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….and Here's Hootie!!

My circumstances have finally afforded me enough free time to come back to the Moose.

After a very long presidential campaign in which I invested much of my time and finances, I had to regroup.  This hiatus included work weeks of 70 hours and quality time with my two sons (couple hockey games, a basketball game and many trips to grandma’s).

Suffice it to say everything is back to normal.

I do not regret the past year and a half.  Many days spent away from my boys canvassing in other states and spending money I really did not have.  It was well worth it, and January 20, 2009 will be my reward.

It also afforded me the opportunity to meet great people and to understand I’m not the only one going through tough times.  It also blessed me with the occasion to develop such great friendships with all the people here at the Moose.  I really missed you gals/guys!!!

I want to express my gratitude to all of those who have continued with development and maintenance of the Moose.  You all have done a superb job.  I have mentioned it and emailed many people about it.

Well I just wanted to reintroduce myself!!


  1. Kysen

    Good to see ya, bro.

    Seems like this week is Homecoming Week here at The Moose.

    Lots of Mooses coming out of hiding.  😉


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