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NY GOP Accuses NY Democrats of Waging ‘War on Women’

This comes in an attempt to raise money for the state Republican Party by using two high profile candidates in this year’s New York City elections.  One of the candidates, Anthony Weiner, is pretty much dead in the water.  He’s lagging well behind in the polls and will not make the Democratic runoff that will follow the primary.  The other is former governor Eliot Spitzer, who is running for comptroller and currently leading in his race.

The mailing’s basic premise is that because these two men did icky things, and because the Democratic Party is considerably stronger than the Republican Party in New York, all Democrats are icky and you, the recipient, should send money to help Republicans.

The mailing whines about how Spitzer was never tried for his involvement in the prostitution scandal that led to his resignation as governor.  Funny, but I remember the Republican silence when Sen. David Vitter (R-Louisiana) was caught in the DC Madam’s black book.  There were no calls for him to resign and no calls for him to be prosecuted from leading Republicans.  It seems that only when Democrats do it that they even care at all.  Of course, they do betray their real purpose in that very same paragraph:

As [New York State] Attorney General he abused his powers, ruining reputations and destroying businesses, and now he wants to tap into the “unused powers” of the [New York City] Comptroller’s office to do it again.

The way I remember it, they didn’t like that he embraced the role of Sheriff of Wall Street and was speaking out against, and taking action against, the very same actions that would lead to the Great Recession.  Yes, we all know that can be a real asshole, but this is New York.  We expect that from our leaders.

The real kicker, though, is when in two separate places the mailer claims that it’s Democrats, and not Republicans, that are engaging in a ‘war on women:’

The democrats [sic] are waging a real “war on women” and New Yorkers deserve better.


And when we win, we will end the Democrat’s [sic] war on women in New York!

Perhaps those claims would be believable if it were not for the fact that the national GOP is happily waging a war on women’s rights because they want government so small it can fit through a woman’s vagina and into her uterus.  It might also be believable if not for the fact that it was the Republicans that pretty much killed the Women’s Equality Act in New York State because it would merely codify the provisions of Roe v. Wade into New York State law.

Republicans, as they often do, are trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge.  Unfortunately for them they know that in this town not many are buying their bullshit.  Weiner is going nowhere and they’re afraid that Spitzer, if and when he wins, will put pressure on their friends on Wall Street, much like he did as our attorney general.  Too bad for them.


  1. The Republicans are well aware that one of the largest voting blocs that they fail with are women. Last year, they lost the women’s vote by 12% nationally.

    Their plan is to lie about their record and lie about their opponents and hope that women are too stupid to figure it out. Sadly for them, “stupid women” is a purely Republican construct that they have bought into and which rattles around in their echo chamber.

    How many times can they sell the same bridge? 🙂

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