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OMG! The Right Has Officially Gone Off The Deep End

While checking my usual daily news and opinion sources I came across a link to a forum thread on Sean Hannity’s site. They aren’t called wing nuts for nothing.

Most political junkies will recall Bill O’Reilly’s rants about posts he found on dkos that upset him. His rants became a joke among those on the Left. Well, now the Right has gone even further. This is truly scary stuff. Or absolutely hilarious, depending on your take of it.

It takes so little to set them off. The post, by a forum member named FreedomWorks wonders what would happen if a revolution came about in the U.S.A. The poster wasn’t really advocating revolution. He was simply speculating about what it would mean for this country. His belief was that it would mean total anarchy. It was the comments that followed that went off the deep end.

There was also a poll that has apparently been taken down that asked “What kind of revolution appeals most to you – Military Coup, armed rebellion, or war for secession?” I didn’t see the poll, but from this post on “Armed Rebellion” was the preferred choice of the wing nuts.

As of this writing, “Armed Rebellion” is ahead with 40%; less than one in four support a military coup. The rest (about 36%) support a war for secession. (85 votes total)

Here are a few samples from the comments:  

Friday Night Tubes

I have a love/hate relationshit with the news. I am a complete cable news addict and have been for years. However, this has not been a sweet love affair, as I have done a lot more hating than loving, over this twenty five year marriage.

I have now found a cure for this, and it’s name is TMPtv. See what I mean on Friday February 27, 2009 in 100 seconds.

One of my favorite past times is making fun of the news. They are such easy targets as evidenced by Thursday February 26, 2009 in 100 seconds.

Really Mary? Do you actually believe that nonsense any longer?

On a personal note, I would like to take a moment to congratulate my parents on their 49 year anniversary. Happy Day Mom and Dad! Huge party planned for 50!

A Long and Lonely Walk Into Obscurity

President Obama is extremely popular at the moment.  The American people support him by a great majority.  Our situation is grim and we cannot abide more of what we have suffered of late.  The American people demanded change and they got it.  Now they are demanding action.  The President gets that.  The Republicans, by and large, don’t.

Wikileaks Needs Our Help! [updated]

… could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act.

– Time Magazine

Wikileaks is the world’s #1 resource for publishing secret documents that are in the interest of public good.  This site is a colossal pain in the ass for corporate criminals, corrupt governments, tax cheats and anyone out to abuse the general public.  The site allows anyone in the world to submit secret documents anonymously so that the whole world can know what the criminals don’t want you to know.  Whistleblowers and people of conscience who come across powerful secret information are able to make it public through Wikileaks.  It is the only site of its kind.

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Goodbye Rocky

In this era of severe recession, newspapers are getting hammered. Rocky Mountain News, a 157 year old institution at Denver, Co published its last edition today. This video is as poignant it can get. These are real people with real families who did their best, but somehow it was not enough. The newspaper didn't do well for a year or so, and the owner EW Scripps put it up for sale. EW Scripps as a media company is not doing well in this economy. Unfortunately they could not find a buyer within the stipulated four weeks. Today Rocky Mountain News is history..


How about bailing out these real folks?….



Do you understand the difference between revenue and income?

Congratulations! You are too smart to work at CNBC!

From Media Matters comes this report:

During the February 26 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, CNBC host Maria Bartiromo asserted that among the “unintended consequences” of President Obama’s proposal to let the Bush tax cuts on wealthy taxpayers expire is that “the bottom line is small businesses … are putting $250,000 in revenue out there, and they’re going to get impacted, and this is the single largest creator of jobs.”

Obviously, this is incompetently erroneous at best. The Obama tax plan focuses on raising marginal income tax rates and reducing income tax deductions for individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and for couples earning more than $250,000 per year.

Moreover, Bartiromo’s suggestion that doing so would be a tax increase for most small businesses is also false: as Media Matters for America documented, according to the Tax Policy Center’s table of 2007 tax returns that reported small business income, 481,000 of those returns — about 2 percent — are in the top two income tax brackets, which include all filers with taxable incomes that would be affected.

Two percent? My God, this man is history’s greatest monster, somebody stop him! I only hope that someday soon, these news folks will understand how many bloggers there are out there with OCD and too much time on their hands, willing to hunt down details like this and nail ’em for it.  

Dover Ban Lifted

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has agreed to lift the ban on media coverage of our country’s returning military dead from Iraq and Afghanistan provided that the families of the fallen agree to the photographs being taken.


Who's upset with the Omnibus Spending Bill?

When the Omnibus Spending Bill (H.R. 1105) passed in the House by 245-178, was anyone upset that it was filled with earmarks? This after Obama’s team went to great lengths to avoid earmarks in the Stimulus Bill.

As Down With Tyranny pointed out this morning:

Pathetically, Democrats are defending earmarks by pointing out Republicans– who American voters already detest for being corrupt– do it too. Yes, they do; and that’s part of why they were kicked out of office. Disgracefully, Hoyer distributed a handout yesterday claiming “You can’t spell ‘earmark’ without an ‘R,'” which stated that 40% of the earmark dollars included in the omnibus spending bill were put there by Republicans.

Geez! Doesn’t that mean that 60% are put there by Democrats?

I know I have low personal feelings for Steny Hoyer who made that statement (and he used to be my Congressman when I lived in Greenbelt! One of the reasons it doesn’t hurt to not live there anymore), but all Democrats should be down on this crap.

When is Feingold’s bill to end earmarks going to go through?

Under The LobsterScope

Back in the Saddle…or is that Saddle Back?

I don’t usually do this, but I thought Mr Haggard deserved his very own tube diary. I could probably add a couple more hilarious bits, but these make the point. It appears that Ted Haggard is making a comeback, and he has been hitting the circuit, promoting a new HBO special on his…er…life.

Wow. That seems pretty dramatic.