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Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: Dec. 21st through Dec. 27th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings diaries give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

In lieu of daily check-ins, which have gone on hiatus, Welcomings diaries will be posted at the start of each week (every Sunday morning) and then, if necessary due to a large number of comments, again on Wednesday or Thursday to close out the week. To find the diaries, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?


  1. Solstice (the astronomical event) occurs at 23:03 UTC today (6:03pm Eastern) but Winter Solstice, the holiday, does not need a clock; it is in our hearts. Today may be the darkest day of the year but it brings the greatest hope as the light returns.

    I am regifting last year’s Solstice post (“Oh Hai, The Returning Light”) and sharing one of my favorite Lisa Thiel songs:

    Enter the night and you’ll find the light,

    That will carry you to your dreams.

    Enter the night, let your spirit take flight,

    In the field of infinite possibilities

    On the longest night we search for the light,

    And we find it deep within.

    Open your eyes to embrace what is wise,

    And see the light of your own soul shining.


    Wrap up in the cloak of starry darkness my child,

    And you’ll find the center of all things.

    For from this space of the deepest dark place,

    Life Eternal does spring.


    So when you find that spark

    When you dream in the dark,

    Hold it close to your heart and know.

    All that you see is all that can be

    When you give birth to the dreams of your soul.


    Bright blessings on Solstice … and may the returning light bring with it a lightening of our spirits and the energy to find that spark that will give birth to the dreams of our souls.


  2. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast, watching Up. Very sad about the police officers in NY.

    Today, I don’t have to do a lot of cooking – only 2 workdays next week. I may even just take frozen meals. Or a salad. And I should e-mail my brother & ask about getting together for Christmas.

  3. princesspat

    Another day of twilight, all day. I spoke to soon re improvement in Ron’s wrist, as the swelling became alarming yesterday. After a trip to the walk in clinic he is now in a soft cast, with an asap referral to a surgeon as soon as he gets the MRI, which will happen tomorrow.

    So no driving for him for awhile, which is going to complicate our lives in interesting ways. One son took Ron to the Dr. yesterday, the other helped me grocery shop, and we had to swallow hard and accept our vulnerabilities and need for assistance. It’s humbling!

  4. DTOzone

    After yesterday’s horror, I can’t help but feel completely hopeless. I think the movement toward police reform died with those two cops. The blame going around for the incident in incinerary, not just from the police union, but from my friends and family. Several relatives and friends of mine have openly called for cops to shoot the mayor. And the vitriol of racism coming from people I love is just heartbreaking.

    I don’t have answers, I’ve lost a lot of hope. I can feel the fabric of the fragile detente that held this country together coming apart.

  5. bfitzinAR

    Although so far this month the darkest day was last Friday – 1/4 a KWH generated the entire day.  I’ve 1-1/3 KWH as of 2:52 pip emma CST, probably 1-2/3 for the day as it’s still overcast (saw actually sunshine and a patch of blue sky at 1:15 – my! that was nice).  Working 2 days this week – as of 4:30 Tuesday afternoon when I lock up and walk out the door the office will be closed until 8:00 ack emma Monday, January 5, 2015 (1-5-15 heh).  I’ll probably be checking in daily (or mostly daily) but equally probably not until the afternoon.  Ya notice that Time quit marching a ways back and is now going at full gallop? :) {{{HUGS}}}  

  6. It is 33 degrees in Madison with an expected high of 37. Afternoon rain and snow in the forecast.

    I am not sure what to say about the situation in New York City. At this point, I hope that cooler heads prevail and that people STOP LISTENING TO RUDY GIULIANI!! My goodness, how on earth did the good people of NYC elect such a person? Was his racism always so blatant or did it reach these toxic levels with a dose of ODS?

    Back to work for me. See all y’alls later!

  7. DeniseVelez

    late ones are still showing up via Fedex.  Will be finished today, and can focus on our Xmas day trip to Philly – then I can spend more time writing.

    Good morning.

  8. Diana in NoVa

    It’s 29 F. here in Nova on an overcast morning. Beaucoup rain is expected later today.

    There’s been an endless list of chores to do these past few days. My son is delivering the Littles to our house this morning. Miss Pink Cheeks has a cold, which put paid to our plans for making gingerbread men at her cousin’s house. Grandma is going to make her some chicken noodle soup.

    That said, have not had time to pay much attention to the news. Was sickened by the murder of the two NYPD officers and by the reaction that followed. The protesters had, and have, a genuine grievance. Calling them agitators misses the point.

