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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. slksfca

    I’m perfectly used to the sound of foghorns, but I swear there’s a new (or recently upgraded) one out there with an extra-loud voice, at just the right frequency to resonate in the human body. And when you’re trying to drift off to sleep it’s most inconvenient; it’s almost like being physically tickled every few minutes.

    Foghorns are an acquired taste at best, I think. I’ve never minded the sound, eerie though it is. But this new noisemaker is really something!

  2. Khloe

    53 with an expected high of 72. Severe weather is possible this afternoon and evening.

    Yesterday was my last swing shift. I honestly can’t say I will miss them. The money is nice, but it’s hard on this fluffy old Kat.

    Thursday I’m planning a trip to a Lake Huron beach. I found some good sunscreen to test out on this vampire like skin buried deep in a box. Maybe I’ll even get one last lighthouse viewing in.

    11 days left!

     photo caticat.jpg

  3. Diana in NoVa

    We had rain during the night–I thought we would, so I’m glad I took in the cushions from the screened porch. Woke up during the night to see lightning flashing here in the Old Dominion.

    Also woke up with a red, itchy neck.  I wonder if the term “redneck” derives not from back-of-the-neck sunburn, but from front-of-the-neck itching and redness from allergies or insect poison?  Just put some prescription med. ointment on it, hope it goes away.  And this is all because I dared to step out into the garden to look at the weeds!

    Looking forward to Miss Preschooler’s ballet recital at 5:30 p.m. this evening.  Going to do chicken in wine in the crockpot while we’re out enjoying the recital, will serve it along with rice and green salad. Will probably do a no-brainer dessert, like huge strawberries with the stems still on so we can dip them in powdered sugar sifted onto  small doilies on individual saucers. I can’t think of anything but food this morning, because yesterday was a “fast” day. It was worth it, though, not only for the weight loss, but for the discipline.

    Everyone have a good, if moist, day!

  4. The type of weather my asthma hates but I’ll try to stay in as much as possible.

    For Stargate fans I worked on this one last night called Lost World.

    Lost World photo LostWorld2_zps486acbc7.jpg

  5. wordsinthewind

    we got some rain overnight with more forecast for today and tomorrow. We are in desperate need of moisture but the good news is that going into the third year of drought there’s not much left to catch on fire.  

  6. nchristine

    are in the mid 60’s this morning.  More rain this week.  We may get a little over 10 inches of rain for the month.  Rivers are rising all over the place.  The usual suspect places are going to go under by the end of the week.

    I suspect that Ellis and Edgewood will be closing pretty soon.  Expected crest here in town is around 18 feet.  No where near any record (31ft), but will be annoying to some.  City Park and Dubuque St in Iowa City is going under by the end of the week.  Army Corps of Engineers are predicting that the Coralville Res is going to top the emergency spillway again.  That would be 3 times in 20 years…. not ‘normal’.  Columbus Junction will be going under sometime in the next couple of weeks (confluence of the Iowa and Cedar Rivers is at that point).  So far it’s mainly just annoying and some farmers may have to replant parts of their fields…..

    Sinus headaches all weekend and still there…. wish they’d go away!!

  7. trs

    Currently 55&deg here in the Shenandoah Valley, with an expected high of 81. 90’s for the rest of the week.

    Saturday, the community had a cook-out/pool party, where very few people got in the pool (air temp was 65, water temp was about the same). I cooked somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 hamburgers, and I have no idea how many hot dogs. Overall, it went well. Yesterday, iriti and I did our first bike ride of the season (and first real test of her new (Christmas present) bike)- a 20.4 mile ride on the C&O Canal towpath. Just enough to remind me that I’m not 18 anymore. It was a fun ride overall, and our goal is to be able to do a longer distance, two-day (the night spent in a motel – we are NOT tent people) bike ride somewhere around Labor Day. I suspect a bit of that will depend on what I find out today.

    This afternoon I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. My hands have been giving me trouble for years, and they are now to the point where I am in pain more often than not, so it’s time to do something about them (yep, both of them). It may be carpal tunnel, it may be something else, but whatever it is, I’m tired of it and I want it gone!! We’ll see what today brings…

  8. DeniseVelez

    of New York.  

    I have to go to the dentist – which is going to interfere with me being on time for Black Kos today 🙁

    Will cross-post it here as usual, but it will probably be a bit later than usual.  My dentist is never on time – you wind up sitting in the office 2 hours past appointment time before you get put in the chair.

    Torture!  (I hate dentists)

    Why can’t science figger out a way to just clone new teeth for us?

  9. anotherdemocrat

    We had rain most of the weekend — there was even flooding in San Antonio.Not here, just much-needed rain. Even on a holiday weekend, no one here complains about rain, the lakes are at or below 50% capacity.

    Eating breakfast, seeing what’s up. I looked at our e-mail, and it is less than I feared – actually really not a lot considering the long weekend. I feel bad for whoever has voice mail, that’ll take most of the day (since my team has e-mail every day, we’re out of the voice mail rotation, but only 1 person can check our voice mail boxes at a time so on a day like today, that’ll take a long time)

    Today: work, workout, buy stuff for a food day at work that I forgot to over the weekend. Guess I’m bringing queso & chips since that takes no time.

