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Saturday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. slksfca

    I’m suffering the first serious insomnia in quite awhile. No pain really, just can’t sleep. I think it might be due to a new medication I’ve just started last week and my body hasn’t yet adjusted to it.

    Thank goodness what little I had planned for today can easily be postponed. Meanwhile I tried making myself sleepy by reading a Victorian-era history of England, but the damn thing turned out to be pretty fascinating (of course it’s by one of the truly great writers, Macaulay. I’d forgotten how much I like him.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend in store. I may or may not be around later. 🙂

  2. DeniseVelez

    headed down to New Jersey (new joisey) this morning to attend an event.

    At least it has cooled off a bit and we will only be low 80’s.

    Have a good day Meeses!

  3. Portlaw

    I had summer food last night after the movies – a lobster roll, a blueberry crumble, and some cold wine.  So summer isn’t all that bad. We got into a huge discussion about the differences between crumbles, crisps, cobblers, and buckles. I had never even heard of buckles before. Will have to go the internet to figure it out. All I really care is that whatever it is is topped with either ice cream, whipped cream or creme fraiche and that there is a lot of it.

    Hope today it’s a good day for all.  

  4. JG in MD

    Rhona offered me berries yesterday, but they were blueberries, which I don’t like. Maybe I’ll stretch the budget to include some raspberries or strawberries at the farmers market today.

    I posted my request for a PS2-USB connector on the Gaithersburg Recycle yahoo group and got a response before I even went back to make sure my post was there. Who offered me the connector? The same person who gave me his old laptop in 2011.

  5. PadreJM

    Oh, you know that can’t possibly be true.  I’m just still groggy even though I’ve been up an hour.

    With staff training and dealing with the upcoming facility expansion, I’m not close to being ready for tomorrow’s Sunday Mass.  So, my goal today is to find time to change that.

    Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend.

  6. wordsinthewind

    busy day here, the baby shower is this afternoon. I’ll be heading out to my friend’s to put together the last minute stuff in a little while. Everything else is done and I know what I’m wearing so I’ve a few minutes to relax before the day gets busy.  

  7. slksfca

    …has been leaving out raw meatballs laced with strychnine along streets where people walk their dogs, in a neighborhood not far from me. One dog (a dachshund!!!) has died as a result and at least one other is seriously ill.

    The person responsible is a real monster, and I hope s/he gets caught and punished.

    And on that sad note I’m off to lie down, perchance to dream of nicer things.

  8. Nurse Kelley

    It didn’t cool off very much last night, making for restless sleeping. I sense storms brewing.

    We had some wonderful spring asparagus last night, with blender hollandaise. My arteries probably don’t like that much butter, but my tummy was in heaven.

  9. emeraldmaiden

    I slept in, but I wanna sleep in more! 76 and cloudy in northern DE, after MORE rain all day yesterday.

    Need. More. Coffee.

  10. GlenThePlumber

    remembrance and two others did a climate change presentation at last nights services…with the hopes of convincing the social justice team to take up the cause…the rabbi noticed her fb postings and asked her to join…it went very…very well…somebody actually wants them to speak at other synagogues…she’s a rock star..!! proud.

    she will be posting a diary about her experience…I will help her cross-post it.

    if you haven’t seen this video…OMG…first read the names in your head…then watch the video…yikes…

  11. jlms qkw

    saw a moosey t-shirt at the movie very late thursday night.

    advice from a moose was the title.

    my kids don’t like to watch the credits, but since i just had my son with me, i made him stay for the first part of them.  the guy wearing the moosey t-shirt was also staying.  

  12. princesspat

    A week of company was a fun long week! I napped all day yesterday and slept well last night so I may have recovered. Regardless I hope to have some time in the garden today.

  13. Sorry so rare these days, to everything there is a season… ;~)

    Sunny and beautiful here in lovely Dandridge.

    The lake keeps getting crazy high, but that is fine with me. Some views of recent days.

    A little log towing…

    My ever-evolving dock.

    Another recent project. A 12×12 rotting deck that was floating around the bay, taken apart, trimmed, dried, and reassembled as an 8×8 swim platform. A large chunk of foam floatation drifted in at an earlier point, spray rubbered that and attached to the middle plus two 5-gallon buckets on each corner make it rocky fun.

    Benny, giving an idea of how high the water is.

    Is Glenn Greenwald just trying to make me dislike him, or is his role to provide a cliche proof of the “America-hating Liberal” for every conservative to reference?

    The American judicial system, Greenwald said, “cannot be trusted when it comes to people accused of endangering the national security. The judges do everything they can to secure convictions in these cases.”

    IOW: “America is an Evil Corruptocracy, unlike Saintly Countries like Russia and Venezuela…”  No wonder he is such a fan of Snowden…

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