    Apparently Kim Wrong Un is threatening violence against the USA on Christmas Day. Oh, well, if he carries through at least we’ll be full of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (saffron risotto with cranberries for the vegetarians). Sometimes life is so ugly I have to take a break from it.

    Wishing health to princesspat and Ron, sunshine to bfitz, beautiful music to Portlaw and Jan, nice weather for anotherdemocrat, greater expectations to DTOzone, and a lovely, relaxing break for Denise! Last night I actually watched a movie with Dearly, as I was too exhausted to do anything else. It was “Love, Actually,” which I really enjoy except for parts about the porn film maker. Was hoping the movie channel would cut those parts out but they didn’t.

    Have a good day, all!

  9. anotherdemocrat

    Today I didn’t even need a sweater, just long sleeves. I’m wearing socks, but only because I won’t have much more chance to wear Christmas socks. Tomorrow, it is supposed to get cold.

    So I got up early to get here early to continue last week’s walking streak. Ended up leaving the house 30 minutes later than I did any day last week. Sigh. Though, my stomach is doing interesting things so maybe it’s just as well.

    And I took the thumb drive out of my car to play my new Christmas mix on my computer (with headphones), but am mystified my Real Player. Good thing I also brought my iPod. It has complicated earphones (the athletic ones that hook over your ears) but at least I can work it.

    Wondering how work will be. There are few people scheduled to be here, but maybe people will be too busy to call. Now to eat enough breakfast (almond butter sandwich) that I can take some ibuprofen.

  10. princesspat

    Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and support. The cast has helped reduce Ron’s pain so he is able to start figuring out what he can do with just one working arm and hand. I have a feeling he’s going to become quite adept before this is over!

    The grand girls will be here today and tomorrow so we’ll have fun regardless. I hope Maggie comes with them…I enjoy that little dog :)

  11. bfitzinAR

    another drippy overcast day here.  It’s very quiet on campus – no classes so no students and few instructors – but I still have a few reports to edit and just finished some minor touches on one that was waiting for me when I walked in.  Some travel claims to wrap up, things like that.  Today and tomorrow are it for the year.  Somebody asked me what I’d like for Christmas.  I said, “sunshine” :)  

  12. It is 39 degrees in Madison with an expected high of 41. Right now it is rainy and foggy and that will be pretty much the conditions all day.

    North Korea misbehaved and was sent to its room without its Internets. Actually I doubt that the United States government was involved in the outage (although it made me chuckle to think that they might). It was more likely that China, who provides their Internet link, decided to remind North Korea who was in charge. Or that a bunch of hackers decided to run a DoS (Denial of Service) attack sensing that the North Koreans did not have the sturdiest intrusion defenses in the world.

    Things are still sorting themselves out after the brutal slaying of two police officers by a mentally unstable person who was able to own a gun. Add two more to the 68,000+ Americans who have died from gun violence since the Newtown massacre. Why aren’t we blaming the NRA for their murders? Or Congressional Republicans for slashing funding for the social programs that might help identify and treat people with mental illnesses?

    Busy day again; I am trying to get things done before people leave for the holidays. See all y’alls later!!

  13. Portlaw

    a writer that to me is always very insightful, very thought provoking. He begins by condemning, in no uncertain terms, the brutal murder of the two policemen in NYC. He goes on to place those murders in a broader context.  

    Here is a small quote but the whole article is worth reading and maybe it will provide a national discussion. I don’t do TV so don’t know if he is a national figure.

     We are outraged by violence done to police, because it is violence done to all of us as a society. In the same measure, we look away from violence done by the police, because the police are not the true agents of the violence. We are.

    We are the ones who designed the criminogenic ghettos. We are the ones who barred black people from leaving those ghettos. We are the ones who treat black men without criminal records as though they are white men with criminal records. We are the ones who send black girls to juvenile detention homes for fighting in school. We are the masters of the American gulag, a penal system “so vast,” writes sociologist Bruce Western, “as to draw entire demographic groups into the web.” And we are the ones who send in police to make sure it all goes according to plan.

  14. Diana in NoVa

    My son will drop off the Littles in half an hour, which will give me just time to get dressed. Yesterday Miss Pink Cheeks was so good! She entertained Baby Pink Cheeks while I prepared chicken noodle soup in the crockpot for her. She’s had a slight cold.  In the afternoon I showed her how to make a pomander by sticking cloves into a mandarin orange. Grandpa stuck a paper clip into it and I threaded gold string through that so she could hang it on her tree.

