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Sunday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. DeniseVelez

    Looks like my cable/internet problems may be fixed for a while.

    The technician who came yesterday said that the previous installation was placed in a spot outside ensuring water damage.

    So he took everything out and replaced wires and couplings and found a new place to drill into my house.

    I now will hope that this will fix the problem of frequent outages.  

    I have to admit I am addicted to my intertoobz and get really cranky when I can’t get online.

  2. Portlaw

    going to 81 and this Moose is thinking of PICNIC! Think the fireflies may come out.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.  

  3. And Happy Father’s Day to Jim and to all the wonderful fathers out there. Jim IS a in that group of wonderfulness, for sure.

    It’s 68° and heading to low 80s, humid and still. I’ll be inside at a workshop most of the day, though I think it would be more fun to join Portlaw on a picnic, perhaps with live music in the park.  

  4. wordsinthewind

    the storms have mostly moved out so we’ll get hot again today. The rain was really nice though, everything in our yard looks so relieved. On a personal note I managed to make peace with someone yesterday and that has me feeling a whole lot better. Making peace is so much more satisfying than making war and nearly always leads to better results.

  5. JG in MD

    It’s s’posed to be in the 80s today but there may be thunderstorms.

    Last Sunday there were storms too.

    My friend who works 7 days a week* loves loves loves sunshine and wants to go to the pool, first time this season. Last Sunday she had the afternoon free. She stood looking out at the rain and almost cried.

    She’s not working today, and if it rains my heart will break for her. Officially.


    *Her name is Rhona. She’s been my neighbor and friend for ~15 years. I’m going to stop calling her “my friend who works 7 days a week.”  

  6. anotherdemocrat

    mid-70s already at 8am

    Eating breakfast, watching Up. First 1/2 hour on immigration. Got beans cooking, they’ll be done by the time I leave for church, and can cool down while I’m there.

    So today: tv, church, cooking.

    Ooooh – Karnacki is intro-ing a segment on winning states in the south, like Texas! Yay! Oooooh – we’re getting our own segment!

  7. PadreJM

    I saw lightning in the Western sky last evening, although none had been predicted yesterday morning.

    I still haven’t recovered my voice, which is going to make singing Sunday Mass a challenge.

    Happy Father’s Day everyone.

  8. bill d

    Mid 90s here this afternoon expected in North Texas, going to do outdoor stuff early then hide in the AC……until October.

    Hope everyone has the type of Sunday they want to have and I wish a Happy Father’s Day to all applicable folks.

    I had a friend who lost her Father early in life and every Father’s Day they would go to Six Flags (amusement park). Seems that on Father’s Day the place is be empty as paying to haul the family to Six Flags on Father’s Day is never at the top of things Dads want to do on Dads Day.

  9. slksfca

    Another foggy, windy day today, which doesn’t bode well for my afternoon plan to attend an outdoor concert in the park. Maybe the music will keep me warm.

    Happy Sunday, everyone!

  10. princesspat

    RonK and da boys are meeting for breakfast and the first cruise of the year with his boat. Later they will be with the rest of the family for a barbecue.

    No such fun for me…’s liquid diet day for tomorrows even less fun ::procedure::. I dislike this immensely even though I know it is an important exam.

    Fortunately my new computer is quite entertaining. I was awake in the night and the back-lit keyboard is really nice.  

  11. Kysen

    Posted my Sunday reply in the Saturday thread. 😛

    So, yah, it is 82 now….

    supposed to hit 88 last I saw.

    Got up and out before dawn to hit the waves before too many tourists poured in.

    I was actually surprised by how ‘uncrowded’ it was…and most of us were locals…not the best waves, but nice enough that I stayed on the water for a couple hours.

    Got home/showered and to church. Rare for me (wife goes weekly)…but they have a potluck available after both services on Father’s Day…that was enough to tempt me. It is hard to pass up a seemingly unlimited spread of Southern cooking provided by very competitive Southern ladies. /grin

    It was delicious.

    Led to a food coma from which I am still trying to recover. 😛

    When we got home I got my ‘Father’s Day’ cards and gift from the pups (I got new bearings for my blades and a ‘See Rock City’ birdhouse).

    I’m now lollygaggin’ before we head over to a Father’s Day bbq that friends are havin’.

    We are supposed to, after that, see Man of Steel.

    I hope it is good…but, I will be content so long as it is not BAD. Ya know?

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday…Happy Father’s Day to all the Papas out there.

  12. Sorry I’ve been absent but suspect that I’ve been battling the norovirus since Wednesday. You know this wasn’t exactly how I was planning to lose 10 pounds.

    Since today Is Father’s Day I thought I’d share an updated version on my late Dad’s favorite picture “Gathering Moonlight.”

    Gathering Moonlight photo GatheringMoonlight2-4_zps69062872.jpg

  13. jlms qkw

    early church.

    trying to upload a zillion pix to flickr.  it’s finally going better . . .

    need a nap.

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