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Here and Back Again

In spite of what my little brothers claim I am taller than a Hobbit. However like Bilbo Baggins I am going on an adventure. I am leaving tomorrow for San Francisco. I will be in California for a week and than head back by train to North Carolina. I will spend at least one day in San Francisco a city I love and miss.

As many of you know we lost my oldest brother last year. I had the horrifying duty of burying him, cleaning up his financial mess, and cleaning and putting our parent’s home up for sale. With the sale of the house one of my younger brothers has decided to move out here to North Carolina to be close to me. Reid has severe diabetes and M.S. I want him closer so I can keep an eye on him. I ended up doing all of the work to get movers etc. to get him out here. He does not have Internet access and I unfortunately am more than familiar with moving.

So I am taking off on my adventure tomorrow and hopefully I won’t encounter any trolls or dragons. Now if Vigo Morthensen’s Aragon wants to show up that is a different story. He is more than welcome.

I should be able to log on for Sunday All Day Brunch over at Street Prophets. I have diaries up for next week but probably won’t have Internet access on the train for next Thursday or the following Sunday.

I have an early flight tomorrow and will be in San Francisco early afternoon. A BART ride will take me to Concord where I’ll rent a car and go to my hotel. I’m not sure what day I’ll be in San Francisco but if anyone wants to meet up let me know. I’ll take BART into the city.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite city again and getting this hopefully last major project done of getting my brother moved. After that the only thing I want to look forward to is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I want no more crises. I want to spend the rest of my life geeking out.  

Move It

Thanks to everybody for their great advice on moving my brother. After talking everything over he has decided not to bring the Pathfinder. He is going to sign it over to the youngest brother so he can donate it to a worthy cause. He has also decided to keep his furniture. He will be doing all his own packing.

What I am looking for now is feedback from people who have made long moves with professional movers. We are going from Concord in the San Francisco Bay Area to Winston Salem in North Carolina.

Any suggestions of movers either to try or to avoid. Any moving disasters that can be averted? Problems? Helpful hints?

Reid is disabled with severe diabetes and the onset of MS so I need this to be as stress free as possible.


Help with Moving

We are going to be moving one of my little brothers from Concord, California out here to Winston Salem, North Carolina. He is disabled and driving out would be much too rough on him. We are planning on coming out by train. I wonder if anyone can help answer some questions for me?

1. He has a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder that we want to ship out. Have you ever shipped a car? Can you recommend someone reliable and one that won’t charge an arm and a leg? Can he ship some boxes with the car or do boxes have to go separate?

2. He isn’t bringing furniture. He will just have personal things like clothes, books, models, etc. Would it be cheaper to ship those separately or find someone that would let him pack what he can in the car and the rest packed next to the car?

3. He has diabetes and MS and uses a walker. Would the train be the easiest way for him to go? I’m planning on going out there and making the trip with him.

Any experience and advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

Movin' On

I’m sitting on the back porch of my house in Sarasota, Florida for among the last nights before we move to Raleigh, North Carolina.  It’s a good move, the kids are looking forward to it and I’ve been flying there a couple times a month for the most of the two years we’ve lived here so I’m looking forward to driving to work

, it’s a  Still it’s a melancholy  Raleigh a great area with wonderful weather and forests and lakes