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“Give thanks for the blessings …”

Happy Lammas!!

Hold on there … those are happy llamas … which is not the same thing at all!

Today is August 1st, the pagan holiday of Lammas or First Harvest. It is the first of three harvest celebrations on the Wheel of the Year. But because this is a pagan holiday that does not have a corresponding non-pagan holiday, it may be one that you have never heard of.  

Lammas is also called Lughnasadh and is halfway between Summer Solstice (Litha) and the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon). In the northern hemisphere, this holiday signals the approaching darkness just as Imbolc, on the opposite side of the Wheel of the Year, signaled the approaching light. As with all holidays in earth based traditions, the holiday celebrated on August 1st is connected to what is happening with the earth. Lammas celebrates the first harvest, one of three harvests on the wheel of the year. Lammas is a time of transformation, of rebirth and new beginnings and, above all, a time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives … and the blessing of life itself.

Let’s join with the goddess’ creatures to give thanks for those blessings.

And since one can never have too many blessings (and the camelid family is so darling), here are some blessings from alpacas and vicuñas to all-a-youñas.

‘When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.’ ~ C.S. Lewis

To all my pagan friends, Blessed Lammas!

And to everyone, may your own harvest bring you great abundance.

Song: Lammas Song, Artist: Lisa Thiel, Album: Circle Of The Seasons

Give thanks for the blessings,

give thanks for the lessons

Give thanks for all that

the Goddess Provides

Give thanks for this showing

our dreams are now growing

Give thanks for the presence

of the Goddess in our lives

Thank You, Thank you,

O Great Mother Thank You…

Thank You, Thank you,

O Great Mother Thank You..

With the first Green Corn

our dreams are now taking form

We ask for the strength

to see the true harvest born

Mother of the Corn,

of Hoof, and of Horn

We thank you for the Bounty

you’ve brought to our door

Mother of the Grain,

of the Sun and of the Rain

We pray for an abundant Harvest again

We give thanks for the Blessings,

give thanks for the lessons

We give thanks for all that

the Goddess Provides

Thank You…

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  1. bfitzinAR

    step by step we go into the dark, recharging time of the year.  Harvest the bounty of the Great Mother to see us through the long night.  Blessed Be.  Thanks Jan – appreciate the reminder that the Wheel keeps turning, no matter what is going on in our daily lives.

  2. princesspat

    I’m elevating my leg and restlessly resting today. This is most welcome reminder to give thanks and relax while I rest.

    And on a larger scale I’m giving thanks for this decision….

    Coal port faces a new level of environmental scrutiny

    The joint decision by Whatcom County planners and the Washington Department of Ecology amounted to a breathtaking victory for the thousands of terminal opponents who packed hearings across Washington and entered more thousands of comments, often with very specific scientific data dealing with air and water pollution, climate change and rail traffic.

    I was at Boulevard Park yesterday, worrying about the impact the coal trains will have as the tracks go through the park.  It’s good to hope there might be a reprieve….for my community and for our larger environment.

  3. Diana in NoVa

    Well, better late than never. Really enjoyed this, JanF! Thank you for this photo essay on what is one of my absolutely favorite sabbats!

    I was busy with my Lammas short story there for a while, so haven’t had much time to pay attention to other writing until now.

    August is an important month for me.  My daughter’s birthday is August 1. She’s not a Witch, but I like to tease her that she was conceived at Samhain, born at Lammas, which indeed she was.

    My husband’s birthday is next week; my late father’s was August 8.  And growing up on the opposite coast in San Diego is an adorable little boy, Japanese-American, whose birthday is August 19. He would have been my grandson if the lady and my son had married each other. However, they ended up marrying other people, so now I have an adorable Chinese-American granddaughter who is one of the chief joys of my life, and she’s right here in northern Virginia with me.

    Lammas, and the smell of baking bread…made a Lammas Man for our ritual this year.  One Circle sister said, “I want the head. I’ve got to have the head.” The rest of us took the arms and legs. My Circle sisters said the bread was so delicious that we should devour the rest of him at dinner, and that’s just what we did.

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