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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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  The Moose will be featuring a liveblog of the SCOTUS Special Tuesday rulings at about 9am Eastern time. There are still merit cases from the October 2012 term that have not been decided including the DOMA and Prop 8 cases and the ruling on the Voting Rights Act. Stop by and read some tea leaves … or just bring your tea and read what the others are saying.

  Also in the news, President Obama will be making a major speech on Climate Change this afternoon at Georgetown University. And don’t forget to keep your eyes on Texas where the Democrats will be filibustering SB5. They need to hold on for 14 hours to stop this assault on women’s reproductive rights.


Let the greetings begin!



  1. Lots of rain some places in northeast Iowa yesterday, as much as 8 inches. Flash flooding occurred at the time of course, and river flooding is in process. More rain this morning across the same region. A lot of that makes its way down the Cedar and Iowa rivers, affected Cedar Rapids (nchristine) and the Iowa City area (us, Wee Mama). (Where is Wee Mama these days, anyway?) And then on to the Mississippi River.

    Mid-afternoon yesterday we had a tornado warning. Funnel clouds but no tornado here but they’ll investigate today to see if there was one near Muscatine.

    I spent time in the lower level of the student union building during the warning. All the building employees and guests were sent there for a half hour or so. The space is still being renovated since being destroyed in the 2008 flood. No amenities down there yet, including walls between spaces. Bare bulb work lights hang from the ceiling. The place was pretty full, as student orientation (mostly incoming freshmen and their parents) was in process.

    By the time I left the building after my class, around 6, it wasn’t raining.

    Today should be somewhat less exciting, weather-wise. I hope.

    Excitement for today: we’re going to see MERLE HAGGARD tonight! YAY!!

  2. Morning from North Carolina where more thunderstorms are coming in.

    See the Doctor tomorrow and hopefully she can figure out why I’m throwing up all the time. At least after tomorrow I can go back on antihistamines so I don’t itch all the time.

    Got the paperwork back to Indiana for the sale of the house. Still hoping it happens on Friday but it may be next week. As long as it is soon. I just want everything to finally be over with.

    Newest art On the Edge of a Dream.

     photo OntheEdgeofaDream3_zpsb57757be.jpg

  3. nchristine

    flooding and mud slides all over the place.  Had the tornado warning mid afternoon.  Reports are maybe in Solan (which is just about half way between Melanie and myself) and probably over in Muscatine.

    Lots and lots of rain…. cooler temps today and yet more rain.

    74 hours of on-call left…. I’ll be sooooo happy to be off call.

  4. Portlaw

    Hope Mooseland is free from tornadoes and that the Supreme Court has nothing but good news for us.  

  5. iriti

    Busiest week of the year hear at office de la iriti. Following SCOTUS and journalists flying to Havana on a comedic junket but not much else.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

  6. wordsinthewind

    we’re heading for triple digits today and the rest of the week. Our friend is supposed to be released from the hospital today and we’ve got everythng ready to deliver. She’s doing well, her surgeon told her it was a “clean break” and easily repaired. I think good news in a situation like this is something to celebrate. It will be a busy day as I’m trying to get a couple of meals cooked to take for her to warm up. Hope everyone has a good day.

  7. PadreJM

    Especially after reading about our Iowans’ experiences yesterday.  Moderate temperatures for Summertime.

    My day yesterday was about as boring as my weather report.  Blessedly so, as a matter of fact.

  8. JG in MD

    79° Here Near DC on the way to 91° today. “Scattered” or “Chance of” or just plain thunderstorms all week. Sun shining now. If I’m going out, I better do it soon.

    I’ve been on a steady diet of (delicious) junk food for two days. My mind was scattered (and sometimes thundering) even before that. Now… wait, what?

    I better write down why I need to go out before it gets all hot and wet out there. Maybe take a shower and wash all the bits & pieces away, leaving clean clarity… no, that won’t happen. But better shower anyway.


  9. Jk2003

    We got the storm last night.  Lost power for two hours or so.  Got it back in time to watch the last period of the game so that was good!

    Today we have a play date with a new neighbor and more storms on tap for this afternoon/evening.  Also hot and humid as hell today.

    Have a good one.  Did you read the diary at the other place about Alito’s behavior while Ginsberg was reading her dissent?  Makes me pretty mad.

  10. Jk2003

    We got the storm last night.  Lost power for two hours or so.  Got it back in time to watch the last period of the game so that was good!

    Today we have a play date with a new neighbor and more storms on tap for this afternoon/evening.  Also hot and humid as hell today.

    Have a good one.  Did you read the diary at the other place about Alito’s behavior while Ginsberg was reading her dissent?  Makes me pretty mad.

  11. Jk2003

    We got the storm last night.  Lost power for two hours or so.  Got it back in time to watch the last period of the game so that was good!

