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It is nearly the end of March tonight as I start this diary. It has been a very long time since I have posted here and there are many reasons for this…most of all because it has been a very, very brutal 12 or more months for me.

The Moose seems to have changed a lot since I was last here, but I think a few of you may remember me and hope that I brought a few smiles and laughter to an otherwise often harsh and frustrating world. I am afraid I have not had much reason to smile for a long time now and have mostly spent the last nine months in extreme denial, despair, anguish, grief and crying.

Music has always been an outlet of sorts for how I am feeling. Unfortunately I have not allowed myself to listen to much lately, as the pain is too frightening and overwhelming. For some reason I allowed myself to listen to some of my favorites on the Tubes and what started with Joan Armatrading’s Love and Affection and ended my little journey with this tear jerker from kd lang…

Tubing Over Jagged Rocks

Hello. My name is Hollede…er Holz or just Holli and it is nice to see so many new folks here. I jumped into this crazy little forest of the herd when Teh Moose first got started. Good times. Just check out some of the diaries from just before the 2008 elections through, well, now I think. I haven’t been very active over the few years, but in my honest opinion we were on fire during election seasons and even not so much election season (when is that these days?) Like I said good times.

I really wish we were having good times now. Maybe it is just me, but the Democrats should be firing up NOW and be extra ready when the Republican party bursts into flames

I wonder how many times he has had to say “I fundamentally disagree with that” over the past 11 years. Some things never change.

Hello and (a terribly belated) Welcome to the Moose

Hello new people!!! It is wonderful to see so many fresh…er, um…faces on the Moose. Is that even an appropriate thing to say on the internet? I mean we don’t often see many actual faces here in the Moose virtual world, but rather have taken notice of the plethora of new and enthusiastic writings and comments by the next generation of the Motely Mooseers (at least that is what I hope I am seeing). It is wonderful to know that so many folks like our little corner of ‘teh internets’ and have decided to make it their new home.

(To any Moose web master: if you are so inclined, please feel free to insert an appropriate pic here, as I continue to be a troglodyte who refuses to learn basic computing skills;~J)

I am sure that most of you have heard by now how this site got started. And it does now seem that another group of bloggers have gotten sick of the same sort of nonsense from trolls and angry people and other unpleasantness over at the Daily Kos that contributed to a great deal of daily vomiting and other nasty bodily reactions to the infamous and horrid 2008 flame wars at mydd. and are now migrating north to Moose country. I am fairly certain that it will not take you four years to become a citizen of our happy home. As you may have noticed we are a bit unique among political blogs (at least I think we are) and welcome the large group that loaded onto the school bus and headed over here.

Happy F*@$^%g New Year Tubes

As it has been way to cold outside over the last couple of weeks, and I probably wouldn’t go out even if the weather was perfect, I  (unfortunately) was mesmerized by the weird assed holiday reruns of Morning Jughead, Politics Nation, Hard Ball and all of the other normally soothing shows I watch on MSNBC;~J That, interspersed with ‘updates’ on the fiscal clifterfuck in Washington, has driven me back to thinking I can write something and post a few tubes.

Beware, I am cranky and feel a lot like this guy…

I am not sure why I like him so much, other than he reminds of little Hollede many, many years ago.

Living on Tehran Time

Prelude: I may have written about this before, but the one good thing about losing my mind is that I cannot remember much over the past few years~J It is also a very difficult subject to write about as I feel so much sadness for a wonderful country and it’s magnificent citizens.

Oh and I am weary of men who cannot seem to keep their penis’ in the proper place (my Mom think these fellows should be forced to super glue said appendage to a thigh if they are too stupid to act responsibly). That said, on to something new and different and on my very favorite topics: me (heh, narcissistic much:~? Of course).

I Must Be Stupid

I really don[‘t care much for sports. Make that professional sports and the insanity that is college sports in the USA today. I won’t argue with anyone about this because I do not know enough about athletic penchants to even articulate why I disdain them so much. Perhaps it is simply the fact that it pisses me off that we spend so much time and attention on something I find almost utterly without value.

I am sure that this will garner me a lot of outrage and arguements but please spare me your indignation. I have enjoyed many high school basketball (my 6’7″ stepson played the entire 18 years his mother and I were together) and hockey games over the years. I love watching women’s basketball at my alma mater, the University of North Dakota and their consitant nemisis and equally talented “Lady” Bison’s. Ah hell, I remember wathching hockey all through my childhood at

I had wondered why I had so much difficulty listening to Willard “Mitt” Romney for more than 45 seconds without screaming my head off at the TV machine

What if republicans started calling looking forward is a slogan used by marxists in the fifties look this up

My TV host can beat up your pundit

I am not much for sports but I love a pugilistic bout between a really smart liberal and the best Republican pundit

Conversation between Martin Bashir and Crystal Ball and black dude from NY times  cnat remember hjis name “Romney see’s our best years nehind us and wonats to recleaimn some imaginary time in America that was a bastion for capitalism and independent conservative ifdeals that worked so well of  our country. When wass this? I havent got a clue as it would seem that hte very best days of this coutnry wree in the 40’s 50’s and even the 60’s…WHEN OUR FREAKING TAX RATE ON THE KINGS OF INDUSTRY WAS 70 TO 91 PERCENT!!!!!!!!

Then Martin and dude discussed Obama who seems to think our best days are yet to come

I must be stupid

can anyone please tell me how president obama has ruined our country over the past 3 years? please…no really, PLEASE?????