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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. kishik

    And sticky humid sticky everything sticking door handles wet and sticky gross humid icky bleh!

    But the temos not bad…. Yet!

    But ugh.  It really is like walking into a sticky mess this morning.

     photo KK4-13c_zpsdb9be510.jpg

    turn on the aircon, Mama!

  2. DeniseVelez

    more rain and thunderstorms 🙁

    Parts of the state have already been declared a disaster area by the Governor, and he and Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer have joined in requesting of President Obama that parts of the state be declared a federal disaster area

    Fires and record breaking heat in the west and floods in the East.


    I have water today thanks to the efficient work of my plumber installing a new well pump.

    You don’t realize how much you depend on water until you are without it. It’s been many years since I’ve lived in parts of the world with little access to clean water, and I’m spoiled by the simple luxury.

  3. Heavy Thunderstorms today and tomorrow. Going to brave the store early.

    Slowly getting strength back. Able to eat normally again. Still need to rest a lot. Will probably curl up with a book this afternoon and read. Thursday I’ll probably grab some snack food and watch Independance Day. Pixie refuses to sit on my lap when I watch it because I “drip” on her. 😉

    Foggy Mountain Dew

    Foggy Mountain Dew photo FoggyMountainDew_zpsdde42eae.jpg

  4. iriti

    How is everyone this fine Tuesday?

    Trs & I trying to settle on where to dine to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Other than that, should be a pretty slow day here at work.

  5. Diana in NoVa

    Made it to the gym yesterday and consequently enjoyed the first really good night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks.  Note to self:  wouldja try to get there more often?

    Gray day follows gray day–I can’t remember a rainier summer, although I shouldn’t complain.  Usually by this point in the year we’re praying for it!

    We’re going to have our four-year-old granddaughter with us Friday and Saturday.  She wants to make chocolate chip cookies, so we’ll do that.  She’s so independent it’s really funny!

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  6. nchristine

    Hump day for me this week!!  Co-worker has another interview next week, I think…. don’t want to see her leave – but, she and the boss will push each others buttons like nobody’s business……

  7. anotherdemocrat

    The version of my diary at DK is still on the rec list. Wow.

    Really tired, but what a couple of days! The triathlon, the rally, the diaries…  Oh — and I actually slept through the night last night!

    It has cooled off – lows actually in the 60s, breaking records, and the high today is only supposed to be 92. I wore sunscreen yesterday, I still think my arms are browner. And I wore it on the back of my neck, I swear — and a bandana, but it itches like I got burnt. And I had my 1.5 liter camleback on, drank most of it (was only outside 3 hours), and still that wasn’t enough water yesterday. I brought wrap thingies to ice my ankles, my feet hated yesterday a lot.

    Wonder how today will be at work. We’re closed Thursday & Friday (which has never happened before).

    Anyway – hi.

  8. wordsinthewind

    and quite cool, yesterday’s high was 81 after a week of triple digit highs. We’re supposed to stay with highs in the 80s until the weekend with some more storms. It’s nice getting all this rain and seeing everything green up. All our critters are fascinated by rain, they will find a dry spot to sit and gaze at it.

  9. PadreJM

    behind the silhouette of Eagle Caves bluff to our Southwest.  It never really cooled off, though.  77°F when I awoke this morning at 5:00, and it’s going to be another three digit day.  The five day forecast calls for little relief with temperatures all above the high 80’s, and most in the 90’s.  I’m one of those for whom it might as well be a hundred once it hits 80.

    I won’t be taking this bike ride again until it cools down some, but wanted to share the video of our Riverfront trail from the regional newspaper’s website:


    (Sorry.  Couldn’t get the embed to work from their site.)

  10. bill d

    It’s a 66* morning here in North Texas, it may be a record low.  Really.

    Hope everyone has the kind of day they wish to have and if travel is in your near future, I hope you don’t get trapped in any airports.

  11. pittiepat

    only a slight chance of rain.  A bit over 3 months ago I applied for a unit in a still under construction project for independent living:  over age 62 and income from all sources under $27000/year. I finally received approval and will pay my deposit today.  Just under 1000 sq ft. 2 br, 2 ba, washer & dryer and more.  Be so glad to not have to trudge through snow to get my mail but will still have to dig out the car.  I’ve said before that “I’m never moving again” but this time I hope to heaven that the statement will be true.

  12. Jk2003

    First swim lesson went off without a hitch.  I only cried a little bit.  Another beautiful weather day yesterday and today our high is only 70!  Gorgeous!  

