE bound friends?

My recommendation is that if you are on your own computer (not one at work) that you install Firefox. It is a better browser for most web sites.

–  Download Firefox for Windows

Update 4:

I ran tests on one of my computers that has Internet Explorer 8 and this is the error message that comes up when I try to reply to a comment:

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method

Line: 702

Char: 3

Code: 0


It appears to be related to a javascript file. One of our users reports that he is on IE at work and has no problems. Every other IE user who has reported in does.

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  1. it stayed there.

    A couple of times I’ve inadvertently given meh or fail to comment because after clicking fierce I navigate with arrows and fierce changes.

    It would also be nice if there was an easier way to link; several other sites I’m on let you  link without all that code.

  2. bill d

    Reply and Post A Comment buttons will not produce anything.

    Noticed it yesterday AM.

    Tried Turning off/on Compatibility View

    Tried Restoring Advanced Setting.

    After restoring advanced settings I got a reply box to open once then the same problem came back.

    Problem happens with both home and work machines.

    Currently using Chrome.

    Don’t like Chrome but that may fall into the personal problem category.

  3. dear occupant

    Problems began last night. Can’t comment, can’t reply unless it’s in todays morning open thread. Every other diary nothing, responding to recent comments nothing.

    I can rec a diary and comments.

    I’ve tried all the fixes suggested.

    And now i’m starting to feel lonely….sigh.

  4. BlueStateRedhead

    I am a successful linkier over there. Cannot for the life of my laptop get the link to work here. will not not try embeds of images until texts works. and i tend to be texty…..

    Chrome Windows 7 user.

  5. fogiv

    i’ve had problems with not being able to comment off an on with IE for a while now, but i really only use IE at work and i figured that was just me ’cause i’m on a gov system that’s always fubar in one way or another from all the security layers and so forth.

    i have no trubbs with chrome, firefox, or safari.

  6. wordsinthewind

    for me, I use a mac and safari. I am such a luddite that mr w has to take care of my computer for me, if anything goes wrong while he’s gone I have to use the desktop til he gets home and can fix my laptop. I only get embarassed if that takes less than 60 seconds.

  7. justme

    I was so hoping you’d have a solution for my perennially clogging, um, toilet. Not an everyday event, true—more like a once every 3-4 months event, and usually resolves quickly.

    It’s a hazard of owning a 70 year old house.

    It’s always a hair-raising, anxiety ridden event, but I suppose I shouldn’t be so bold as to expect a Moosen to come crashing through the computer screen to stare at the bowl with me ’til the, um, problem resolves.

    ::deep, beleaguered sigh::

  8. Clicked Post A Comment:

    Line: 703

    Char: 3

    Error: Object doesnt’t support this property or method

    Code: 0

    URL: (referback to this diary)

  9. Kysen

    Hey y’all…

    Just wanted to let ya know that a ‘ticket’ has been put in to Soapblox.

    Our tech capabilities are very limited…both by Soapblox design and by availability of tech knowledge amongst the Moose management. The issue with commenting has exceeded both those limitations.

    For those who are having trouble logging in, however, we are usually able to remedy that by manually resetting your password. So if that is a problem you are experiencing just request a password reset.

    For now, I would suggest that those wrangling with the comments switch to Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera or some other browser to participate on the Moose.

    We are sorry that we are unable to fix things quickly for our IE users, but, we are working on it.

    Thank you all for your patience!  /grin

  10. Via Chicago

    Couldn’t tell you which version if I.E.I’m on at work, but I was unable to comment from there all day.

    At home I’m on Chrome and that is working just fine.

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