  10. PadreJM

    and the Weather Channel reports, “feels like 53°”  How I do love symmetry.

    I’m appearing and perhaps testifying at a court hearing this morning on behalf of a client.  I’m hoping they won’t need to call me, and that my presence as moral support will be all that is required.  It is not one of my favorite aspects of my work.  Thank goodness it doesn’t happen too often.

  11. Nurse Kelley

    Woke up at fivedamnthirty with a headache, not my favorite way to start the morning. We have water restrictions, and today is one of my two days a week to use the sprinklers, so I’ve got them going while I have my coffee.

    I’m interviewing a new doctor this morning. This one is much closer and, hopefully, not as overbooked and burned out as the current provider. Fingers crossed for a keeper!

    Hope everyone has a good day, and that Dee’s dentist doesn’t keep her waiting. 🙂

  12. pittiepat

    likely have serious storms thru Thursday.  Don’t know how much rain the county has received this month but it’s been a lot.  Unlike TRS & Iriti (and me), my sister and bil are tent people and always have been.  They are leaving sometime in June for a 30 day trip through western Canada and parts of Alaska.  In addition to their Aussie, I expect there will be a gallon of deet going with them as it is mosquito season in that part of the world.  They were camping in Denali a few years ago and my sister had somewhere in excess of 100 mosquito bites.  Much better them than me.

  13. bfitzinAR

    I enjoyed the train trip – since they overbooked the observation car they gave me free tickets for another trip if I’d go to the lounge car this time – I’m saving them for fall leaf watching.  (Actually, I think I like the lounge car better so I’m feeling kind of guilty for taking the free tickets.)  Charlie gave me a scare over the weekend – crystals, poor baby – but he managed to pass them himself so I didn’t have an emergency trip to the vet.  Not-so-little so-and-so won’t eat unless I let him outside which means going out with him so I can grab him before he gets over the fence if he decides to go exploring.  He gets mad and growls at Cloud when I bring him back in.  (And Cloud just looks hurt – “What’d I do?”)  Sigh.  I’ve got ‘lebenty-seben emails to deal with (actually I may have more than that) so thought I’d better check in before I get started.  I’ll check back when I can.  {{{HUGS}}} to Moosopotania.

  14. raina

    We are already having highs in the 90’s and getting a lot more rain. We finally had our pool cleaned up and fixed, filled it yesterday and used it. I’d been thinking of getting rid of it and I’m glad I didn’t.  

  15. slksfca

    The fog is impenetrable this morning, but it’s not at all cold out there (especially for 6:30am), so I’ll be taking a morning walk a little later. I always like the park on a foggy day, the trees look so ghostly. 🙂

  16. Jk2003

    Humid and almost seventy degrees here.  May rain some more today.  We don’t need it.  It was cold this weekend.  Three or four years ago we had a summer which never really warmed up.  Went swimming just a handful if times, always needed a sweater at night.  I wonder if we aren’t in for another cool summer this year?  We’ll see, I guess.  Chicagoland weather can change pretty quickly so I shouldn’t make assumptions.  

    The deck is being ripped out as I type.  By the end if the week we will have a nice new patio.  Very excited.

  17. princesspat

    My cold is finally easing, thank goodness. Between aching and sneezing I have been miserable. Now if (when?) the cotton balls in my head become brain cells again I might actually have a thoughtful comment to share 🙂

  18. PadreJM

    Dashed to the courthouse after Mass to avoid being late appearing as a potential character witness and/or provide moral support for one of our social service clients on what I believe to be a bogus beef, and one he doesn’t need since he’s in an extremely fragile state right now (lot’s of situational stressers exacerbating PTSD from childhood abuse/neglect, and consequent anxiety and depressive disorders.

    I rescheduled my morning appointments, except for those whom I couldn’t reach by phone, and sat in the courtroom for an hour-and-a-half hearings cattle call.  My guy’s case was never called.  Turned out the prosecutor was called away and so the case was postponed, and because of the long weekend, neither he nor his defense attorney got the message.

    Did not do good things for my attitude toward the criminal justice system.  My guy is a mess, and the whole thing is still hanging over his head.  And my morning is shot.

    So, of course, rather than playing catch-up with my work, I logged onto the Big Purple to bitch and moan.

  19. PadreJM

    for a vestment set which lacked them.  The veil is a really simple pattern, just your basic square, sew the lining to the outer fabric, turn and close.  The burse is a little trickier.  I expected to crank it out in a couple of hours, easy-peasy.  Didn’t anticipate how difficult it was going to be working with the metallic threaded brocade which wanted to catch on the satin like velcro, and I definitely wish I’d paid better attention in high school algebra and geometry.  Getting the crosses where I wanted them nearly drove me nuts.

    (The lining is gold satin btw)

    But here’s the result:

    FestalBurseAndVeil photo 001.jpg

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