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Winning Isn’t Everything

The past 21 months have been a roller coaster of emotions-and most of the time I would succumb to their effects and measure my day and life on which one was consuming me at the time.

The highs of Iowa, the Democratic nomination, the convention and the current polls favoring Obama.  The lows including Rev. Wright, the primary wars, the “seemingly” brilliant Palin choice and polls that show our candidate was losing.

Far fewer times I actually thought about how this election has changed me personally-tonight is one of those unique times.

You see no matter who wins this election I have grown as an individual and I have many people to thank for this.

The elderly man in my neighborhood who has shared many stories with me about the civil rights era and how he believed, at the time, that African Americans were “dangerous” to America.  He is now voting for the first time in 24 years and will cast his vote for Obama.

The 14 year old girl who I met in New Castle, PA who has her own paper route and has donated $58 to the Obama campaign because Obama “makes her parents happy.”

The 40 something General Electric worker from Grove City, PA who quietly confided in me his intentions in voting for Obama even though all of his “Harley riding friends would be disappointed.”  His reasoning?  “Because Obama offers hope and unity for this country instead of dividing us.”

My oldest son, who now comes home from school and instead of wanting to turn on Nickelodeon he wants to know if Obama is having a rally tonight, a debate or how the polls were.  He’s 10 and has probably done more voter outreach than any 4th grader in Pennsylvania.

The wide rainbow of individuals I have personally met at numerous Democratic locations.  I have canvassed, phone-banked and put in long hours with these people.  The understanding that “power will not give up easily” and I am proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

To all of you I have met on the blogosphere (especially my fellow Moose start-up crew) who I shared my thoughts, experiences and feelings with.  The coalition we built between Clinton and Obama supporters and to see it come to fruition with the launching of Motley Moose will be something I will never forget.  We were always there for each other sharing a common purpose, to make life better for the less fortunate and the next generation.  

All of these people, and many more not mentioned, have fulfilled me in  ways that no amount of money or power could possibly achieve.  You see these are “real life” experiences, with real emotion and real connection.  These have shaped me for the rest of my life and can never be taken away.

You see Barack has been right all along.  This election isn’t about him, it’s about you and me.  It’s about opening our eyes and hearts and seeing the best in all people.  It’s about promoting unity with our neighbors – in our city, in our state, in our country and in our world.  It’s about coming together and facing our challenges head-on, as only Americans can do.  It’s about being a better parent, sibling, friend and person.  It’s about humility and leading by example.

“I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper.”

Of course I will be devastated should Obama lose, but  I will have gained invaluable friendships, a different outlook on life, and a sense of making a difference in people’s lives.

So, no matter if he wins or loses, I want to thank Barack Obama for making me take a look deep inside myself and making me a better person.


  1. NavyBlueWife

    This election is about you and me…because that’s what a democracy is, and I’m glad we’re taking it back.

    The beauty of life, as you so eloquently put, is that win or lose, we will keep trying.  The world is not perfect.  We never expect it to be, but that will never, ever stop us from always striving for perfection.

  2. Kysen

    Of course I will be devastated should Obama lose, but  I will have gained invaluable friendships, a different outlook on life, and a sense of making a difference in people’s lives.

    So, no matter if he wins or loses, I want to thank Barack Obama for making me take a look deep inside myself and making me a better person.


    Though, I would admittedly be beyond devastated should the unthinkable occur. I would be shattered.

    Leaving here in about 30mins to walk to polling place (Kysen drank too much last night and can’t drive to polling place). Hope to be there 5-5:15. Hope to vote at or near 6 when polls open here in VA.

    /big sigh

  3. sricki

    for expressing what I feel better than I could have ever expressed it myself. This election saved me. Hillary Clinton’s campaign did a great deal to preserve my mind in a very literal sense. Despite all the madness in the netroots, despite all the drama and conflict, it kept me sane. Living with and caring for my grandmother, cut off from family and friends, I had nothing to keep me going but a candidate I came to love and a campaign that meant something to me. Talking to real people about her on the phone, advocating for her, believing in her and helping others believe in her.

    And then, in the midst of my loneliness, a bunch of online companions, virtual warriors who fought against AND alongside me. Being forced to argue, defend, reason, compromise — those things kept me sane. I have made some cherished friendships which will not end with this election. I hope to know all of you for many years.

    And I owe it as much to Hillary as to Obama. If she hadn’t been in the running, I would not have been as passionate in the beginning. I wouldn’t have spent so much time on the blogs, fighting and getting to know people. And really, by the end of March, all my friends other than canadian gal were Obama supporters. And the reason I got to know them is, in order to maintain cordial relations, we had to talk. We had to compromise, discuss, think. We had to look at the issues from one another’s perspectives. Both sides had to give a little. So I talked to Obama supporters a lot more than Hillary supporters. I agreed with my fellow Hillary supporters most of the timed (in the beginning), so I just uprated them and moved on. There was no NEED to talk. But the Obama supporters, to understand and get along with them, I had to talk to them. And so, even now, most of my friends are long-time Obama supporters.

    We’re going to win. I don’t doubt this in the least. But win or lose, I have made a number of connections I’ll never forget, hopefully never lose. I can’t even begin to explain what that means to me.

    Sricki is feeling rather… ummmm, effusive. Can you tell she’s been drinking? (And yeah… I know what time it is, but I’m celebrating.)

    I love you guys! **sobs drunkenly**

    ; )

  4. alyssa chaos

    I have definitely grown more as a person while working on this campaign. The people who work out here, most of them have given up their jobs to work for nothing for this campaign, they have been such an inspiration to me, especially our field organizer who is not even a US citizen [viva mexico] and they have really opened my eyes to how awesome people can really be. and how hope can truly transcend the harshest of borders.

    Only a historic campaign, such as this one, could bring people from all over the country, to a state they’ve never been and be so invested in seeing to its future and its people. Only a campaign like this one could bring 25+ strangers into starting something as incredible as the moose.

    There is no turning back. We are winning because ours is a revolution of the mind and the heart.  -Cesar Chavez

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