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So I am back temporarily.  I was out in the cruel northern suburbs of Minneapolis.  I was able to get to over 300 houses with literature and talked to about 50 people today.

It wasn’t easy, I am in a boot (at least I am done with crutches).  But people were receptive to the democratic message of health care.  Al has been pushing the health care issue recently even pushing Norm’s campaign to give a non-answer about McCain’s health plan.

Also Al had a record breaking quarter in fundraising.  He raised over $4.4 million this quarter which is the biggest quarter in MN history.  He wasn’t the only democrat to raise an incredible amount this quarter.  Ashwin Madia (MN-03 candidate) raised over 900k this quarter.  That is pretty good, non?

Fundraising links:……

So you may want to know what the ratio of responses from the cruel suburbs that I went to.

Well I talked to around 150 people in the past two days.  The Franken Coleman race favors Coleman where I was which is not surprising as the Kissy Monster (Bachmann) represents the area where I was.  I met around 45 Franken voters, 30 undecideds around 10 Barkley voters, 3 people who wouldn’t vote and the rest (62 were Coleman voters).

The Kissy Monster didn’t produce such a gap.  She had the support of around 80 voters Tinklenberg had 60, and the rest were wither undecided (7 people) or not voting (3).

This was an extremely republican area, but the people were nice (being injured helps).

So that is all I have to say, I haven’t eaten today so I am going to cook some food.



  1. sanguine giant

    I did a cram session while eating.  I’ll be in lab for a while now but I’ll be able to hit the mean streets of the cruel suburbs (I am going to Bloomington [home of the Mall of America] next time to work over in the 3rd).

  2. NavyBlueWife

    when you talk with bachmann supporters, why do they like her?  when i still lived there, i remember her anti-homosexual, pro man/woman marriage rally on the capital steps, and i thought, WTF????  it wasn’t a big one at all…i know that there are republican strongholds, but bachmann reminds me of palin on a smaller scale right now…

    plus, she was on the floor recently talking about how poor people were the reason for the fannie/freddie fuck up…i just want to bitch slap the woman…i feel like if she had a national stage (thank god she doesn’t) that people would chew her up and spit her out like palin…

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