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Thursday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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  1. ilovecheese

    Very happy with the Supremes yesterday after the disappointment the day before.

    My cat, Bullwinkle, is driving me crazy at the moment; wanting something else than what he got for breakfast.

    I have been awake since 3:30 this morning and hoping I don’t crash to hard today.

    May all the meeses have a great day!

  2. iriti

    Even after yesterday’s victories for equality I find myself in something of a funk.

    So, full disclosure I’m white, straight and beyond child-bearing years. So none of the events of the last few days hit me as an individual. And yet, and yet…

    Why are we as a nation going backwards in regards to respect for the rights and dignity of minorities, women and especially the poor of both groups (or any struggling folks, really?) Have we become so isolated and distanced that we don’t see the real people involved? Have we become so fragmented into ‘us vs. them’ that ‘them’ has ceased to be a group of individuals with rights and hopes and dreams.

    The huge body-blow to the VRA, the battles against women’s rights and the complete disdain for the working poor have really started to get to me.

    And while I’m venting, why can’t the media stop being so self-referential and just report the facts, instead of reporting on what all the other media are saying?

    Sorry. This probably isn’t the place for this. But I wasn’t feeling very celebratory yesterday and was feeling a little guilty about it.

  3. nchristine

    Temps in the mid 60’s now, up to the mid 80’s this afternoon.

    24 hours to go for first week of production on-call – I CAN’T wait!!!  Going to see World War Z later this afternoon.

  4. DeniseVelez

    more waterworks expected here in Saugerties.

    Still in a blue funk re Robert’s Five though proud as punch to see LBGT victories

    Oh well, will just keep on fighting for voting rights.

  5. Diana in NoVa

    That’s okay.  Very humid, so I’m grateful for air conditioning.  We had a nice lot of rain yesterday. This is the first year we haven’t had to water the garden every day!

    What a momentous week this has been for news!  Not reported in the lamestream media here is the fact that Julia Gillard has been ousted as the prime minister of Australia.  Kevin Rudd has now been sworn into that position, which he held before Julia ousted him. I don’t understand the way British, Australian, and Canadian politics work, but that’s neither here nor there.  My friend in Montreal says Stephen Harper is a dead loss, but he’s there and can’t be booted out yet.

    This afternoon I’ll be volunteering at campaign HQ again.  Hope I get to stay in the same room with the others this time.  It’s interesting, hearing them talk.

  6. wordsinthewind

    and it wasn’t a record, that was 112 in 1994. Today is forecast for 103, I can’t tell much difference but can say that the doorknob on the west facing door was too hot to touch yesterday afternoon. The dr. appointment went well, I have a raft of tests to get through before the follow up in two weeks. We had one more piece of medical equipment to deliver to our friend and I fixed dinner for them. I’ll be doing more cooking today and I want to make a lemon meringue pie since it’s my friend’s favorite. Her appetite is returning so it would be nice to have stuff she likes. Both of us have trouble hanging onto wieght so we’re always encouraging each other anyway, we know what the other really likes.

  7. where the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the humidity is lower. No construction noise from the neighbor’s lot yet. Surely just a matter of time.

    The first half of the year is almost over… Lots to look back on; lots to look forward to.

    I’ve been writing a lot, just not much in the way of blog posts or diaries. I got great feedback yesterday in my writing class on a humorous short story. The instructor encouraged me to look into publication.

    Today: food pantry duty. It continues to feel like somewhere between an offering and penance. Either way, I’m glad to do it.

    Breakfast: my coffee is gone. 🙁  Jim made Irish soda bread yesterday, and I’ll have a slice of that, toasted, with butter and honey.

  8. anotherdemocrat

    Woke up at 3:50. Again. Ugh. I dumped some 5 hour energy into my tea. (no caffeine past 10 am, but it is really, really necessary before that — also 12 hours ought to be more than enough time for it be be well out of my system before bedtime, right?)So if I take melatonin & valerian & time-release ambien, what the hell else can I do??

    Tonight is the AIDS Services of Austin thing. I brought a dress to change into. Will try to make my bangs bigget r something, because the places on my forehead where the dermatologist froze the not-melanomas off are still pretty red. But I love these guys & want to at least stop in at the party, even if it is a bit fancier than my normal thing. (did you see where I said I have a dress with me?)

    I’m trying very hard to get my brain to work, but it just won’t.

  9. Jk2003

    We are having breakfast (well, the kids are.  I don’t eat breakfast).  Next up is exercise and then clean myself and the house up.  

    It is 75 and sunny right now.  May get some storms this afternoon.

    We went to Brookfield zoo yesterday and rode the train to get there.  It was my sons first train ride.  He loved it.  The train is more exciting than the zoo to him.  

    Have a great day…

  10. Otteray Scribe

    Oldest daughter had surgery (again) yesterday. Surgery went well. Came back from recovery room complaining of pain and grumpy. And hungry. All normal and she will be fine.