    Mr. Baby gets really fussy about 4 p.m. every day, so I was thankful when Mommy arrived to pick him up. His cheeks actually look like rosy apples. :)

    Another long day of trying to get things done–was too exhausted yesterday evening to do anything except watch “The Sound of Music” sing-along. I know it’s sentimental and mawkish but I sweartaGoddess, when it comes on I have to watch it.

    Wishing everyone a good day!

  15. anotherdemocrat

    Cold front isn’t here yet, but temps are supposed to fall during the day, so I brought a sweater to wear home.

    I woke up several times last night, glad I put those extra couple of spoons of tea in my tea this morning. Allergies are still pretty bad, but I think the quercetin is helping. The kind I got is from/with nettles, which they said was better.

    I need a more upbeat earworm, but my babies’ lovely cover of I Believe In Father Christmas is what’s here:

  16. princesspat

    The grand girls just arrived and Maggie has claimed her spot on my lap….lots of energy and smiles.

    We’re going to the bookstore cafe for lunch today and then we’ll surprise Ron with a Christmas errand. Ava won’t be able to keep the secret for very much longer…she’s ready for Santa action!

  17. bfitzinAR

    Tomorrow’s forecast is colder with a 25% chance of a light dusting of snow and actually Goddess-blest sunshine for Thursday.  Last night’s birthday dinner had a rather disturbing moment.  My older son – the more liberal who has described himself as a “born-again Hippie” – actually believes that Mike Brown “robbed a store” and then tried to force his way into the police car, grappled for the officer’s gun, and fired the first shot.  That the policar car dash cam shows these things.  (No such weird reading of the other recent deaths at the hands of cops, thank Goddes.)  The only thing I can think of is that the TV in his store is set to Fox and he’s picked up this crap more or less subconsciously (he’s not paying attention, it’s on Fox for the shows his workers like, not because he’s turned into a Fox-loving RWNJ).  I don’t know what kind of unhappiness in his life has left him open to accepting this – and he’s 43, there’s nothing I can do about it to help which is another of those damned, depressing, helpless to help, feelings we parents get as our children grow up.  Sigh.

    Anyway – I don’t know how regularly I will be checking in over the next two weeks so – a few links are my “present” to all at the Purple.  {{{HUGS}}}…  

    (or whatever holy day you associate with love)

  18. Although it feels like a Saturday. Is anyone working today???

    It is 35 degrees in Madison with an expected high of … 35!! My weather widget says morning snow but I am not seeing it on the radar.

    There is some good news for President Obama in the CNN/ORC poll. His approval rating is at 48%, a 20 month high. But this is the best news:

    Tuesday’s CNN/ORC poll showed for the first time in seven years, a majority of Americans – 51% – have a positive view of the economy, a sharp increase from the 38% who felt that way in October.

    The pollsters attributed much of the increase to cheap gasoline. That makes sense, not just from the euphoria of seeing that less of your money will be, quite literally, burned up, but because it means more money in your pocket for other things. I am not sure that cheaper gas is a good thing, by the way. I hope it does not lead to calls to put off fuel-efficiency standards.

    Back to work for me. See all y’alls later!

  19. Diana in NoVa

    today. The almond croissants are in the oven. Dearly is going to make cappuccinos to go with them. He just informed me that it’s not good to keep one’s devices charged to the max–you’re supposed to let them run down. Why?

    Long, long day of chores ahead. Moving the baby’s crib and changing table to our bedroom, gift wrapping, dog to the groomer’s salon in the morning and to doggy play care this afternoon. We’ll pick him up after tea tomorrow. One thing I will not need on Christmas day is Monty Beagle barking at the guests while camping out by the beef roasting in the oven.

    Daddy Pink Cheeks is hosting a little get-together tonight, after which Dearly and I will come back home to watch “A Christmas Story.”

    Must make the Orange Almond Cake this morning…it has no frosting but must be tasted to be believed. It’s exquisite! Thanks for the links, bfitz! Wishing everyone a relaxing day. Daughter and Sig Other are flying in from Austin this evening–that’s if Sig Other’s cold isn’t too bad. We’ll see them tomorrow. Have a merry, all!

  20. DeniseVelez

    (yawn) had to pull an all-nighter …got my grades in yesterday and am already getting emails of protest. Also got a new deadline for my Sunday piece (today – rather than Friday morn – due to the holidays…so had to knock it out last night/this morning)

    Heading to Philly for the day tomorrow.  

    Hope you all have a joyous holiday and will talk to you after Christmas.  

