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News and Views: All the News Fit to Share – 08/18

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The 7 Types Of Republicans And How To Debate Them

If you’ve ever spent time trying to discuss politics with a Republican you’ve probably noticed that there are several different types of Republicans, all with their own unique debating style. In this article I’m going to attempt to break down the seven types of Republicans, what’s wrong with their views, and how you should debate them. I’ll start with the most intelligent, and work my way down.

The Educated Republicans:

These are the rarest of all Republicans. Occasionally you will run into one in public or in a public forum online. These Republicans can be the most difficult to deal with. They have learned everything there is to know about their position… from a Republican perspective. They’ve educated themselves on all the reasons why their position is correct, and are not concerned with anything that contradicts their beliefs.


Thirty-three of the arrested Solidarity Singers request jury trials

The protesters have gathered almost every day for the last two years to sing against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Police began arresting them last month after a federal judge ruled that officers can require groups of more than 20 to get a permit to gather in the building.

The protesters refuse to apply for permits, saying they shouldn’t need the government’s permission to protest the government. They say the First Amendment protects their rights to free speech and assembly, and they also say that because they’re not an organized group no one can assume responsibility for any damages to the building, as a permit would require.


Are College Costs Reaching a Breaking Point?

Next week President Obama will swing through four college towns on a bus tour, promoting ways to reduce higher education costs. The growing attention to universities’ soaring prices is pushing some private colleges to a tuition tipping point, according to Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. In a new report, S&P said costs have risen so much, “many of their customers can’t afford tuition without significant financial aid.” If some schools don’t keep their tuition under control, they’ll shoot themselves in the foot and face the need for more drastic cost-cutting, such as layoffs, and potential mergers or closures, S&P says.


Republicans in Disarray …

Can the GOP Fix Its Woman Problem in Time to Fight Clinton?

“In the last election, Governor Romney won among married women by 11 percentage points, but he lost among single women by a whopping 36 points. With single women making up 40 percent of the voters, well, you can do the math. And the president won women by 11 points,” said RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day in her remarks at the panel. “The bottom line is we’ve got to make the case for more women leaders in this party.”

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Quick Takes …

Tennessee Republican tells girl her father has to be deported as tea party crowd cheers

Sorry, Oklahoma – Federal Court Says State Cannot Write Anti-Islamic Bigotry Into Its Constitution

In Rural N.C., New Voter ID Law Awakens Some Old Fears


A Little Birdie Told Me …

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  1. You need more than women leaders (:::cough:::  Michele Bachmann Sarah Palin  :::cough:::), you need to show that you care about women’s issues.

  2. princesspat

    Thrust Into Nonstop Turmoil, an Obama Adviser Counsels Pragmatism

    The turmoil in Egypt, which erupted in early July just as she took up her job, has presented the toughest test yet for Ms. Rice, who in six weeks has already dealt with a terrorist scare that prompted the closing of embassies across the Middle East and with the latest chapter in deteriorating relations with Russia: the saga of Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, which led Mr. Obama to cancel a meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.


    Ms. Rice’s pragmatism is no surprise to those who worked with her at the United Nations or in the Clinton administration, where she had a previous stint in the National Security Council. But White House officials say they have been struck by her management style, which they call more inclusive than that of her predecessors.

  3. princesspat

    How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

    Poitras, while not nearly as confrontational as Greenwald, disagrees with the suggestion that their work amounts to advocacy by partisan reporters. “Yes, I have opinions,” she told me. “Do I think the surveillance state is out of control? Yes, I do. This is scary, and people should be scared. A shadow and secret government has grown and grown, all in the name of national security and without the oversight or national debate that one would think a democracy would have. It’s not advocacy. We have documents that substantiate it.”

    This is a long article and interesting but somewhat disturbing to read. It’s easier to dismiss her (and Greenwald) as advocates but as always the real story is more complicated. I have very mixed feelings about this kind of reporting, but growing up in what is now the Area 51 part of Nevada and knowing the government was monitoring everyone in our valley makes me feel some empathy for her as well.

  4. iriti

    While I tweeted that @KagroX, I stole it from @Hippopeteamus, an Australian applied physicist. I attributed it in a follow-up tweet because there wasn’t room in that one.

    I have a twitter feed full of Aussie Scientists that I picked up one by one from following an account called @realscientists that is curated each week by a different scientist. Since it’s out of Australia, the majority are Australian or New Zealander (and they’re all very liberal…also some of them very funny).

  5. … a local alderman and a reporter:

    The arrests escalated on Thursday. And, though Walker plays on a small stage, those familiar with the basic outlines of American constitutional history will note a certain historical irony in the drama the governor has scripted.

    First, an elected official, Madison Alder Mark Clear, the former president of the city council, was arrested for joining in the singing of “This Land Is Your Land.”

    Then, just a few minutes later, Progressive magazine editor Matt Rothschild was detained when he attempted to record what was happening. Rothschild informed the arresting officers that he was a journalist and that he had every right to cover the story.

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