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Sunday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. But I can see the sky lightening. There is a very noisy bird on the boathouse, apparently quite happy that the morning is here. I don’t mind either … I’m a morning person!

    The hummingbirds are flitting between the feeders, finally willing to risk that my presence is dangerous to them (it isn’t).

    Last night’s sunset (from cellphone)

  2. I’m enjoying the birdsong here, too.

    Should be another lovely day today, most of it right here at the house. We’ll go out for a walk in a while, either in our neighborhood or not far away.

    It’s yogurt day again, and I want to load the medallion quilt on the frame. Also a couple other projects to move along.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. anotherdemocrat

    our 100 degree days are back, sigh. Had a surprise rain shower yesterday — rained pretty hard, too.

    Eating beans & watching Up. Got a pot of beans cooking, going to make that dratted dessert, too.

    There’s an ice cream social after church today, that’ll be fun. And Le Tour wraps up today, I’ve got the DVR set to record. So, a nice, relaxing day.

  4. I just noticed some things about July this year.

    • There are 5 mondays.

    • The month started on a monday.

    • There is a new, full, and quarter moon, each on a monday.

    • The first man on the moon took place in a July.

    • Canada Day was on July 1 on a monday and we went to Canada.

    All these things can’t be coincidence, can they? Is there something going on here bigger than each of us? I’m just saying. I mean, what if, could it be? I’m not a believer is conspiracy as a rule. But…

  5. I just noticed some things about July this year.

    • There are 5 mondays.

    • The month started on a monday.

    • There is a new, full, and quarter moon, each on a monday.

    • The first man on the moon took place in a July.

    • Canada Day was on July 1 on a monday and we went to Canada.

    All these things can’t be coincidence, can they? Is there something going on here bigger than each of us? I’m just saying. I mean, what if, could it be? I’m not a believer is conspiracy as a rule. But…

  6. Jk2003

    My parents came over and watched the kids last night.  Mr jk2003 and I went and sat outside at a local establishment.  I had a pizza with apples, carmelized onions, bacon and Brie.  It was awesome.  Had a guitarist playing.  Had some prosecco.  Yum.  Yum. Yum.

    Now watching the British open with the family.  Lazy Sunday morning.  But, I am angling to paint the master bedroom today.  Mr jk2003 is unsure this is how he wants to spend the day.  Luckily, I can be very convincing.

  7. PadreJM

    I never made it to get my haircut yesterday, so I’m going to have to show up for Sunday Mass looking raggedy one more time.

    I flipped the “closed” sign almost on time yesterday afternoon at around 2:00, but still had some minor puttering to do when the building owner showed up and wanted to talk.  While engaged in that discussion I decided to fold the Sunday bulletins.  We’d printed a hymn on the back cover, and I noticed that it was incomplete.  Apparently the original from which we scanned it carried over onto a second page, a fact that had gone undiscovered until after printing.  So, after the landlord left, I had to completely redo the bulletin.

    Before I finished that, a young man in crisis showed up, and I really couldn’t turn him away.  He had a lot of stuff he needed to talk through, some very practical matters, some highly emotional, and some which had put him in a deep spiritual crisis.  So, I ended up not getting home until after 9:00 p.m.

    At least I could sleep an extra hour this morning.  The layman who serves as my de facto sacristan is out of town today, so I need to go in a bit earlier than usual to finish setting up for Mass.  The Gospel in our lectionary (extraordinary form) is Luke’s account of the purging of the Temple.  I’m hoping our examination of that passage today leaves us with more than the usual, “See, even He got mad sometimes.”  There are so many ways we defile so many “temples,” I’m sure we can find lessons in the story that help us identify some pitfalls to avoid on the path that leads us where we want to go.

    Now, my coffee mug is empty.  I really must remedy that, and have another refill or two with y’all before I get into my “Sunday go to meeting duds.”  (And yes, I have it on good authority that coffee does not break the eucharistic fast unless one lightens it with so much milk or cream that it ceases to be coffee, and becomes instead a dairy product.  God bless those Jesuits.  What would we ever do without them.  They never seem to have found a nit they couldn’t pick nor a loophole they couldn’t fit an elephant — or a moose — through.)

  8. DeniseVelez

    with cool breezes coming in the window and miracle of miracles it will only go up to 84 and no thunderstorms predicted for today here in the Hudson Valley. They come back tomorrow.

    I’m going to enjoy the gift of today 🙂  

  9. princesspat

    The house is so quiet this morning… grand kids today so I’m going to rest and enjoy some easy time in the garden. I have enough small lavender plants to create what I hope will be a drift of color at the end of a long bed. The main plants are well established so now I can add interest and continuity.

    I still need help with shovel planting but these plants are small so it will be just me and my trowel 🙂  

  10. slksfca

    Dense fog again. I’m trying to deal with it because I must. There will likely be no relief until September.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday!

  11. on a paved trail not far from here. It’s a little hilly, through trees along Clear Creek. The trees reach high into the sky, seventy feet and more. Shortly after we started Jim spotted a handsome snake about thirty inches long. It gave us plenty of time to look at it before skimming into the grass, safely away from us. The splotches on its back were mid-brown against a background of gold tinged with green. I wanted to turn it over to see its belly, but also I didn’t want to interfere with it that much.

    We also saw a tall plant next to the path that Jim thought was cocklebur, a poisonous plant that can kill livestock. It was tall with a blossom on top that looked like a miniature thistle. But the leaves, rather than spiky like a thistle’s, were outstretched and flat, spiraling from the base up. They were thick and had heavy veins alternating their length.

    Near the spot where we turned to go back, a squirrel lay on the path. It looked healthy with shining fur. But it was dead and recently. The blood around its head was still red and wet. Likely it fell from one of those tall trees.

    The sidewalk was dotted with nuts in many places, some hickory nuts. We also saw a couple of different kinds of arachnids, one likely a true spider, and one likely not a true spider.

    Birds of many kinds sang for us. Easiest for us to identify by sound are the wren, the catbird, the cardinals chipping, and robins. Doubtless dozens of others added to the background music.

    After walking we stopped at the store to buy another half gallon of milk and some more yogurt starter. It’s yogurt day again. Seems like we’re getting the hang of it.  

  12. slksfca

    So I’m catching up on various history-related blogs (one of my favorites is The History Blog, which is really as much about art as it is about history, and is nicely illustrated), and drinking too much coffee.

    I have Chinese-language TV playing very softly in the background because for some crazy reason I find it soothing, and being in a foreign language it doesn’t distract from whatever I’m reading. 🙂

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