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Thursday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

  Make sure you let your peeps know where to find you!  

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. blue jersey mom

    This morning several of my honors students will be presenting their research at our departmental research conference. I am so proud of all of them.

  2. Mets102

    I wish I was still asleep.  Fell asleep early for the first time in a while, but I got up in the middle of the night and was unable to fall back to sleep.  :-/

  3. Ebby

    Too many disturbing dreams to want to go back to sleep, so I thought I’d check in and see how the rest of the herd is doing. Please insert witty comment of some kind __here__ …too tired to think of something clever.

    How is everyone?

  4. I didn’t know we were supposed to shoot for clever here. My bad…

    Weather is decidedly different today. Yesterday it got into the low 80s here, today will be 35 degrees cooler. Right now it’s about 41 and windy. Looks raw and nasty out.

    I had volunteer orientation last evening at the food pantry, and my shift this morning. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks but it’s good to get “orientated” or something.

    And my last writing class meeting is this evening. Between now and then I need to write up comments for 2 of the other participants.

    Jim is across the table from me, where he should be. But pretty soon he’ll hop up and get ready to go to work. After tomorrow just 5 more weeks!  

  5. nchristine

    Minnesota….. some got 10-14 inches of snow yesterday/today….  we might get some today as well.  It won’t stick though, it’s been too warm.  As Melanie stated, it looks pretty raw out there this morning.  Temps dropped a good 25 degrees yesterday between 5 and 7 pm and was pretty windy.

    Most of my tulips have opened up now.  So pretty, but need more of them!!  The daffodils are working their way through, a couple are done for the year.  My bushes are bushing up nicely, except for a couple of them…. *(&*%^%^*I(OJU%$#$ rabbits munching on them over the winter.

  6. Diana in NoVa

    20 C.

    Good morning, everyone!  Finished the intense house cleaning, the wedding was the best wedding ever, the English and Australian relatives who’ve been staying with us have now departed, so once more we are by ourselves with the dog.

    Very tired but happy!  Massive amounts of laundry to do, but we may just say “pooh-bah” and bop off to the beach for the weekend. Too cold to go swimming, but we could help paint the walls in my son’s newly purchased condo.

    The newlyweds are on their honeymoon, so today we’ll go to their house and water their plants. Their “chocolate puppy,” as my granddaughter calls him, is staying with some people who have a Labrador of their own.

    My head is still spinning from the great time we had staying up until all hours chatting!  Hadn’t seen the English relatives for three years.  

    Everyone have a good day!

  7. zenor

    It’s a simple code. There’s the code word. And there’s the word it means.

    I’m gonna try mostly to pass on weather comments thru November.

    I saw mr HAHAHAHA was here yesterday.

    If I was awake now, certain differences in depth and poignance would be apparent to the focused observer. I don’t see it happening in this instance. If anyone needs to be happier or comforted, they should stay around here where it’s silly and safe. It’s okay. The World can sometimes sneak by without all our help for a little while, ease up.

    I mean, what are they gonna do that they haven’t already done? Don’t answer that. Was a meditation test. Put that out of your mind. Now, put your mind out of your mind. Now you got somethin. Me? Nap..

  8. trs

    around 40&deg here in the Shenandoah Valley, with an expected high of 70. Sunny through the weekend, which is a good thing.

    Iriti and I will probably finish painting the shop this weekend, and I’m hoping to get a start on the floor raising project. What that is – I’m going to frame out and put a deck directly above the current floor, for insulation, wiring, and ductwork for a eventual dust collection system. The floor will end up being about 6″ higher than it is now. This will also help alleviate a problem in the original build: the plywood for the original floor was run the wrong direction. I wasn’t worried about it, because I knew we were doing this raised floor.

    The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is this weekend, and that will keep Kidlet distracted. One of her favorite country music stars is the Grand Marshal of the big parade, and she’ll also hit the carnival (one of the advantages of her driving – we don’t have to take her. She’s gotten me motion sick more than once when I’ve taken her). So, I think a pretty good weekend is shaping up around Casa ITK.

  9. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast & playing on the tubez. Current temp is 64, by 8 it is supposed to be 58, by 5 it’ll be 53 & overnight it’ll get down into the 40s. I cannot express to you how totally freaky this is. Normally by now, my sweaters & long-sleeved things are back in the big tupperwear tub. I’m wearing long sleeves, brought a sweater for going home & I’m wearing closed-toed shoes. With socks. In May.

    But I’m going to Star Trek 2 weeks from today so all is right with the world. Of course, the previous weekend, I’m registered for a triathlon, so there went the bottom falling out of my stomach.

    Today: work, indoor exercise

    another acoustic version of the song I posted yesterday – for romantic songs, this one’s right up there with Peter Gabriel’s In You Eyes, I’ve always wondered if she did say yes:

  10. slksfca

    I bring you greetings from the West Coast this fine dark morning. Today will be the hottest day of our heat wave, and then things will start to cool down again tomorrow. Beach weather, only I’m not quite ready to slog through sand to get there. So I’ll be staying closer to home today.

