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Sunday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. DeniseVelez

    Today I wish I was more computer literate. Spent frustrating  3 or 4 hours trying to “fix” Firefox, which is my browser of choice, which suddenly decided to stop allowing me to hear audio on most videos (especially you tube). Went to Firefox support, and then to Adobe – since the problem is attributed to the newest version of Adobe …uninstalled, re-installed, rebooted over and over using various solutions and I still have no youtube audio.

    To make things worse – my home page on Firefox is set up using iGoogle – which is being discontinued after November 1, 2013.

    All my nice apps, the way it is set up will be gone.

    Since the only way I can hear youtube clips is with Chrome – which I don’t use – I spent another 2 or 3 hours trying to get it set up in a way that I can be comfortable with – not very successfully.

    I hate IE so don’t want to use it.


    Sorry to kvetch, but this is making me feel old and inept.

    I remember how annoyed I was years ago to lose Netscape Navigator..and to get forced into IE. And losing my Eudora mail …at least I wound up with Mozilla and Thunderbird.

    My godchild who is a super geek is no help – because she is a Mac-person and doesn’t “do pc’s”

    okay – now I got my grump off – time for more coffee and good morning.

  2. anotherdemocrat

    but it’s August, so that’s to be expected

    Eating breakfast, watching Up. Talking about the March, and the Civil Rights & Voting Rights Acts. And of course about Dr. King.

    Beans are cooking. I forgot to get spinach at Target yesterday so I’ll have to spend cash on that, but at least its cheap.

    Today: church, cooking the beans (adding spinach & tomatoes with chiles after church). That’s pretty much it. I didn’t sleep well, so maybe a nap.

  3. jlms qkw

    we do not need to be up.  but daughter woke up son, and i heard them.

    he is back in bed.

    she is in timeout.  

    she does not know how late he was up (and how late i was up) and it is NOT her job to wake anyone up, especially on a sunday.  

    she is in timeout.  

  4. Floja Roja

    so I put on my new purple hoodie (I’ve lost track of how many hoodies I have, I am such a thug!) and made a humongous cup of coffee to warm up. Nieces are sleeping and Lilly is begging for belly rubs and Lolly and Poppy are chasing a bottle cap.

    The 61 is probably due to the fog, which is rapidly burning off. We’ve been having hot but clear days, which is most unusual. Usually in L.A., fog turns directly to smog at this time of year. It’s quite nice, I love looking out the window at a clear outline of the hills. If I were one of the rich people farther up the hill, I’d probably be able to see Mt. Baldy from my porch (no Russians, though).

    I guess I should visit Twitter to get the final touches to round off my diary for tomorrow. All other chores are done until the nieces depart (at which point I will round up all the stuff they accidentally left behind).

    Interesting that spellcheck doesn’t recognize hoodie. The name has been around for decades. I blame Geraldo.

  5. Jk2003

    Hope you are all well.  My head cold is finally clearing but I have lost my voice now.  My two year old insisted I sing to him anyway last night so that was not pretty.  Hot hot hot here today and all week.  Yuck.

  6. Nurse Kelley

    I wish I could push the humidity west, where it’s needed to calm down the fires.

    We’re having a quiet Sunday up here. Khloe is blobbing before heading back to work before dawn tomorrow, the cats are asleep in sun spots, and I’m waiting for coffee.  

  7. princesspat

    We’re celebrating Ava’s 6th birthday today…..memories of the quiet baby napping beside me are close. And the contrast to the busy, funny, and sometimes naughty little girl she is now is amazing!

  8. anotherdemocrat

    I have a cd in my car, and I made a 2nd cd with largely the same songs, with 3 or 4 added on. My car only plays 1 song on CD #2. It’s 75% the same songs as CD #1. wtf? I played cd #2 on my brother’s computer, which isn’t the one it was made on. It played fine. I made a 2nd copy of cd #2, in case it was the disc. It plays 1 song, the same song. So really — what????

    I think this is the same reason it only plays some of the songs on the flash drive I have plugged in. What that reason is or how to fix it, I have no idea. Should I try burning the CD yet again?

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