    Had to turn off the news last night.  Coverage of the Zimmerman trial brings me to tears every time.  I think it was Chris Hayes who said something like “even if everything he said to cops is true, that kid still shouldn’t be dead”. Remove the gun from the equation and he wouldn’t be.  

    Now I am mad just from thinking about it.  

    Have a great day everyone.

  13. JG in MD

    Sorry to post without reading all the comments.

    What I learned today: Dunkin Donuts will give you free coffee if you ask for a senior discount (55+). Big thank you to friend who posted long list of senior discounts on Facebook. I’ll look for the link.

    Off to chair exercise session. I’m working on getting over the notion that chair exercise is monumentally uncool.

  14. raina

    had to check the date to make sure it was actually July. Highs expected to be in the 90’s the next 5 days.

  15. slksfca

    This morning the fog has returned but they’re still predicting temperatures in the upper 70s by afternoon. Plus it’s more humid than usual. Cooler weather on the way — but cooler weather is always just around the corner here.

    I need to make amends to two of my neighbors who apparently wanted to go to the parade with me, though I have no memory of any such conversations. Perhaps on Pride Sunday everyone wants a pet gay. Hah!

  16. He and his wife left for 3 weeks of camping. The prize mower guy showed up yesterday for the first mow. He had this nice wide machine on a trailer behind his Jeep. He was zooming. I watched with envy in my heart (bless me Padre).

    I was due to mow my own lawn today. I grabbed my shoes and hustled out to intercept the mower guy to see if he would do mine.

    “How much?” I asked. He glanced around, smiled, and said $20. I went straight into the house and grabbed the money.

    Nice guy. I will have him back soon.

    Thanks, Paul, for winning that prize.

  17. JG in MD

    I get out of breath often when I run do my errands. Today it was worse. When I got home I was bringing two not-very-heavy bags up the stairs and I broke out in a sweat and just pooped out. Fortunately, my neighbor was coming in and he carried the bags up for me.

    I can think of two reasons for this: I was sleepy and hardly moved at all yesterday, so sort of a temporary deconditioning. Or a stubborn delayed reaction from my latest (2 weeks ago) reduction in Effexor dosage.

    I think I’ve found a doctor on my retired doc’s list that I can live with. Haven’t met her yet, haven’t even called. I guess I have to do that.

  18. bfitzinAR

    End of FY13/beginning of FY14 stuff keeping me busy – as if soloing in the office isn’t enough.  Secretary only coming in a few hours in the morning to deal with “urgent” stuff and then she’s out dealing with loss of spouse stuff.  And I thought divorce was bad!  Stitches come out tomorrow – hopefully that will be that as far is the foot problem is concerned.  (Mine is so minor compared to other folks’ stuff I almost hesitate to mention it, but anything on the bottom of the foot impairs walking – and walking is the only exercise I get.)  Probably lurk if I get a chance, but not doing much but work (after looking to see if folks I care for are at least OK enough to be online and posting) right now.  {{{HUGS}}}

  19. JG in MD

    My youngest grandnephew, 25ish, just posted Fleetwood Mac’s Never Goin’ Back Again on Facebook.

    I’m so proud.

  20. JG in MD

    to the entire Rumours album and cryin’ like a baby. No specific memories, just tears. Maybe the 19 firefighters have something to do with it too.

  21. JG in MD

    Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow.

    Now the weeping is for the horrors that evil men have wrought on our country and the downward spiral we’re on.

    Maybe I need a Xanax.

  22. princesspat

    Monday and Tuesday are busy days this summer as we have the grand girls with us each day. Emma is on the recovered from gatorade spill laptop now, Ava is building with Legos and I’m looking for another cup of coffee.

    It’s a plesant 60° this morning….a welcome change from the 80° temps of the last few days. The heat seems very tiring this year.

  23. JG in MD

    He’s the one who’s had so much trouble in his life, the one we almost despaired of. I haven’t talked with him since he was in high school. He posted his new cell number on Facebook a while back and I knew talking with him with Rumours in the background would be A Good Thing.

    It definitely was. Now that he’s (I hope) sober he’s just as wonderful as I thought he would be.

    Here’s his picture.

  24. (and no I won’t share it.) He is a potter. This is what he said:

    I have a very lucky client, this work turned out exceptionally well. I’ve done some work for a local church, and I am so happy to do this sort of thing. Ritual ware tends to get a blessing before being put into service, and when my work gets blessed, by association I get a blessing too!

    He has made a lot of beautiful work for churches in his area.

    Many blessings on you, Brother!  

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