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So I am going to try to emulate someone’s style for this post.  

I must switch styles tonight based on the massive amount of pharm swirling through my system.

Yeah, so to begin I must report that I am done with operation Victory, the total damages on it are over $2000.  So how did I rack up over 2k in damage, through dumpster diving in posh appartment buildings I obtained the key to victory, it cost me over $30 (hint older pennies are heavier than newer pennies, and metal slugs are better especially if quarter sized).

So how did the Giant manage to do this:

No I didn’t do a vandalism run…

How about this:

No I didn’t cause physical harm to anyone (as far as I know…)

So why are you getting a massive dose of the giant?  Because he is laid up, unable to do much of anything due to the awesome powers of the pharm.  Note to Rush Limbaugh you fail harder than this guy:

The key to successful pharming is to only use it when you need it not due to addiction.  The giant currently has a broken tibia due to him hopping a fence (it was worth it trust me).

Note to self, Portal is tres frais when you are out of your mind…

So does this mean that the giant is a corporate sell out, no just that he enjoys what he can get and that percocet is a hell of a drug to channel Rick James saying

Wait a minute that is Slick Rick, it’s aight though… as it sort of fits what I want to talk about, but not really

So I went to myDD and noticed a wonderful absence of Mr. Armstrong (maybe he is drinking away his sorrows over losing his chance to become bigtime).  Maybe his absence correlates with what I think I see at PPP’s blog here:…

Look at the second comment; is someone drinking too much and letting slip his real opinion?  He knows that if he did it at the improving blue (the other FPers are good) he would lose any credibility he has left, not that there should be much to begin with considering this:

Astrologer Jerome Armstrong notes that Ixion and Quaoar are following close in Pluto’s wake in early Sagittarius, and connects the rise of the political version of religious fundamentalism with the astronomical exploration of the Kuiper Belt in 1992. He cites incidences as disparate as the rise of Osama bin Laden onto the world stage and the Republican Revolution of 1994, fueled by Christian fundamentalist voters and culminating now with all three branches of government in Republican control. In addition, he cites the ascendance of political Hinduism in India in 1996 with the election of the BJP. One might add to this list the emergence of Conservative majorities in Israel and the UK. [The author wishes to acknowledge the help and inspiration provided by astrologer and author Jerome Armstrong of for information and links regarding Varuna and Trans-Neptunians which have been vital to the preparation of this article.]

So yeah this guy has credibility why?

On a more pleasant note, I am about to crash for a long time due to the wonder of percocet (note to the readers I have a broken tibia.

This has been a scatter-shot of the drug addled thoughts of the Giant. the Giant is fully responsible for what he said here and vouches for its truthiness.

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    For anyone who missed it, he gave his predictions of the popular vote in November.  I have to wonder if he has all him marbles intact since he did a very strange thing with the R2K poll.  He didn’t like the way it was weighted so instead of leaving it out or choosing a different one to use, he reweighted it to his standards and then used his newly calculated results in his prediction.

    I really think he should check under his hair to see if a small hole has developed out of which his marbles have been escaping.

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