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Let the greetings begin!



  1. DeniseVelez

    but we are back in rain and “thunderstorms” mode today, so am glad I had a nice time going out yesterday.

    Woke up to discover that the latest Faux outrage against the POTUS, is yet another made up stack of lies – the college republican thing – who were “turned away” from his speech.

    here’s a link to the story on orange.

    Should have known – our own CR’s at my campus have pulled outrageously racist and sexist stunts, including James O’Keefe “affirmative action bake sales” and plastering the campus with posters about how “ugly” Democratic women are, explaining “real men” choose “feminine, attractive” Republican women.  

    Thankfully they are such a minority group on my liberal campus – the push-back when they pulled these stunts was swift.

    I suppose what I find sad is to see yet another generation of young people – no matter how few, embracing the ideology of bigotry.


  2. blue jersey mom

    I am going to try to post a photo diary of my trip tomorrow morning. It is so great to be home. Last year when I returned from Armenia, I was jet-lagged for about 2 weeks. this time I forced myself to stay up until 10:30 in the evening, and I managed to sleep through until 6 am. It’s all good.

  3. JG in MD

    Katie is doing well. Her E-collar is clear plastic so she can see all around her. She seems to be getting used to it. She just came into my lap, so I’ve taken it off … she’s settled in now, purring. Life is good.

  4. slksfca

    I just had a peek out the back door and yes, we’re fogged in again. Today’s predicted high: 58°.

    A friend invited me to the Berkeley Kite Festival and a barbeque later today but I’m not feeling up to it so I had to decline the invitation. I’ll probably make it to the farmers market today, but not much else.

  5. Arthritis is killing me. Figured I might as well get up. Pixie is up for a little bit but I imagine she will go back to bed and sleep until this afternoon when she will try and convince me it is supper time.

    Researching train trips for my brother in California. I finally got him his portion of the house. The original check was lost in the mail and I convinced them to expedite a new one to him. He has to be out of his apartment by September 30th. He doesn’t have Internet access so I’m researching getting his car and things out here. We decided since he is disabled and uses a walker that the train would probably be best. I found we could leave from Berkeley on October 1st, go to Chicago, change to a train that goes to Virginia, and change to a train that gets here in Winston Salem early the morning of the 4th. Now I just need to decide how and when I need to be out there.

    Planning on taking the camera and laptop and doing a photo diary of the trip.

  6. anotherdemocrat

    I’m reading a dystopian book about global warming gone totally over the top, set in Austin — maybe I should stop reading that.

    Eating breakfast – actually not beans, I’m transitioning into next week’s soaked oatmeal with fruit by eating yogurt & granola. Watching Up. Ana Marie Cox is, of course, brilliant. And now, MHP is on!

    So, today: church, clean out fridge, make 2 dishes – soba noodles with dino kale & a ginger sauce; amranth with peas & spinach & nutritional yeast. Watch Karen Finney’s show this afternoon. A nice Sunday.

  7. slksfca

    …and discovered that the DVD player in my computer has died. If I were still running Windows XP or earlier it would have thrown my system into the Blue Screen of Death, but Windows 7 seems to be slightly more forgiving.

    As it was I had to do the paper-clip-in-the-little-hole trick to retrieve the disk (rebooting the machine didn’t help).

    So here I am, not feeling like unplugging all of the many peripheral cables which sprout out of the back of my machine, then getting into the guts of it to remove the DVD drive and replace it with one newly purchased. I’m lazy, yes, but I’m also not up to spending that much time crouched on the floor.

    So I’m thinking of getting a new DVD drive that connects via USB cable, if I can find a USB port on the machine that isn’t already in use. Since my computer also serves as the bedroom TV, this is not a trivial matter! Speaking of which, the remote control which allows me to control my TV/computer from across the room is on its last legs, and the company that made it has apparently discontinued it, which is a shame because it’s been a damn good remote. Radio-frequency instead of infra-red, which means it even works from deep under the bedcovers. Oh well.

  8. pittiepat

    A cool 52 degrees going up to mid-70s, then overnight the storms move in.  Love the rain, but it will make it all muggy and miserable again.

  9. emeraldmaiden

    75 degrees here, trending toward 80, though they say we might get a few boomers.

    We’re going to put up some tomatoes today. They cooked all night in the crockpot, and we’re going to blend them up and can them in a while.

    I could go back to bed, though.

  10. Khloe

    56 degrees with an expected high of 65. I watched the fog slowly creep up the mountains this morning. Now it looks like a solid wall of white. We are expecting big rain this afternoon, so there are flash flood watches up all around us. It doesn’t take a lot of rain to make a burn scarred area flood. Today will be a great day to stay home. Have a great Sunday!

    On an totally unrelated note…….

     photo catcheckinsarcasticsymphony.jpg

  11. princesspat

    I was in the garden all day yesterday….so fun! I collapsed into the tub about 4:00 pm and I’m still moving slow, but oh well.

    It’s our sweet Emma’s 11th birthday today so we will have a very nice afternoon celebrating her day. I’m making her a large bouquet, using hydrangeas and pink dahlias from our garden and roses from our son’s.  

  12. princesspat

    An interesting article re the effects of early life stress and poverty.

    The Great Divide: Status and Stress

    That sense of control tends to decline as one descends the socioeconomic ladder, with potentially grave consequences. Those on the bottom are more than three times as likely to die prematurely as those at the top. They’re also more likely to suffer from depression, heart disease and diabetes. Perhaps most devastating, the stress of poverty early in life can have consequences that last into adulthood.

    Even those who later ascend economically may show persistent effects of early-life hardship. Scientists find them more prone to illness than those who were never poor. Becoming more affluent may lower the risk of disease by lessening the sense of helplessness and allowing greater access to healthful resources like exercise, more nutritious foods and greater social support; people are not absolutely condemned by their upbringing. But the effects of early-life stress also seem to linger, unfavorably molding our nervous systems and possibly even accelerating the rate at which we age.

    Scanning the responses to this article is a bit upsetting however. Apparently some of the readers don’t understand or agree.

  13. JG in MD

    Tried to work on Revolutionary War pension files but gave up when I got confused. Snuggled with Katie, enjoyed seeing her doing well. I didn’t move around much, just tucked up on the sofa or puttered around the house. Listened to my novel on MP3, enjoyed a spectacular win by the Nationals.

    Before long I realized I was having a painfree day. It’s been weeks since that’s happened; I made sure it didn’t change. I think I’ve been pretty stressed out for a long time. Today, I decided, nothing matters except the essentials: comfort for Katie and for me.

    Tomorrow everything will start up again like an engine lumbering back to life after a power outage. But there’s still a little left of my painfree day.

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