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Maybe we're lucky we don't live in Europe

I’ve been to Switzerland. I’ve always found the Swiss to be far more progressive people than us Americans. In fact the last time I went skiing in Lugano (2006), I came home speaking about how awesome it would be to live in a country as progressive as Switzerland.

So I was taken by suprise to see the results of a pretty scary referendum in the country.

Why doesn't Obama consider Diplomacy in Afghanistan?

This Tuesday Obama is supposed to announce his decision on troops and Afghanistan (the last guess I heard was 30,000 as opposed to the 40,000 the General asked for) and we will once again see our middle-east  battle commitment increase.

But is there a reason why the President didn’t turn the problem over to the State Department for a negotiated solution? Sherwood Ross in OpEdNews writes an extended article on why diplomacy wasn’t even considered. here’s a clip:

A Moose Murder: Friday Open Thread

Not a great week for this vagabond Brit to return to the progressive online community. After three months living out of suitcases, I return to find that everything has fallen apart since I’ve been away.

1. War escalates in Afghanistan.

2. The Senate pass a heavily watered down health care reform bill.

3. Obama has to confront the reality that the Copenhagen talks on climate change and man made emissions are heading nowhere.

Jeesh. I’ll be careful next time I move. There’s lots to be said about all these things, and having experienced this meme in the British media, I’m sure you’re all getting in the neck too. The line goes like this (I’ve seen it in the Guardian Blog today)…

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.

It has only been in the last couple of years that stores actually referred to “Black Friday” in their post-Thanksgiving-sale ads… There was a time that they didn’t really want you to know that it was the point on the fiscal calendar when they went into the Black…or started to earn a profit, as opposed to being in the Red, or losing money. Once upon a time the retailers did not want you to know how tenuous their existence was… it would be more like begging than selling.

Wingnut Watch: Beat the Rush

From the Minneapolis

Politics or sedition? Rush Limbaugh calls for military coup

November 26, 10:20 AM Portland Progressive Examiner Michael Stone

When does a political joke become sedition? Rush Limbaugh is calling for a military coup, and the joke, if it is a joke, is not funny. Rush, speaking about President Obama’s upcoming speech at West Point, expressed hope that military officials at the Academy would “detain” President Obama.

Regardless of one’s politics, to suggest that military officials at the United States Military Academy detain the President of the United States is to suggest a military coup. Such a suggestion is sedition. Limbaugh is advocating military insurrection.

Limbaugh has made similar remarks before. Speaking of the Honduran coup Rush had this to say: “The coup was what many of you wish would happen here, without the military”; and, “If we had any good luck, Honduras would send some people here and help us get our government back”.

Recently Newsmax columnist John L. Perry was disgraced and humiliated after making a similar suggestion. Newsmax immediately removed the column and distanced their publication from any affiliation with Perry.

It is doubtful that Limbaugh will suffer any meaningful consequences. Those on the right who know better are afraid of Rush. While others on the right, so called “dittoheads”, know very little.

These kind of inflammatory remarks by Rush and other right wing nuts continue to damage the credibility of conservatives and the GOP. While Rush may comfort and entertain the knuckle dragging Neanderthals, his outrageous remarks fall flat in middle America. The vast majority of Americans want nothing to do with Limbaugh’s right wing nuttiness.


Have a Very Moosey Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and a hearty blessing to you and your family this day. We have many things to give thanks for today- go share them with your family and friends.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a short prayer with you:

Almighty God, we thank you for our good fortune with full and grateful hearts. We thank you for our family and friends; we thank you for this community we’ve built and share. We ask your blessing this day, and to watch over us, especially in these troubling times; to keep us, our friends, our family, our country on the path to righteousness; for those suffering with medical bills and health care concerns; for our men and women overseas who can’t share this day with their families; for President Obama, to help keep his judgment clear and sound, to lead us through the specter of darkness facing our great nation. In your name we pray; Amen.

Thanks for our community, guys. God Bless, and have a great day.

STFU, Sarah

Yeah, I know.  I was the one who said we needed to make sure we didn’t get too fixated on the former VP candidate but…she really needs to STFU.