    Trying to get awake. Can’t shake cough. Got lecture from oldest son who is up here visiting. He wants me to make an appointment with the pulmonologist–I will probably have to break down and do so. Grandson is growing like a weed. He is almost eight months old. By this time next year they will be chasing him all over the house. I was cleaning out a closet last week, and came across the child-resistant gate for the stairs. Started to throw it out, then it hit me that we would be needing it in the near future.

    Hope everyone has the day they want.  

  11. slksfca

    Yesterday ended up being almost hot, and today is all set to be even warmer once the fog melts away.

    It was actually too muggy last night to sleep comfortably. I had the windows open most of the night but it didn’t cool down much even after the fog rolled in.

  12. PadreJM

    I’m down at the Center, and will be offering the Mass (a votive in honor of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist) in about 15 minutes, but wanted to do a quick, late check-in lest anyone worry.  I’ll check back and update when I have more time.

    Pax vobis.

  13. kishik

    I read about this teenager in the New York Daily News piece…harlem teen wins

    they had a video attached that I guess the paper had filmed, but I found Xavier’s performance at the competition on youtube.  He is something else!  Really impressive reading.

    it’s hot and humid… it’s summer here on Long Island, NY!

  14. slksfca

    She’s invited me to go walking through the park this morning, and since the fog has already burnt away it’s a gorgeous day already.

    But why oh why does she always have to call, text, AND email all at once? It makes me cray-zee!

    The woman has issues.

  15. fogiv


    Save money? Cut this social security bullshit. Somehow, our society managed to make it hundreds of years without social security just fine.

    –Edward Snowden

    Will teh Suxors still lubb Snowdoe sososo much?!?


  16. bfitzinAR

    and apparently not coming out any time soon.  Mostly didn’t sleep last night – not awake enough to actually get up and read a book or something, but definitely not asleep.  End of quarter busy combined with secretary’s out.  (She’s an introvert poor soul and her husband was the loudest of extroverts – the “family only” military service was yesterday, the “for the work folks” memorial service was today, and the wake for the SCA is Saturday.  Then maybe she can get to all the financial and other issues that come up when one’s spouse dies.)  Anyway, I’m waiting on a phone call so I thought I’d check in.  Any updates on the CO folks?  {{{HUGS}}} bf

  17. slksfca

    My neighbor and I walked through the park and into a neighborhood on the other side, where she has a small plot in a community garden. On our way we walked through Golden Gate Park’s rose garden (and yes, we stopped to smell the roses).

    While my friend watered her little patch of wee plants I sat in the sun and rested up for the walk home. Then we stopped for lunch at one of the Mexican places in our neighborhood.

    A productive morning for me in terms of exercise and sunshine. I need a certain amount of the latter but have to be careful not to get too much because one of my meds makes me extra-sensitive to the rays. Otherwise I’d spend the whole day outdoors when the weather is this nice.

    Now my just-devoured burrito is starting to have its customary narcotic effect so I’ll be heading off to nap shortly.

  18. wordsinthewind

    thankfully the house has remained cool and comfortable. The heat is overwhelming though, we’re all in some stage of relaxed-even the puppy. She has mastered the housetraining for the most part except for the errant wee when she’s off playing. I expect she’ll learn that too because our old dog did eventually. She likes to play fetch so much she drops her toy for you to throw it again. Very good puppy behavior, she’s quite easy going. I think that irritates the old dog too, she gets all huffy and Grace runs off to play somewhere else like she hasn’t a care in the world. She doesn’t like for us to fuss at her but she seems fairly indifferent to doggy scolding. When Grace is napping in her crate I make sure to give special attention to the old dog, she needs it and most days seems mollified. If I had thouht about it I wouldn’t have done this to her but the need was there and I just reacted. I expect that peace will come next winter when the old dog snaps to how warm the puppy is with all her extra fur and a friendship of sorts will evolve.  

  19. PadreJM

    Coffee after Mass with today’s faithful few extended into the beginning of the office’s open hours.  It was great fellowship, but after starting the day off an hour late, it prevented my getting back on anything remotely resembling “on schedule” (whatever that means when one’s doors are open for “drop ins”).

    Anyway, it’s heating up outside — expected high of 87 today — high 90’s forecast for the rest of this week, and triple digits by Monday.

    The downpours the other day hit our local cherry crop bigtime.  Orchardists are reporting about a 25% crop loss, and what’s salvageable has to be sold quickly at reduced prices to avoid spoilage.  Our area economy cannot afford this hit right now, and of course, it’s especially hard on the seasonal workers, who are least able to bear the loss.

    It remains to be seen what the downward pressure on wheat prices from the GMO scare in our state will mean, but if both of our primary regional crops are hit with low yields and low prices, we’re going to see an increase in suffering folks coming through our doors.  Either low prices or low yields are a problem, both makes for a catastrophe.

    Dang.  It always seems like I’m posting “doom and gloom” stuff here.  I’ll try to post some of our success stories soon as well, lest y’all think I’m doing the work I do simply as an exercise in masochism.

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