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Tubing Over Jagged Rocks

Hello. My name is Hollede…er Holz or just Holli and it is nice to see so many new folks here. I jumped into this crazy little forest of the herd when Teh Moose first got started. Good times. Just check out some of the diaries from just before the 2008 elections through, well, now I think. I haven’t been very active over the few years, but in my honest opinion we were on fire during election seasons and even not so much election season (when is that these days?) Like I said good times.

I really wish we were having good times now. Maybe it is just me, but the Democrats should be firing up NOW and be extra ready when the Republican party bursts into flames

I wonder how many times he has had to say “I fundamentally disagree with that” over the past 11 years. Some things never change.

Here is another head knocker. And this is just from this past week. Honestly I cannot believe that we are having this conversation with these people. The mainstream media should be ashamed.

I should probably not write this, but I really feel that John McCain should go home and if a republican has to fill his seat, I would be happy to see an Az US Senator Megan McCain. I still shudder at the world a President McCain would have created.