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Saturday All Day Check-in for the Herd

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Thankful for Progress

Yesterday, ThinkProgress posted ThankProgress: 9 Things Progressives Can Be Thankful For, a list of things that we made progress on over this past year.

Here is their list (click the link for details):

1. States are enacting protections for undocumented immigrants.

2. Same-sex couples have more access to marriage benefits than ever before.

3. More workers are getting raises and taking sick leave.

4. Uninsured Americans are signing up for health insurance.

5. The U.S. is taking steps to address the consequences of climate change.

6. States are enacting prison reform.

7. College activists across the country are fighting back against rape culture.

8. Solar power is on the rise and prices keep dropping.

9. Number of homeless Americans on the decline.

When you look at that list, you could just as easily say “but … but … we didn’t get it all!!!”. And you would be right … we didn’t get it all … but we did make progress.

The Daily F Bomb, Friday 11/29/13


How was dinner? Did it treat you well?

What is the first video game you ever played? What was the last? Where/are you any good?

Have you ever square danced? Line danced? Any other form of group dancing?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Will you shop today (Black Friday)? Did you shop on Thanksgiving Day?

What do you do with your change (coins) every day?

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The Daily F Bomb, Thursday 11/28/13


If you’re an old movie fan, which movie studio’s output (MGM, Warner, Paramount, RKO, etc.) your favorite?

Who was your favorite comedy team or troupe?

Are you obedient of the speed limit, even when traveling long distances? How many speeding tickets have you received?

What football teams are you rooting for today?

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Thursday All-Day Check-in for the Herd

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Let’s Feed America

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When I was asked to do a blog post for a Feeding America Blogathon a few years ago, I set my Googles to the task: first, to find out what Feeding America was, and second, to find out a little bit more about food security in America and the food stamp program, SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program).

Feeding America has some pretty simple origins:

In the late 1960s, John van Hengel, a retired businessman in Phoenix, Arizona began volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and began soliciting food donations for the kitchen. He ended up with far more food than the kitchen could use in its operations. Around this time, he spoke with one of the clients, who told him that she regularly fed her family with discarded items from the grocery store’s garbage bins. She told him that the food quality was fine, but that there should be a place where unwanted food could be stored and later accessed by people who needed it, similar to how banks store money.

Van Hengel began to actively solicit this unwanted food from grocery stores, local gardens, and nearby produce farms. His effort led to the creation of St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, the nation’s first food bank.

(I want to pause here for a minute to think about a time when a food kitchen had too much food).

The Daily F Bomb, Wednesday 11/27/13


Have you ever been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? How about the Hollywood one? The Rose Parade? Any parades?

Did your family follow politics when you were growing up? Do you remember watching the conventions and debates with them as a child? What was that like?

Do you prefer things to be scented or unscented?

How worried are you about the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision over this religious exemption?

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Wednesday Watering Hole: Check In & Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind, and welcome to the pre-Thanksgiving, in-transit check-in. Clan iriti are headed to Memphis to spend the holiday with family. Hope yours is marvelous!

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The common Moose, Alces alces, unlike other members of the deer family, is a solitary animal that doesn’t form herds. Not so its rarer but nearest relative, Alces purplius, the Motley Moose. Though sometimes solitary, the Motley Moose herds in ever shifting groups at the local watering hole to exchange news and just pass the time.

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Racial hate is not ‘hazing’

 photo SJShazingprotest_zpsf4fbd4f7.jpg

Champagne Ellison, San Jose State University senior, at protest rally (Karl Mondan)

Colleges and universities are supposed to be “institutions of higher learning”. They are also places we expect our children to be safe. Yet once again there are headlines highlighting racism on campus.

No – not in Alabama or Mississippi, or Georgia.

This time it’s at San Jose State in California.

I’m tired of people pointing at the south as the last bastion of racism in the U.S.

I’m also tired of headlines using the term “hazing”. It diminishes the severity of the racism.