  21. anotherdemocrat

    Well, my new alarm “clock” has some glitches. Thank goodness today is a day off. It is an app & phone charger, it plays nature sounds overnight — and apparently, if you set the volume for that low, it sets the alarm volume low, too.

    I e-mailed my brother about getting together, and in his reply, he says his illness is back. He says his chemo has him pretty zonked. So, I asked if he wants me to take some time off & come up there. He won’t, but I had to ask. I forget what it is called, but he had surgery for something a couple of years ago & they put him on a chemo drug, though he said it wasn’t cancer. I’ll have to search my old e-mails & see what the illness is.

    So, today – guess I’m going to Christmas Eve service at 5:30. And apparently it might freeze tonight, but highs in the 60s tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have an invitation from my walking coach, and my friend & her daughter would be fine with me hanging out there.

  22. princesspat

    Two days with the grand girls was very fun, but we’re weary this morning with a busy day ahead and Christmas Eve dinner here tonight. The “boys” are cooking dinner so the menu keeps changing. I’m making a spinach salad with a delicious cranberry dressing and gluten free chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache topping…and we’ll see what else appears! I’ll need a nap so I can enjoy the evening.

    Ron’s MRI produced the desired result….he’ll see a surgeon next Tuesday and then we’ll know what happens next. He feels well enough to be restless and while that’s good progress it also means the frustrations that come with having one’s arm in a cast are increasing as well….. yet another growth opportunity!

    Best holiday wishes to all.

  23. It is 34 degrees in Madison with an expected high of 40. Mostly cloudy skies. We are still stuck at 9 hours of daylight which is what happens at Solstice. The change is so slight that for a week, we don’t change at all. But on Sunday, 12/28, we get a minute back. Slow and steady progress.

    To those who celebrate Christmas as your winter holiday, maybe it be a merry one. And for everyone, may this holiday time be days filled with family, friends, warmth, and laughter.

    See all y’alls later!

  24. He found a photo from a White House visit earlier this year that he posted on his Instagram.

    Is this guy cool or what?

    ABC News, when they saw the photo, reminded people of President Obama’s rule about headgear:

    Chief White House photographer Pete Souza posted a photo to Instagram today showing the president donning a tiara alongside a group of Girl Scouts from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The photo, from the annual White House Science Fair, was taken in May.

    Souza wrote that the girls convinced President Obama to wear the tiara for the group photo, something members of the Navy football team were unable to do in April with different headdress.

    Navy presented Obama with a custom-fit helmet but he declined to try it on.

    “Here’s the general rule: You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president,” Obama said at the time. “That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head.”

    I think he looks great in a tiara! And clearly a guy comfortable in his own skin. I actually think that is what drives his enemies crazy. When they see someone who loves life and loves people and is comfortable within himself it only serves to remind them of their own miserable, puny lives filled with hatred and resentment.

  25. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast, watching the news & Dr. Who. I probably should go to one of my friend’s houses today. I never moved from the couch yesterday. I should do some walking, at the very least — I never made up last weekend’s mileage.

    Meanwhile, Merry Christmas from me & my babies:

  26. princesspat

    Christmas, 2014

    The holiday arrangements on the dining room table change throughout the year, and the family gathers around. It’s noisy and fun and I am very grateful.

    Merry Christmas everyone!  

  27. bfitzinAR

    I was blest by whoever is in charge of sunlight – today we had the sunniest day we’ve have all month and the 2nd sunniest for the last 2!  Family dinner had to be canceled – all the boys (my son as well as my grandsons) are down with fever and cough.  I baked the ham anyway and am sending it via my DIL’s folks (she and her folks will be having a quiet evening together) who live about a mile west of me.  The boys are all having chicken soup and cough medicine, poor things.  I did have a lovely visit via Skype with my younger son and his family.  Otherwise it’s a quiet day.  But then Christmas – even when I was a practicing Xtian – hasn’t really been Christmas since the boys grew up and left home and my mother died (same year).

    Another topic but does anyone know how to make random ads stop autoplaying when I’m trying to listen to music or watch a film?  It didn’t happen when I was Skyping, but everything else gets autobombed.  I’ve given up and turned off the speakers, but it means no holiday music which is one of the few things I actually look forward to this time of year.  (And that’s how it’s another topic but related to the season.)

