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The Nation Breathes a Sigh of Relief

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in custody. He was taken alive with injuries of unknown severity (apparently 1 gunshot wound from last night’s exchange). It seems he was not Mirandized (some legal quirk that allows it in this sort of situation). I don’t know how I feel about that.

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The President is currently speaking.

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I liked one of the tweets sent out by Boston PD. Here I take some poetic license with it:

The hunt is over.

The search is done.

The terror is over.

And justice has won.

Suspect in custody.

There is so much yet to be discovered. So many hours, days, weeks, months of investigation and forensic details yet to come. But, there is now some closure…or at least the beginnings of it.

Bravo Zulu to all LE involved…thank you for the restraint required to take him alive.

Consider this an Open Thread.

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  1. Kysen

    As if I needed further evidence that I have been away too long….

    I did not mean to post this yet.


    Ah well, I’ll probably continue to tweak it.

    Hugs to you all.


  2. Shaun Appleby

    The Justice Department sought the death penalty in a terrorism prosecution, I am being told, was McVeigh.

  3. HappyinVT

    whatever stadium the Texas Rangers play at (paint fumes fogging mind) they played “Sweet Caroline.”  Pretty cool.

  4. HappyinVT

    SamSeder Apr 19, 10:25pm via Web

    Pete Williams on MSNBC says public safety exemption probably expires after 48 hours. Also that admin insists suspect going to civilian court

  5. sricki

    Been following this as much as able, and I know a lot of people are breathing huge sighs of relief.

    Heart goes out to the dead, the wounded, and their families. Seeing justice done here will not heal their hearts or their bodies, but maybe it will afford them some small peace of mind.

    (Hi everybody!)

  6. Cheryl Kopec

    As a PTSD survivor, shit like this really affects me in ways I don’t even realize myself. I cocooned all day today, blaming the weather here, even though it wasn’t all that bad by Northwest standards. The TV was blaring all day, and in that final hour, I was glued. When it was finally confirmed that they had him, alive, and I saw the people all cheering and elated, and LEO’s leaving the scene slowly with lights flashing in a celebratory fashion, my whole being breathed a tremendous sigh of relief and joy.

    But the surviving suspect — 19 years old. Did he really understand the enormity of what he was participating in? Did he really want to hurt so many innocent people the way he did? A part of me wants to believe he couldn’t have. What does that mean as far as justice is concerned? I don’t know. All I can think right now is that this young man probably regrets everything that led up to Monday’s attack, and everything since.

    Such a tragic loss of life…. on all sides.

  7. DeniseVelez

    After it became known that the older brother had died in a shootout with police, Ann Coulter tweeted: “It’s too bad Suspect # 1 won’t be able to be legalized by Marco Rubio, now.” Rubio, the conservative Republican senator from Florida, is one of the eight senators who have negotiated the immigration proposal.

    Sounding off against legal immigration.  So now do people have to apply stating their religion?

    I am also waiting to see how fast this becomes an all out attack on the POTUS.    

  8. creamer

    Its easier to see now than it was some 36 years ago. I know that some fortunate ones are able to see a little more clearly at that age. Or maybe they have blinders on. I distinctly remember realizing the world was not as neat and black and white as it had seemed just a few years before. Having the background of a refugee would only add to his agnst.

      I’m not absolving this kid of responsibility, but part of this tradgedy extends to what might of been, not only for his victims, but for him also.

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