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Move It

Thanks to everybody for their great advice on moving my brother. After talking everything over he has decided not to bring the Pathfinder. He is going to sign it over to the youngest brother so he can donate it to a worthy cause. He has also decided to keep his furniture. He will be doing all his own packing.

What I am looking for now is feedback from people who have made long moves with professional movers. We are going from Concord in the San Francisco Bay Area to Winston Salem in North Carolina.

Any suggestions of movers either to try or to avoid. Any moving disasters that can be averted? Problems? Helpful hints?

Reid is disabled with severe diabetes and the onset of MS so I need this to be as stress free as possible.



  1. bfitzinAR

    and Procurement doesn’t have any complaints on record (I just checked).  The last professor I processed a move for through them was 2 years ago – Dade County, FL to Washington County, AR with at least some packing – and it was a little over $4K.  Here’s a link to their “household planning” page.  Good luck.

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