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Let the greetings begin!



  1. kishik

    To stay calm…rising temps don’t help.  There’s supposed to be a gathering in NYC tonight since cops moved about 50 people out of Union Sq where they were peacefully assembled in solidarity with Trayvon’s family….

    That’s all I can say without frustration spilling from my lips and fingers….


  2. louisprandtl

    violence today. Let’s try to make this country better and freer place for all to live democratically and happily with equal opportunities to prosper.

    Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

  3. The neighborhood black cat just appeared in the back yard. It was sneaking up on a bird. The bird saw it and laughed as it flew away. Maybe next time.

  4. slksfca

    Somewhat overcast outside, but no fog today. Predicted highs: 68°F downtown, 62° out here closer to the beach.

    Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend L and we walked over to Haight Street to do some window shopping and people watching. And, being the Haight/Ashbury, there were plenty of characters gamboling about. Had a lot of fun. L is delightful company.

    We ended the excursion at a cafe where, over afternoon coffees, we ran into another neighbor of mine. The three of us had a fun little conversation before L and I left to walk back home again.

    After I got home I checked on a map and estimated that I’d walked about four miles during the course of the afternoon. That’s the most I’ve done in a very long time!

  5. Jk2003

    Gonna get warm here today.  We are having some of my husbands large family over today.  My daughter is excited to play with her cousins.  I don’t feel much like entertaining but it is what it is.

    Would rather be marching somewhere.  Feeling helpless and sad.

  6. wordsinthewind

    to bear the news, it doesn’t seem right to be enjoying it in the face of such injustice. I am angry about the poor performance of the prosecutors, I’ve seen brand new law school graduates manage trials better than happened here. It was as though they were not interested in a conviction, especially considering the evidence they did not even try to get in front of the jury. It was a bad day for lawyers since all of them seemed to be intent on confirming peoples’ prejudices.  

  7. emeraldmaiden

    Going to be a bit warm today. Maybe rain, AGAIN.

    Not happy about the verdict, but, sadly, not surprised, either.

  8. DeniseVelez

    Hudson Valley weather – still no change.

    Very tired this morning. I wanted to see my inner voice proved wrong.  Should have listened to it.

    My only hope is that a few people will learn from this that not all juries are “equal”.  From my perspective we have a flawed judicial system, starting from the top down – SCOTUS ruled by wingers, states enacting cookie-cutter ALEC laws, juries still warped by racist views of the world, prosecutors who smirk after losing – and Zimmermans et al who can murder with impunity.

    From my perspective, I can’t allow any of this to be a set back.  More impetus to keep pushing forward.  

    No matter how tired I feel.

  9. PadreJM

    I felt a need to completely rewrite my homily for this morning in light of the Zimmerman verdict.  I’m praying I struck the right balance of addressing the grief, reflecting hope, and inspiring action.  I’m certainly hungry today myself for spiritual nourishment.

    Anyway, before I finally put my head on the pillow (after taking time to watch some mindless fare on Netflix to “wind down”), I reset my alarm from it’s usual 5:00 to 7:00, the latest I could safely get up and still have time to prepare for Mass.  A nap is definitely on the agenda for this afternoon.

    We’re expecting temps in the mid-90’s today.  It’s 63° outside now, bright and calm, but I have no idea what the temp was at my usual arising time, so it’s not much of a gauge for me of what’s to come.

    Blessings, especially peace and comfort, to all today.

  10. Son finished his IFS (initial flight screening) in Pueblo on Thursday with an “excellent” rating. He drove back to Oklahoma Friday, about a week ahead of schedule.  

  11. princesspat

    My garden is a peaceful retreat from the harsh realities of this world. I sometimes feel guilty I live such a privileged life…..

    May we all find comfort today.

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