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Sunday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. Khloe

    63 degrees with an expected high of 66. It’s suppose to get down to 35 tonight!

    I’m one step closer to moving. Last night was my final night of work in Bay City, Michigan! Exciting, but also a bit scary. But not THAT scary!

     photo catadventure.jpg

     photo catcaptain.jpg

  2. JG in MD

    To the pool again today. Yesterday I kind of got tired and kind of gave up after just a couple of minutes. Then my hands couldn’t grab the slippery ladder and my knee couldn’t take my weight and I kind of struggled but I got out of the pool after a false start and nobody saw me.

  3. Our electric blanket is on the clothes line drying, having been washed yesterday. We didn’t need it last night, hope we won’t need it for months. But it’s blocking the view, so I’ll take it down now.  

  4. DeniseVelez

    spent most of yesterday fighting with Time Warner Cable tech support about my very frequent internet outages (every two hours).  I diagnosed my problem as their modem.  They said it was my outside wires, but we have no outages on the TV.

    After two hours on phone with various lev one tech support people, having me unplug, reboot (over and over) I bought a new modem (which they said wouldn’t fix it). Then had to get their tech support to send out the correct signal which they botched – twice. Finally a level 3 person got it right and the new modem has fixed the problem.

    To get to lev 3 you have to keep repeating this mantra “I want to speak to your supervisor”.

    Meanwhile, between outages spent time battling the “blacks hate teh gays” meme being touted by a few people still spouting Prop 8 nonsense.  You would think self-professed leftists would get it right.  Sigh.

    Time to do my Sunday duties over at Orange.

    Have a good day peeps!

  5. slksfca

    Slightly foggy this morning but expected to clear up nicely.

    I had a nice walk in the park late yesterday afternoon with my friend C. While strolling through the fragrance garden we ran into some people she knew who were very fun, and chatted with them for awhile before continuing the walk. Then I came home, had a modest dinner, and watched some travel programs on TV. Vienna doesn’t wait for me, but it was nice to “go” there via television.

  6. nchristine

    So far this year we’ve had just over 20 inches of precipitation.  For all of last year, we had just over 25 inches.  The sump pump has slowed down quite a bit!  Going to be a little cool the next couple of days.

    I got the yard mowed yesterday.  Instead of emptying the bag 2-3 times, I had to empty 6-7 times the grass had grown so much.  It sure does look nice now.  I got all the deadheads out of the lilacs as well.

  7. Portlaw

    from breakfast. Whenever I can, I like to eat outside, especially if it’s by the water. Brought take out omelets and coffees to a harbor side park. It had one of those pianos that are appearing in city parks as part of an art in the park project.  They are painted and tarted up and left out for anyone to play. At the end of the month they will be donated to various organizations. What amazed me this morning was how many people there are who can play the piano. Seems like just everyone. Well, now that I think of it, there were more men than women who played. Hmmm.   Most who walked by, sat down and played something with some degree of skill. Some even tied their dogs’ leashes to the piano legs so they could play uninterruptedly . Even runners jogging by stopped, played part of a larger piece and then jogged off.

  8. wordsinthewind

    we went to a big graduation party last night, it was a lot of fun too. The good country kind where all ages are welcome and everyone has fun.

  9. slksfca

    …for a people-watching walk in the gayborhood. She has mentioned the magic word “mimosas” which pleased me immensely. 😀

    The weather in my neighborhood right now is mixed fog and sunshine, but over in the Castro District it will be warmer and sunnier.

    Only sad thing is that for once I had too many options for the afternoon. I’ll have to miss the band concert in Golden Gate Park — but they perform every Sunday in the summertime, so I can always go next week.

  10. PadreJM

    Didn’t have time to log on before Sunday Mass, and then afterwards had our coffee hour, followed by stopping by my mother’s assisted living facility to have yet more coffee with her and her friends who had just finished Sunday dinner.  I also dropped off the cargo resulting from my weekly shopping for her.

    I’m finally home munching some leftover home-made sweet & sour pork and fried rice (I make my own since Chinese restaurants all seem to batter and deep fry their meats for sweet & sour, which makes my cardiologist very cranky with me.)

    As soon as I’m over my caffeine-overload buzz, I’m going to hit the sack for a nap.  Once again, I’m going to be sleeping away an absolutely gorgeous day, but it can’t be helped. (It’s 76°F outside under bright blue skies, with a gentle westerly breeze, and some white billows on the Eastern horizon.  The views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams are spectacular today.)

    So, y’all enjoy your Sundays.  I’ll catch up with you after I’ve caught up on calories and shut-eye, in that order.

  11. Dinner/supper/late meal: chili!! and corn bread. mmm!

    I know, we could get into arguments about what chili is, and I’m not gonna go there. Let’s just say, whether or not you would define my concoction as chili, it’s gonna be pretty damn good.  

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