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Thursday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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The morning check-in is an open thread posted to give you a place to visit with the meeses. Feel free to chat about your weather, share a bit of your life, grump (if you must), rave (if you can). The diarist du jour sometimes posts and runs, other times sticks around for a bit, often returns throughout the day and always cares that meeses are happy … or at least contented.

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. I woke up a little too early and dreaming of a past hurt, so I didn’t start my day in the best possible way. Feeling a little prone to weepy now. blech… Hopefully the day will improve as I get busy. Jim’s still asleep or giving a good impression of same.

    Food pantry this morning. And I need to DECIDE what stitching pattern I want to use for my medallion quilt. It’s nearly ready to quilt, except for the mental part.

    The black cat visited last evening while we had supper on the deck. It was rolling in the dirt behind our house while a squirrel scolded loudly. After supper Jim took some leftovers out to share with whatever wildlife wanted to eat it. We have lots of critters out back. The cat was still there, sniffed the offering with interest, and then settled in to eat it. All healthy stuff — rice, turkey, zucchini, carrots, peas, eggs. It was supposed to be fried rice but frankly did not turn out well at all.

    Now I’m sitting in the dark, one window propped open. Some birds are making noise, notably what is likely a robin.

    I hope you all have a peaceful day.  

  2. DeniseVelez

    today is our wedding anniversary – 16 years, though we have been together for 25.

    We’ll go out to celebrate on Saturday.

    I have a film crew showing up at the house in a few hours, they’re making a documentary about the Black Panther’s International period – in Africa, when we were based in Algeria.  

    It is blissfully cool today, thankfully. 60 now, going up to only 75.

  3. iriti

    Wore a jacket this morning. In July. Weather here has developed a severe case of…well I don’t know what, but it’s very, very, very odd.

    Road trip this weekend to take my Mom back to Tennessee. 410 miles or so down to meet my Sister halfway on Saturday, then the same distance home on Sunday.

    This is when it is good to have a responsible teen with a driver’s license. Trs is working; I am in the process of a series of shots in my knee. If I had to drive that whole way (no cruise control) I would be in a world of hurt. As it is, Kidlet will probably do most of the driving (because she really, truly is a marvelous child, that’s why) and I will just ride in the back seat in style. I can’t ride in the front because that is Mom’s Seat™ in any given vehicle she rides in.

  4. Portlaw

    Am about to look for all those lists of things I have to do.Then coffee and the news. Am hoping all the news from Mooseland will be good.

  5. My EKG came back abnormal with possible blockages. I’m doing the full blown heart tests today including the treadmill. Really scared and shaking. My niece is going with me but she can’t drive so I need to stay calm enough to do that.

  6. The machinery and human power needed was impressive. The ingenuity of people in designing a machine to do certain repetitive jobs always amazes me. I got some pictures and will work on a little story.

    Bottom line, we humans sure do cause a mess with our crap. I’m glad there is a way to decrease what goes to landfills. Oh, one more thing, don’t drop your keys, envelopes of money, wedding ring, samurai sword, phone, etc, into the recycle bin by accident. It is a big hassle to try to find it.

    Today, I join 4 friends for a round of golf. It is a perfect day with sunshine and 70˚ at tee time. There should be a lot of laughs.  

  7. Diana in NoVa

    Weird, as the forecast calls for a sunny, low-humidity day.

    We’ve been able to turn off the a.c. and open the windows, which is a blessing.  We’ve had a long, expensive spell of running the air conditioning.

    Hope the day will improve or turn out well for Melanie, Denise, and Michele!

    Was able to work on my short story last night. It’s funny how, when you’re working on a short story, your subconscious never stops thinking of things to add to it. My protagonist is getting married and she’s going to wear a Mexican wedding dress (knee length). Spent part of yesterday evening looking up necklines: the one I want is square-cut, comes down about four inches from the throat, does not reveal any decolletage. Couldn’t find any description except “square cut,” so that’ll have to do.

    Anyway, there’s still a lot of work to be done on Scene 2, but Scene 4 will describe the wedding, and that will be the fun part. I’ve chosen “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” for the bridal march, which is the same music my husband and I got married to, some 45+ years ago.  🙂

    Have a good, cooler, happy day, everyone!

