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I'm Baaaack….(sort of)

Hey long lost friends of the Moose Original Charter, I just popped in to say hi.  It’s been a down right BUSY last few years.


-New Home

-New Job

Just crazy I tell ya…Just wanted to let you know I should be around a little more.  Missed you guys and dolls and hope everyone is doing well.



$Between Life and Death$

You will hear every former President proclaim that the hardest thing to do is to send our fine men and women off to a foreign land to engage in combat.  You hear how the POTUS and members of our “fine” congress take every imaginable step before signing off of an act of war.  

The President, Senators and House members assure us that our brave men and women of the armed forces have the best equipment in the world and every precaution will be taken to save the lives of United States soldiers…our soldiers.

Our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, friends and our countrymen and women.

These citizens, the bravest of the brave, are the heartbeat of our existence, our security and our future.  They are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of righteousness and freedom…their lives.

We as a nation should ensure, in every way possible, that the lives we lose in combat are kept to an absolute minimum no matter the cost.  Washington keeps telling us that our troops are given “state-of-art” equipment, with Body Armor topping the list.

….and Here's Hootie!!

My circumstances have finally afforded me enough free time to come back to the Moose.

After a very long presidential campaign in which I invested much of my time and finances, I had to regroup.  This hiatus included work weeks of 70 hours and quality time with my two sons (couple hockey games, a basketball game and many trips to grandma’s).

Suffice it to say everything is back to normal.

I do not regret the past year and a half.  Many days spent away from my boys canvassing in other states and spending money I really did not have.  It was well worth it, and January 20, 2009 will be my reward.

Winning Isn’t Everything

The past 21 months have been a roller coaster of emotions-and most of the time I would succumb to their effects and measure my day and life on which one was consuming me at the time.

The highs of Iowa, the Democratic nomination, the convention and the current polls favoring Obama.  The lows including Rev. Wright, the primary wars, the “seemingly” brilliant Palin choice and polls that show our candidate was losing.

Far fewer times I actually thought about how this election has changed me personally-tonight is one of those unique times.


They’re back!!!  It’s been eight years, can you believe it!!!

True!!  Change!!

2008 McCain Calls 2000 McCain A Socialist?

We all have wondered where the John McCain of 2000 has gone.  The once moderate Republican continues to sell his soul and ideals for desperate and cruel attacks against Obama to fool himself into believing he still can win this thing.

The irony is McCain would have been more competitive had he just stuck to his original meme and views on issues.  This is what a whiff of power do to some people…they want it, no matter the costs.

SNL Material

Sorry for the short diary, but John McCain was just in my neighborhood (Pittsburgh, PA) and had a wee bit of difficulty with delivering his speech.

I think Darrell Hammond is practicing as we speak.

We Need to Take Bachmann Down

Just now on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Michelle Bachmann (R-Rep-MN) accused Barack Obama of being Anti-American.  You have to watch her rant for 7 minutes bringing up all the oldies while not mentioning one thing she would do for the hurting Americans out there.

She calls for a deep investigation into the “liberal” congress to find out who the “Anti-American” congress people are.

Watch this garbage.…

El Tinklenberg is her opponent, let’s get Bachmann the hell out of congress so we do not have to hear divisive bullshit any longer.


There may be a reason John McCain has been hesitant to attach his name or voice to the Obama/Ayers relationship.  Mr. McCain dips his foot into the pool a little deeper each day, almost as if he is “testing” the water.  Is he more worried about the reaction from potential voters or is he concerned about the effective counter-punch he may receive from the Obama campaign?

My guess is the latter.

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