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I think I’m making an impact

I have an elderly beloved aunt who is on way too many RW email lists.  She usually forwards them to me – probably not for fact-check but that’s what she gets.  Here’s the original email:

HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW THIS…   And what the hell does this have to do with HEALTH OR  CARE??

People on Medicare or go to the VA think, Ah, that doesn’t apply to me.  HA, you just wait for the other shoe to drop.


   Veritas Vos Liberabit

        Semper Vigilis, Fortis, Paratus, Et Fidelis

Here is what happened on January 1st, 2014:

Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%

Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%

Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%

Dividends tax went from 15% to 39.6%

Estate tax went from 0% to 55%

Remember this fact:  if you have money, the democrats want it.

These taxes were all passed only with democrat votes, no republicans voted for these taxes.

These taxes were all passed under the affordable care act, otherwise known as Obama care.

Remember this in November 2016, remind your children as well.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed the healthcare insurance landscape. Some of the most important changes stemming from Obamacare center around taxes. Under the ACA, the total amount of new taxes on individuals and businesses will climb to $500 billion by 2023.

Altogether, there are 21 new taxes linked to the ACA.…

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Just “So” Stories

No, this is not about the Rudyard Kipling book: instead, what I believe to be the word usage trend of the 21st Century (so far) after the jump …

Weekly Address: Vice-President Biden – Raise The Minimum Wage

The President’s Weekly Address post is also an Open News Thread. Feel free to share other news stories in the comments.


From the White HouseWeekly Address

In this week’s address, Vice President Biden discusses the importance of raising the federal minimum wage. It’s good for workers, it’s good for business, and it would help close the gender pay gap, as women make up more than half of the workers who stand to benefit from a raise. And as the Vice President highlights, Congress should boost the federal minimum wage because it is what a majority of the American people want.

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Denise Oliver-Velez Honored by NAACP

From the NAACP Facebook Page

Denise Oliver Velez–applied cultural anthropologist, writer and revolutionary–was a part of the Young Lord’s Party, which rallied a crew of women that fought for open enrollment in the City Colleges of New York, for the formation of Puerto Rican Studies Programs and bi-lingual education in grade schools. #‎WHM2014

Congratulations, Sis Dee!

President Obama Speaks in Brussels: Reject the “old ways” of militarism

President Obama spoke to the youth of Europe at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

President Barack Obama:

Your Majesties, Mr. Prime Minister, and the people of Belgium — on behalf of the American people, we are grateful for your friendship.  We stand together as inseparable allies, and I thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  I have to admit it is easy to love a country famous for chocolate and beer. […]

Throughout human history, societies have grappled with fundamental questions of how to organize themselves, the proper relationship between the individual and the state, the best means to resolve inevitable conflicts between states.  And it was here in Europe, through centuries of struggle — through war and Enlightenment, repression and revolution — that a particular set of ideals began to emerge:  The belief that through conscience and free will, each of us has the right to live as we choose.  The belief that power is derived from the consent of the governed, and that laws and institutions should be established to protect that understanding.  And those ideas eventually inspired a band of colonialists across an ocean, and they wrote them into the founding documents that still guide America today, including the simple truth that all men — and women — are created equal.[…]

So I come here today to insist that we must never take for granted the progress that has been won here in Europe and advanced around the world, because the contest of ideas continues for your generation. […]

There will always be voices who say that what happens in the wider world is not our concern, nor our responsibility.  But we must never forget that we are heirs to a struggle for freedom.  Our democracy, our individual opportunity only exists because those who came before us had the wisdom and the courage to recognize that our ideals will only endure if we see our self-interest in the success of other peoples and other nations. […]

To be honest, if we defined our interests narrowly, if we applied a cold-hearted calculus, we might decide to look the other way. Our economy is not deeply integrated with Ukraine’s. Our people and our homeland face no direct threat from the invasion of Crimea.  Our own borders are not threatened by Russia’s annexation.  But that kind of casual indifference would ignore the lessons that are written in the cemeteries of this continent.  It would allow the old way of doing things to regain a foothold in this young century. And that message would be heard not just in Europe, but in Asia and the Americas, in Africa and the Middle East. […]

In the end, the success of our ideals comes down to us — including the example of our own lives, our own societies.  We know that there will always be intolerance.  But instead of fearing the immigrant, we can welcome him.  We can insist on policies that benefit the many, not just the few; that an age of globalization and dizzying change opens the door of opportunity to the marginalized, and not just a privileged few.

Full transcript below the fold …

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