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Sunday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

The morning check-in is an open thread posted to give you a place to visit with the meeses. Feel free to chat about your weather, share a bit of your life, grump (if you must), rave (if you can). The diarist du jour sometimes posts and runs, other times sticks around for a bit, often returns throughout the day and always cares that meeses are happy … or at least content.

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. ilovecheese

    Bullwinkle the cat juat sniffed at his morning meal. He doesn’t seem to understand that his food costs money that he does not earn. Told him to get a job and he just kicked his plate.

    On the other hand, I had a slice of mushroom pizza because that is what I wanted. Finally slept well too. I plan on visiting my Mom and share some stories on how she tortured me as a child which will initiate the how I made her life difficult come back. Should be fun!

  2. DeniseVelez

    can plant my Mother’s Day rosebush today.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, sons and daughters of mothers etc.

  3. blue jersey mom

    I returned from Kalamazoo late last night. I gave the Robert Farrell lecture at the medieval studies conference, and I had a great time with my sister and her husband. I am exhausted.

    Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms here.

  4. It’s sunny and calm this morning, chilly at 38°. Mr Hourly says it will get all the way up to upper 50s.

    Saw an oriole already this morning. We’ve seen more this spring than we’ve ever seen. The tiny wren keeps going with its big voice.

    I’m almost done with the quilt top I started Wednesday. I must say, I don’t like it very much. And in truth, of all the quilts I’ve made, there aren’t many I haven’t liked. Nope… just looked at my photo album; this will be an exception. The design is good, the color choices not so much. Oh well, at this point I’ll finish it anyway.

    Plan for the day: sewing/quilting and working on getting ready for family.

    Have a great Mother’s Day!

  5. I went for a walk last evening just before 9. In the west was Jupiter. The very thin crescent of the Moon was directly below it. Below and to the right close to the horizon was bright Venus. I’m glad I went out to see them. They put me into a better mood with their predictability. They talked to me in language I understood. I will return to them tonight. Jupiter and Venus will have hardly moved. The Moon will be next to Jupiter, apparently in a conspiratorial conversation about their next moves.

    Everyone with clear skies is welcome to view this event. Keep track as the next two weeks progress. Jupiter and Venus will pass by one another very close. It will be witnessed by Mercury, and you, if you choose. May 24-31 are the best days to check the view.

  6. JG in MD

    I cancelled my appointment with the potential doctor.

    I got a message reminding me of the appt and the accent was so thick I couldn’t understand it.

    I’ve done nothing but fret about language since I first saw the doctor’s website at http://progressivemedicalcare….

    I actually edited a couple of pages of the website text and gave it to the receptionist on a thumb drive when I went in to make the appointment. At that time I found out that the copy was written by the doctor’s husband.

    Physicians are supposed to allay worries, not cause them, especially since I haven’t even met the doctor yet.

  7. pittiepat

    in advance.  Yesterday was glorious in Columbia, sunny, mid-60s and a bit of of breeze.  Today will be the same, then it will get hot, nearly 90 by Friday.  As for doctors, I couldn’t be happier with the Univ. of Missouri health system.  Their on-line setup makes it so easy to schedule appointments, check those appointments, get lab results, e-mail your physician, order/refill prescriptions.  No phone needed and I’m getting more pro-active care then I’ve ever had.

  8. Floja Roja

    I meant to crawl back into bed after the monsters had their morning feeding, but opened up my laptop instead, and suddenly the sky is light and I am still awake.

    I will probably need a nap. I hate naps.

    High is expected to be at least 90. Ugh.

    ::grumble grumble::

  9. slksfca

    Very foggy here this morning. The high downtown will reach 67°F but out here we’ll only get to 58°F. Usually the spread is about three to five degrees.

    Watched a three-hour movie yesterday on my Kindle, The Great Ziegfeld, with William Powell and Myrna Loy (and Fannie Brice playing herself). Fun movie that I hadn’t seen since childhood, and then in a heavily cut version on TV.

    Happy Sunday, all!

  10. Nurse Kelley

    The yardmen came yesterday for the big spring cleanup, and my garden is a sad sight. Everything got neglected last summer because of the fire, so I’ll have to start over.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, especially those who have lost their mothers. I miss mine terribly this time of year.

  11. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast & watching the MSNBC shows. Today I have church, grocery shopping & cooking on the agenda. Back to work tomorrow.

    Gotta figure out what to have for breakfast. Last week’s sweet potatoes & kale was too sweet. Maybe I can re-tool that to a savory dish. At least, this afternoon, it’ll be nice enough for me to have the patio door & a couple of windows open.

  12. This is my third Mother’s Day without Mom. Really missing her today. I got her cat Pixie whom I adopted a bag of little kitty toys to celebrate the day. I will spend the next month stepping on them and getting them out of bed where she puts them down for naps. 😉

     photo RoseMothersDay_zpsb4cb33e1.jpg

  13. I watched golf for a while with my eyes closed. Jim’s stayed open, mostly, so he can let me know what happened. Not much, probably over the half hour or so I was like that.

    I finished the quilt top. The back is loaded on the frame, so I can go ahead and load the top, too. It’s good design, bad color execution. Oh well. I’ll finish anyway.

    We puttered around downstairs with more kid/house-proofing. Next I need to vacuum, pretty much everything…

  14. anotherdemocrat

    this pic of me with my mom, taken in February, when she seemed to be getting better (enough so that I’m about to leave for home in this pic)

     photo 97593e35-7c8f-44cd-a251-6a7b3ebafa93_zps072f3d8e.jpg

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