    Blessings upon everyone, health and healing of body, mind, and spirit for the remainder of this year and for the coming one.  {{{HUGS}}}

  28. It is 36 degrees in Madison on its way up to 45. Mostly cloudy skies in the forecast.

    New Yorkers appear to be pleased about the fracking ban imposed by Gov. Cuomo:

    The Quinnipiac University poll released Monday found that 55 percent of New Yorkers across the state support Cuomo’s decision on fracking, while 25 percent oppose it and the remainder are undecided. In upstate New York, where fracking likely would have taken place, 56 percent of respondents approved of the ban while 30 percent opposed it. Republicans approved of the ban 42 to 40 percent, Democrats approved 67 to 11 percent, and people who live in New York City supported the ban 56 to 19 percent.

    Overall, no political party, gender, age, or regional group disapproved of Cuomo’s decision.

    I am surprised about Republicans … maybe the New York brand of Republicans harken back to the old days when their party was not reflexively against anything that would improve people’s lives. Rockefeller Republicans?

    Nothing much in the news except those gawdawful retrospectives on the waning year. All I can say about 2014 is good riddance, set it out with the trash. I’m ready for 2015.

    See all y’alls later!!

  29. DeniseVelez

    home from Philly – tired.  I plan to do mostly nothing today :)

    Really good article over at Daily Banter on judge rejecting anti-abortion bill in NC

    Reagan-Appointed Judge Destroys GOP’s Anti-Abortion Law In Unanimous Opinion


    Hopefully, now it never will be. Even Reagan-appointed Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson concluded that forcing abortion-seeking patients to hear an ideologically anti-abortion message from state legislators in the doctor’s office was way over the top. In the unanimous decision, he wrote:

       “The Requirement is quintessential compelled speech. It forces physicians to say things they otherwise would not say. Moreover, the statement compelled here is ideological; it conveys a particular opinion.”

    Later, Wilkinson added:

       “Far from promoting the psychological health of women, this requirement risks the infliction of psychological harm on the woman who chooses not to receive this information. She must endure the embarrassing spectacle of averting her eyes and covering her ears while her physician- a person to whom she should be encouraged to listen – recites information to her. We can perceive no benefit to state interests from walling off patients and physicians in a manner antithetical to the very communication that lies at the heart of the informed consent process.”

    Wilkinson added that whatever “gravity” people may assign to the abortion debates, it is not somehow magically so “special” that “all other professional rights and medical norms go out the window.”

    He tore the medical-necessity argument to shreds and called it what it was: an attempt by Republicans to insert themselves between women and their doctors and a serious violation of the First Amendment. Center for Reproductive Rights U.S. legal V.P. Bebe Anderson told MSNBC that “The court has looked beyond the sham pretense of this law.”

  30. Diana in NoVa

    going up to 51 F. We had such a merry Christmas that I’ll have to stay in bed all day to recover! No, really, the cold I’ve been fighting off for a month returned in a fierce blast last night to keep me from getting any sleep. Just coughed through the night.

    Christmas Day was great! The Yorkshire Pudding behaved beautifully this year. I posted a note with letters in 20-point type and hung it from the upstairs microwave: “Don’t forget to serve the yellow vegetable like you did last year! Don’t forget the butternut squash risotto in the downstairs microwave!” I made the yellow vegetable (diced carrots, rutabaga, and parsnips roasted in olive oil) in the morning so we could heat it up later.

    The Littles, too excited to eat much, ran upstairs, downstairs, and into my lady’s chamber. The noise was not to be believed. Baby Pink Cheeks was suffering from a cold, so we were glad we’d put his crib and changing table in our bedroom so he could sleep away from the noise.

    Will spend the day in the recliner with my iPad and the TV. And this was the day I’d counted on for writing and shopping!  Alas, alas.

    Will be thinking of my Moose family all day. I miss the Moose greatly when the pressure of work or holiday prep. keeps me from my keyboard. Hope all of you are relaxing and enjoying the post-Christmas calm!

  31. anotherdemocrat

    mid 60s today but then a cold front early next week – apparently a strong one

    Ok, I swear I’m leaving the house today. Even though the Dr. Who marathon is on the David Tennant years. I’ve got to get some exercise today or tomorrow will be way too much of a shock. Anyway, right now I’m eating breakfast, drinking tea & watching the news & Dr Who.

  32. Portlaw


    Have stuff to do today and wish I could just curl up with a novel. Family members are sick which cast a pall over the holidays, my knee is hurting and self pity is just around the corner! Also realized that I forgot to serve Christmas cookies at dinner. I should follow Diana and leave myself messages everywhere! However, a local station is playing Bach around the clock and being surrounded by the sound of genius is heart lifting. Hope it’s a good day for all in Mooseland.