  8. Jk2003

    Last day of swimming lessons for this summer.  I am working a few hours this evening to fill a gap at my old clinic.  Most importantly, it is beautiful in Chicago right now.  So clear and dry and not hot.  I love it!

    Hope everyone has a great day.  Or at least a decent one.

  9. anotherdemocrat

    Tuesday at work, I had a headache (which never happens to me), but I didn’t leave early. Ibuprofen didn’t help. That night, I slept so little that I called in sick to work yesterday. Spent most of yesterday actually napping in bed (I’d set my phone to wake me every 30 minutes or an hour, to make sure I’d drink some water) or dozing on the couch. The headache feels like a dehydration headache, so I was sure to get in 2 bottles (total of 1.5 liters) yesterday. Plus my lunch had cucumbers, and I had a big bunch of cherries in the evening.

    I’m at work today, though I still didn’t sleep well last night. I can’t just not come to work because of not sleeping. I’m going to my workout tonight. Not only do I need to show off my shirt, I think it’ll help with the sleeping thing. Right now, eating beans & spinach breakfast, drinking tea (done with caffeine by 10am)

    So, today: work, dinner at my 3:30 break, workout. Lots of water – I drank 1.5 liters yesterday, already at 350ml this morning.

  10. wordsinthewind

    and it will get hot too, I love summer! Mr w is returning this afternoon, hopefully ahead of the storms that are supposed to cool us off this weekend. Grace seems to be mastering house training and even more importantly she seems to be learning to respect the old dog’s boundaries. That has made life a lot more peaceful for everyone else, the old dog doesn’t have much modulation to her complaints-they’re all full on.

  11. PadreJM

    I have fifteen minutes now before I need to finish getting dressed and out of here.  But I had to check in at the very least.

    I have some trouble brewing in my work.  A situation is forcing me into the role of “community organizer” before I’ve had time to lay the institutional groundwork for my little charity to be on solid footing for such a controversial endeavor.  It involves exploited workers, a few of whom had the courage to speak up, prompting a mass layoff and bringing in of an out-of-state crew.

    It’s already had an impact on our caseload, as several of the workers are clients, and we’re getting an influx of others who no find themselves out of work and at risk of losing everything.

    So, in addition to addressing their immediate basic temporal needs, we’re marshaling other resources — including a public service law firm and the state Wage and Hour Commission — to take more effective action.  I’ve been out of the “biz” long enough that I don’t have any current contacts with the United Farmworkers, but need to quickly develop some.

    The whole thing is likely to get ugly.  In fact, it already is.

  12. anotherdemocrat

    yesterday. I changed all 3 passwords this morning. If you got an e-mail from my yahoo address, don’t open it. And is changing my password enough? (I also wonder how this happened because I’ve barely opened my e-mail this week, and haven’t opened any e-mail that wasn’t from someone I know)

  13. JG in MD

    I made the appointment. It’s either this or she suffers a long, slow decline and early death.

    The estimate is $2000. I wonder if I have jewelry worth that much to sell without going into the items I love the most.

  14. princesspat

    My plants will appreciate a break from the hot sun and I need to tend to indoor tasks…..I seem to wake up slow on foggy mornings though.

  15. slksfca

    It did manage to clear up yesterday for about a half hour though, so there’s hope for this afternoon. At any rate I’ll be busy with laundry.

    Good morning, Meeses!

  16. slksfca

    It’s really blowing outside and I could barely see through the fog to the end of the block. Not a fun day to be outdoors. And I probably undid all the good the walk did me by getting a chocolate-covered donut.

    Now for lunch. I should eat up Chinese food leftovers from last night (Hunan beef with rice) but I’m craving a burrito instead. Living alone, however, means that leftovers need to be consumed pronto if they’re not to go bad.

  17. Upon return, I checked what I had missed. Seems like there was a lot of discussion about what we should, or shouldn’t, say is some of our exchanges. Are we hurting another. Do we need rules of behavior?

    All interesting and thought provoking.

    I opened the New Diary link to draft some remarks about something I did yesterday so it could be shared. Something stared me in the face.


    Be excellent to each other… or else.

    It seemed rather fitting.  

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