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GOP Arizona and Michigan Primaries: Open Thread

It seems the Republican circus has now gotten to the trapeze act with no net.  Recent polling for Arizona and Michigan suggests both are statistical ties with Michigan poised to be an all-night cliffhanger.  Romney faces a potentially disastrous defeat and Santorum, well, any momentum he wins or loses is unlikely to change his clear intention to wage electoral jihad.  

And they are both clearly doing themselves no favours:

Both Willard Romney and Rick Santorum – and have I mentioned recently what a colossal dick the latter is? – ought to thank their personal deities that they’re not racehorses. Because, if they were, and given the way they’re both limping towards the finish line in Michigan and Arizona today, we’d already have the screen up, the syringe at the ready, and the veterinary ambulance discreetly parked off to one side.

Charles P Pierce – The Michigan Primary and the GOP’s Bloody Uprising Esquire 28 Feb 12

At this point it is hard to imagine how a win or loss for either changes the fundamentals of an increasingly toxic and historically damaging nomination for the GOP.  Pass the popcorn, please, and make it the good stuff.

Mark Levin Offers Glimpse Inside GOP Nutshell – Open Thread

My problem is: The takers. The takers. Maybe they should take less. Why do we create more and more programs for the takers? Why are they the constant subject of our existence? Why are they the constant priority of our economy? The takers. They’re never asked to give back anything.


So what we need to do, ladies and gentlemen, is generate more revenues. How do we do it? We steal it. That’s how, we just take it from the rich. And who are the rich? Millionaires and billionaires who aren’t millionaires and billionaires. Small businesses, mostly. We just take it.


The poor are selfish and the government mugs innocent givers, presumably, on their behalf.  That’s right.  The American people steal from contributors to feed the selfish parasites who only care about themselves.  And we do so obsessively.  If we would just forget about the needy and ignore them…

The View From Palmour Street


I was just kicking it watching the old Twitter stream when someone I follow put up a video by their cousins.  

25 seconds in I go HEY THAT’S My Muhdear! (Grandmother)  want to find out how she got there?

Mexican Immigrants and the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election

By: inoljt,

There are quite a number of Mexican citizens living in America. Much political attention has been paid to these people by both American political parties. Liberals hope that the votes of their children will carve out a new permanent Democratic majority. Conservatives, on the other hand, relentlessly campaign against undocumented immigrants and “amnesty.”

When immigrant rallies occur, conservative media frequently focus on immigrants from Mexico waving Mexican flags. The implication is that these people are more loyal to Mexico than the United States.

Let’s take this thought a bit further, to a subject which most conservatives don’t think about.

More below.

Monday February 20, 2012 ~ Thursday February 23, 2012 in 100 Second Tubes

Oof. This is a lot of Tubes. Heh. More than I would normally post at one time. However, I can barely contain my excitement about the return of TPM’s “The Day in 100 Seconds”. Now if Headzup would only come back….oh pretty puuuuuleeeease…..

Thursday, February 23, 2012 in 100 TPM seconds.

What is wrong with this picture???????

Ok, so if Darrell Issa will only listen to dudes talk about birth control, can I nominate Lee Camp to speak to the House subcommittee?.

An Onion a day helps keep angry President Obama away.

Can we all say SAAAAAAAY-TAN?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 in 100 TPM seconds.

The latest…yawn..repug debate on CNN. Heh.

What Tube Diary would be complete without a couple of Christmas tunes from VersusPlus?

Heh. Sorry if you have that song in your head for the rest of the day;~J

The Visit

Peresident Obama 12/11

As some of you may remember, for those young enough to still have your short term memory intact, I along with my wife were invited to the White House for a Holiday Reception in December.

Well at long last the most important picture from the event, shaking President Obama hand, arrived in the mail so I felt I could now tell you all how it went.

Dead As (a) DOMA?


Today, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued its order finding that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act — the federal definition of marriage — is unconstitutional in Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management, Karen Golinski’s challenge to the denial of her request for equal health insurance benefits for her wife.…  

The Poll I Want To See

I want a poll, with as large a sample size as possible, of American citizens who hold a PhD in economics, formatted as such:

The 2009 Stimulus was:

a. Too small

b. Too big (including if you think no stimulus was warranted)

c. Just right

The 2009 Stimulus was:

a. Distributed effectively

b. Too heavy on tax cuts

c. Too light on tax cuts

Public investment in infrastructure projects over the past 3 years has been:

a. Appropriate

b. Insufficient

c. Excessive

The past three years in economic history suggest:

a. Keynes theories are fundamentally sound

b. Friedman’s critique of Keyes was fundamentally sound

c. We need to develop a hybrid model for preventing and easing future economic crises

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN), GOP darling and former Bush budget director who responded to President Obama’s recent SOTU is:

a. Our national hope

b. Someone fundamentally incapable or resistant to  learning from data and experience

There should be cross tabs for where respondents are currently employed: academy, private sector for profit, private sector non-profit (NGO), Government

Open Thread: Syrian Civil War: Marie Colvin Killed in Homs

I’ve often written about the bad side of journalism, and especially that of the Murdoch owned press, but just breaking is some shocking new of the noble sacrifices many journalists make in their attempts to report reality. A civil war which is rapidly becoming one of the bloodiest conflicts has claimed the life of the great Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin. She was killed along with a photographer Remi Ochlik when the building she was staying in was shelled by Syrian government forces. The people who tried to escape were then targeted by rockets. Two other journalist were severely injured in the attack.

American born Colvin was the only journalist from a British paper in Syria, and has been described as the Martha Gellhorn of her generation. Witty, acerbic and fearless, only yesterday she filed reports for the BBC and CNN on the carnage in Homs.

“I watched a little baby die today,” she said. “Absolutely horrific.

“There is just shells, rockets and tank fire pouring into civilian areas of this city and it is just unrelenting.”

In a report published in the Sunday Times over the weekend, Colvin spoke of the citizens of Homs “waiting for a massacre”.

“The scale of human tragedy in the city is immense. The inhabitants are living in terror. Almost every family seems to have suffered the death or injury of a loved one,” she wrote.