    Today we have a play date with a new neighbor and more storms on tap for this afternoon/evening.  Also hot and humid as hell today.

    Have a good one.  Did you read the diary at the other place about Alito’s behavior while Ginsberg was reading her dissent?  Makes me pretty mad.

  12. slksfca

    I’m pretty tired after yesterday. A group of us drove up to Muir Woods and walked around in the drizzling rain. But it was beautiful and misty-wet.

    Today I’m going to try to keep it low-key by sticking close to home.

  13. anotherdemocrat

    Got no idea what the weather is, but it’ll be hot at the Capitol. After I’ve eaten enough to take some ibuprofen & let i kick in, I’ll get down there.

    I went to the dermatologist yesterday. Had 1 thing scraped off my temple. But he saw 4 other things on my forehead (which I hadn’t even noticed) and froze them off. He said to keep an eye on them, 1 is a spot he’s done before, and if they come back I have to go back. That’ll be interesting, looking for the comeback of things I didn’t see. He also said this is a combination of my all-British isles ancestry with huge amounts of sun exposure as a child. I lived in pools & at the beach — and there was no such thing as sunscreen then. You know those articles that say you should count the number of times you’ve been sunburned & that tells you what your risk of skin cancer is? I couldn’t begin to count sunburns. Sigh. So there’s more scraping & freezing in my future.

    Anyway, I’m going downtown to the Capitol later. I’ll stick a cliff bar in my bag, because I got over hungry on Sunday & had to leave because my head was all floaty.

  14. princesspat

    And day three with three grand girls. We’re going to the bookstore for lunch today, then to the park at the bottom of the hill where they will play on the beach, rain or shine!

    ps   I’ll watch from a beach log or the coffee shop, depending on how much rain or shine 🙂

  15. bfitzinAR

    it’s not raining (which we could use – I’ll be watering my fruit trees tomorrow morning before leaving for work).  QC ran until after 10.  I don’t remember how much after 10, but I was home by 11 (10-minute trip by car).  If I hadn’t been having a stress-induced reflux attack I’d have been LOLing watching 4 “vote for what’s good for the community” Dems and 5 “property rights are sacrosanct” Rs – plus 1 usually sane R who had close friends among the appealing group – twist into pretzels to vote against siting a cell tower needed for, amongst other things 9-1-1 coverage to the south and west, on a piece of private property whose owner was looking forward to the income to augment his farming because the neighbors didn’t want it anywhere they could see it.  The Court has just set a really nasty precedent which is going to come back to bite us.  Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned, 10 JPs, at least 1 lawyer, and 6 families will have blood on their hands with the first person who dies because they can’t get 9-1-1 in the Hogeye area.  OK, rant’s over.  My friend is holding up as well as could be expected and better than some.  Work’s heading for crazier than usual – we’re in the last week of the fiscal year…  Anyway, {{{HUGS}}} to The Mooselands.

  16. slksfca

    …sent me a link to the trailer of a short documentary about a Mormon family’s embrace of their 14-year-old gay son. The film premiered here in San Francisco last weekend at an LGBT film festival and got a standing ovation.

    Californians Wendy and Tom Montgomery say they didn’t know their son Jordan, now 14, was gay when they were working for Prop. 8’s passage in 2008. When Jordan came out to them, they found out he had considered suicide because he feared being gay would mean he’d be cut off from his family for eternity.

    “To be honest, before my son came out, I didn’t know any other families who had gay kids,” Wendy Montgomery told “It’s one of the things that’s not talked about in my church, which makes it so much harder to deal with and know who to go to for help.”

    She eventually found help from the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University, which produced the documentary about the Montgomerys, Families Are Forever. “It felt like a ray of sunshine in the middle of the darkest period of my life,” she said of the Family Acceptance Project. “It gave me hope.”

    She added, “I am a better person for having a gay son. I love differently, and I love more openly. I didn’t realize the judgment I had before I realized that having a gay son was a great blessing and not a burden.”

    After the film there was a Q&A session with the Montgomerys, who spent the weekend as guests in my sister’s home. She is truly an awesome human being!

  17. PadreJM

    They made no mention of it falling in a matter of minutes.  Sheeesh!  And now, I’m hearing the sound of dripping between some walls in the Center.  I’m going to have to call the building owner, a prospect I certainly don’t relish given the strains on our relationship of the past week.

    Sometimes, in my weaker moments, I long to serve a Deity who has a bit less of a sense of humor.

  18. ChurchofBruce

    I’m broke. That is not why life sucks. I haven’t gotten any interviews scheduled. That is not why life sucks. It’s too friggin’ hot. That is not why life sucks. The brakes in my car are toast, it’s going in Thursday, and it’s a good thing my mechanic is a family friend who allows me to pay over time. That is not why life sucks.

    Why does life suck?

    I’m a Boston Bruins fan. That’s why.

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