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Update, political news

So I am back temporarily.  I was out in the cruel northern suburbs of Minneapolis.  I was able to get to over 300 houses with literature and talked to about 50 people today.

Hot Damn! Franken Surges, Coleman=Fail

So I told you yesterday (was it yesterday, this Da Vinci sleep pattern has to stop) about the SUSA poll of MN which smelled kinda funny (like a pile of fertilizer derived from a cow’s waste product).  However I was reading the Trib online today and I saw this:

Franken: alot!

Coleman: Not much

Barkley: A surprising amount

Warning Will Robinson, Danger approaching

So I have come out from my cave, having succeeded in many of my projects including getting my coordinator off my back temporarily and various other deeds (I can’t say due to the statue of limitations ask me later)…

Lounge Monday Afternoon Celebrations (I am officially a real democrat now)

So I just officially got the ban hammer at the mediocre Blue.  I am certain it was from the “always correct one” as I insulted him extremely hard here:…

Though to my credit Jerome was saying someone was mentally ill and that isn’t cool by any means.

So I am swamped like usual and my coordinator is expecting me to be a genius in calculating changes in conductance, I hate my life and am taking an hour break.

This is not like SmS’s Epic diary, but is a means for me to be happy

Franken has big mo, surges in polls now within margin of error in SUSA poll

So the republican bounce in MN never materialized.  Why can I say that with such conviction, because SUSA, who has had really odd polling of MN lately has shown Franken down only 1 (41-40).  When you combine that with the Presidental polling during the RNC that showed Obama up 13% then it would seem that MN is going to add another 4 years to its streak