  33. princesspat

    Being on the sleepy west coast I’m always the last to arrive. But it’s a daily pleasure to check in, and to know that I share so many aspects of life with all of you. Today will be an easy chair for me and my aching knees too, and I’m sure there will be music as well as reading involved.

    Christmas Day was calm this year…. breakfast here with Heide and son #1 and end of the day dinner with son #2 and his family. And naps and iPhone chats with the girls and their families in between!

  34. bfitzinAR

    The day started sunny again – a very nice “day after” present – but a front’s moving in.  It started clouding over about 11:30.  Having been warned of the front, I borrowed my neighbor’s electric wood splitter and spent most of the sunshine and part of the cloudy splitting firewood.  I filled the wood box in the house, the rack on the porch, and stacked the “leftovers” into a 2’x2’x3′ something or other.  At that point my back informed me I’d done enough and my neighbor needed the splitter back.

    Hope everyone is recovering nicely from the holidays – and whatever else you need to recover from (sinus crud for me – I don’t have a fever, so it’s not a cold, but it’s also a lot heavier and more sleep-depriving than my usual spate – probably unaccustomed-food related).  {{{HUGS}}}

  35. It is 38 degrees in Madison on its way up to 41. The forecast calls for morning showers and I see them on the radar but I also see snow and mix behind it. The assumption (other than that the weather widget is lying) is that it will warm up enough to stay rain. I hope so.

    Paul Krugman is an Obamabot!!!

    All year Americans have been bombarded with dire news reports portraying a world out of control and a clueless government with no idea what to do.

    Yet if you look back at what actually happened over the past year, you see something completely different. Amid all the derision, a number of major government policies worked just fine – and the biggest successes involved the most derided policies. You’ll never hear this on Fox News, but 2014 was a year in which the federal government, in particular, showed that it can do some important things very well if it wants to.

    He ends with “Yes, we can”. Ha!!

    One line from his opinion piece that really struck me was this: “… the number of Americans without insurance fell by around 10 million; members of the elite who have never been uninsured have no idea just how much positive difference that makes to people’s lives.” THAT is why the achievements of this president are largely discounted … that is a pretty small number of people in a country this size. But some of those 10 million people will no longer have to die or go bankrupt to pay for medical care: the only two options available before the Affordable Care Act was passed. And,yes, Chuck Schumer, those elites are your base and they were unhappy that so much political capital was “wasted” on making lives other than theirs better. Tough. Government programs that lift people out of poverty and give them a place to live and food to eat … and health care … may not directly benefit the majority of people in America. But the benefits that accrue from being a compassionate, decent society cannot be measured in dollars and cents. So there!

    I have two days left to this long weekend and I better get everything done that I promised for 2014. This will require working 400 hour days. Wish me luck!!!

  36. anotherdemocrat

    I’m up for my workout. It’s in the 60s – will drop to the 40s by noon. And rain. Ok, but I’m going anyway.

  37. Portlaw

    still non  stop on the local radio station and am going to a Medieval music drama later on. So today is based in music. Hope all is well with all of you

  38. Diana in NoVa

    morning with cirrostratus clouds spread across a blue sky.

    Last night I had a horrible sore throat, so painful that I kept waking up. The dog was having nightmares too, so he barked three times at widely spaced intervals during the night. THinking he had to go out for the usual reason, I blearily stumbled out of bed–but no, he continued to snooze. So annoying!

    Anyway, I feel so terrible that I’ve set up at doctor’s appointment at 11. If I don’t get this seen to, I’ll wind up with an ear infection and burst eardrums. It’s happened before.

    Ugh! Well, I don’t want to keep moaning about my little miseries, so I’ll just wish everyone a peaceful, relaxing day with a minimum of news to poison it.


  39. princesspat

    We have more Christmas fun today, with our family gift exchange and then an easy taco dinner. Several years ago I found a printed  fabric with red and green chili peppers and the words “Feliz Navidad” so while the dinner is casual the table still has a seasonal theme.

    It’s been fun to space out the gatherings…..and it will be fun to be done!

  40. anotherdemocrat

    It was 65 when I left the house. During my 7 mile walk, it dropped to 49 – and it rained off & on. I was glad I had long sleeves & a windbreaker. I’ve changed into sweats & I’m eating….. if I can tear myself away from Dr Who, I’ll take a nap. But oh my goodness, I’m cold.

  41. anotherdemocrat

    (are there any Meese who are Whovians?) anyway, the episode with Vincent VanGogh always stomps all over my heart.

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