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What Next For Egypt?

The time limit imposed by the Egyptian military ran out at 4pm Egyptian time (10am EST). President Morsi had been given 48 hours to take actions to calm the massive protests roiling across the country. He failed to act and the military has now announced the suspension of the Egyptian constitution pending new elections.

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It amazes me how quickly this has all transpired.

Once again, the world’s eyes are upon Egypt.

The Chief of Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, made the televised announcement. The reactions range from celebration…to anger. Those celebrating are pleased to see the chance, again, for positive change. However, there are still many who are angered by what is seen as a military coup.

Please use this diary as an ‘Egypt Open Thread’…I don’t have too many of the facts on the ground and would love to see what other Moose think (or have heard).

Is it a good thing that the people seem to have turned against the Muslim Brotherhood? Or will an even more fundamentalist group be ushered in?

While there is surely more to come, Morsi, for now, has been ousted by the Egptian Army.

I don’t know whether to cheer or to pray (or both).

For now, I watch…and hope for the best.


  1. Kysen

    this is the sort of event I where tend to look towards Shaun Appleby’s commentary for details.

    Where are you Shaun? Maybe if I send up the Moose Signal he will appear:

     photo MooseSignal_zps5c096c97.png

    Here is some live video via NBCnews:

    Live from Tahir Square

    It all just really saddens me. Egypt is a beautiful county chock full of history. A nation that could profit and prosper GREATLY via tourism if they were just able to get a safe, democratic, secure government in place.

    I do hope that extremists of the religious sort do not take this latest uprising as an opening to destroy/deface more of the historical treasures there.

  2. HappyinVT

    shows are focusing on Zimmerman.

    I also read, via same timeline, that Morsi was a 9/11 truther.

    I just hope whatever happens leads to a happy stable Egypt.

  3. But I won’t let that stop me!

    I do know that when a religious party is put in charge of a country where there are religious differences it can cause problems. Even if the president does not force his religious beliefs on the minority religions there is always the fear that it could happen.

  4. kishik

    that the Muslim Brotherhood really had changed their politics.  I think that there were internal struggles which compromised their establishment as a political force.

  5. HappyinVT

    markknoller 5:39pm via Web

    State Dept updates travel warning on Egypt: don’t go – and if you’re there – leave.…


  6. Avilyn

    Is it a good thing that the people seem to have turned against the Muslim Brotherhood? Or will an even more fundamentalist group be ushered in?

    Depends on why the Egyptian people have turned against the Muslim Brotherhood. Was it being too fundamentalist for them?  Too liberal?   I hope Rachel Maddow has Richard Engle on to discuss the situation.

  7. Kysen

    but I clicked over to MyDD to see if Charles Lemos had written anything lately…

    And it is gone.

    Like, all of it, the site no longer exists.

    Google does not even pull up links to it (which is how I used to search for old comments of mine over there).

    Anyone know the skinny behind that?

    (I mean, other than the fact that is has for all intents and purposes been a dead site for a couple years now)

    It is a shame that it was erased in full. There was A LOT of info there in diaries/comments…and I have often searched back to look at this/that/the other (diaries, comments, usernames, dates, etc…it was one of my ‘reference’ sources for blog stuff).

    MyDD is where most of the ‘original Moose’ met up and came up with the plans for a new blog. We all had some good times over there. Now it is all gone. /sniffle

    If nothing else, it ought serve as a warning to those who want to always have their writings to save ’em on their own hard drives…imagine if Kos were to ever get fed up and just shut down the site. Heads (including mine) would explode all over.

    Ah well.

  8. PadreJM

    I just glanced at the headlines before going down for the count on my fainting couch (prompted by entirely unrelated events in my own life), and need to fill myself in on the details, then read through all of your thoughts.  This place is da’ bomb.

  9. gchaucer2

    Thanks for a leading story on Egypt.  I truly need to spend some time here — Nurse Kelley finally drove me into the arms of sanity.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th.  There’s a hemp American flag flying over the U.S. Capitol today.  I think it is because of gay marriage.

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