    Last night I had some very disappointing Chinese food delivered. Potstickers that were on the leathery side (with a dipping sauce that was nearly pure vinegar), and a chicken dish made with tough, overcooked morsels of meat and nearly-raw vegetables. Scratch that place off my list!

  11. DeniseVelez

    days – nighttime temps in the 40’s so I can finally start gardening.

    Next to the last regular clsss day here at school.  Then finals, then grading, then summer vacation.


  12. Jk2003

    I am out the door in ten minutes to get my daughter to ballet.  We had summer for two days.  Today we have spring and tomorrow we have coldish thunderstorms.

    The house is taking shape.  Still lots of choices to make and if I would just win the lottery it would all be so much more affordable.

    Have a great day.

  13. wordsinthewind

    but not freezing, we are forecast for low 30s tonight which is just crazy-it’s May. We’ll have a few days of cool weather before it heats up again. Grace continues to grow up every day, what a joy she is. Our old dog is coming around too as she figures out that the pup really really wants to please her if she just knew how. It’s been much more peaceful. I don’t blame the old dog at all because this is like telling your high school senior that next year while they’re enjoying their first year of college you’re going to be having a new baby! Nobody expects that.

  14. bfitzinAR

    now we go, degree by degree, hour by hour, down down down to the 30s tonight.  Fortunately – since just about everything except the crepe myrtle is flowering (well the fruiting stuff has already flowered and is now fruiting) – it’s not supposed to actually freeze, just get joint-chillingly cold.  If I’d had more than 5 hours of sleep last night (I HATE chronic sinusitis – hates it, hates it, hates it) I might be able to think of something clever to end with, but probably not.  Clever is not my forte.  Glad we have so many clever meeses to enjoy.  {{{HUGS}}} bf

  15. Overcast and grey again here. Fortunately I don’t need to go out and plan on working on art all day.

    Need to brag here. My grandnephew Tristen has Asperger’s Syndrome. He really has had to struggle but is doing fantastic. He was just named “Student of the Year” at his High School where he is a Junior. He is also my Godson and honorary grandson. Woo-Hoo Tristen!

    One of the things I’m trying to fix in my art is getting people over by direct transfer from one program to the next. Sometimes I have to trick the computer to do it. With the direct transfer I don’t get pixelation and I do get the patterns in the clothes like these two pictures show.

    Lavender photo Lavender2_zps2aee8b1f.jpg

    Left Behind photo LeftBehind2_zpsd619e704.jpg

  16. JG in MD

    Seniors in Action is going to be in the Fourth of July parade. And today we decided to dance Zoomba when we go past the reviewing stand.

    Let’s see, where did I put the phone number for the physical therapy…?

  17. princesspat

    I’m thinking today will be a good day to be in the garden. I had to just lay low and recover from the last moving my MIL adventure, but now that some energy is returning I’ve got lots  to do….inside the house and out!

  18. TokenLiberal

    Currently 84 with an expected high of 90 – although if it’s already 84 at 10:30ish, I think it’ll get a bit hotter. Santa Ana winds blowing outside – not good since we’re under a red flag warning. Wishing you all sweet dreams, pleasant naps if needed, pleasant walks if taken, un-tense (???) packing up-ing, or whatever will bring you ease this day.

  19. slksfca

    I took a fairly long walk earlier in the coolness of the morning and am about to begin some afternoon reading, one of E.F. Benson’s Lucia novels, which I dearly love because they’re light and funny and the perfect books for warm-weather vacations, which is what it feels like here today.

    After I read through the hottest part of the afternoon I’ll have another, shorter walk and go find something refreshing to eat, like a nice cool egg salad sandwich or something. There’s a decent deli just up the hill from me if I can manage the walk. Oh, maybe cold roast beef on rye with horseradish. Yum!

  20. wordsinthewind

    here, cold and windy with lots of humidity thrown in for bonus. Went out to meet with some friends to start planning a baby shower for this summer. The young mother has chosen monkeys as her motif which I like better than the loud zebra stripes she has been favoring. Besides it makes for entertaining possibilities for the decorations. I’m wanting to make a palm tree from pineapples stacked on each other, saw one on pinterest and it was so interesting. The coconuts were made from kiwi and the tops were used for the fronds. Very clever and playing with food is a whole lot of fun. Wasteful and sometimes I’ve felt bad about it but managed to enjoy it anyway.

  21. nchristine

    I’m having a pretty bad case of it right now….  I know it won’t change the past and doesn’t necessarily provide the impatice (sp??) to make needed changes, even though I know that changes are needed….

    What if I had been properly diagnosed with a bad thyroid in 80’s instead of right around 2000??  Why wasn’t I as aggressive about my care as I should have been??  Why did I just go along with what my primary doctor said/did??  How would my life had progressed??  What would different/better/worse??  Did I waste 10/20 years of my life??  Will I actually do something about it this time??

    I’m having to find a new primary doctor since mine had retired in October of 2011 and I didn’t have insurance again until this past month…….

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