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Thursday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. iriti

    61 here in the Shenandoah Valley, headed for a high of 77.

    Car all packed and gassed up. Went all through my packing checklist and almost left home without…my coat! It’s hard to remember your coat on a day like today, but Khloe has planned a cold front in Michigan in honor of my visit, is she not kind!

     photo roadtrip3_zps07da95fe.jpg

  2. Khloe

    44 degrees with heavy rain. We received 1.5 inches through the night. We are expecting 70 degrees today, with very strong storms this afternoon bringing back our winter. Another 2 inches of rain has been forecast during these storms. Snow tomorrow to start Iriti’s visit.

     photo catship.jpg  

  3. Possibility of severe thunderstorms coming in here in North Carolina. Weather fits my mood. Going to work on art all day I think. Finished updating Castles Made of Sand yesterday.

    Castles Made of Sand photo CastlesMadeofSand4_zps091d5e16.jpg

  4. Here in eastern Iowa it is still raining but not much. We’ve had more than 6″ of rain here at our house over the last 2 days, almost all of that in the last 24 hours. Still maybe another half inch to come, according to Mr. Hourly.

    Food pantry volunteer time this morning, and writing class this evening. In between I need to work on a group project.

    Son is supposed to come home Saturday. (!!) Hopefully the car is fixed by then.

  5. pittiepat

    about freezing overnight.  We had really bad storms yesterday evening, including tornado warning and lots of hail.  Fortunately my part of Columbia was spared the 2-4″ diameter hail received by some places to our southwest.  Went to bed late because of the breaking story of the explosion in Texas, then kept being awakened by thunder.  Finally gave up and got up about 4:30.  It’s going to keep raining most of the day so will probably just zone out on the sofa after getting back from my “gotta-do” this morning.

  6. trs

    As iriti indicated above, she is abandoning us to our fates as she and Khloe go partying. We will survive – somehow.

    Melodramatic enough? Didn’t think so – I don’t do melodrama well. Seriously, though, here’s hoping iriti and Khloe have a fun time (and don’t get too rowdy on Khloe’s birthday).

    Have I mentioned I hate working on plumbing? I got a call about an hour before the end of my shift to go look at a plumbing problem on a house – all the drains were backing up. I ended up having to snake out the main drain under the house. I have one thing to say about that – YUCK!!!

    On the good side, the electrical inspection for the workshop is this morning. I’m predicting no problems, but still a touch wary. We’ll see what the inspection brings.

  7. True representative government is a thing of the past. It is sad and disgusting. I have been one of the active ones for years. I am getting to the point of saying wtf and am ready to give up on it. What are people thinking who don’t pay any attention? When 90% of the people want something sensible done and the issues aren’t allowed to even be discussed and voted, this is broken government. And that is only a part of the problem.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  8. nchristine

    today and tomorrow and then more rain again next week.  If one were to divide Iowa into 9 equal parts, the southern most 3 and the eastern 2 of the middle row has had enough rain to break the drought.  Not sure about the other 4 parts of the 9 yet.

    Melanie, in case you’ve not heard – Dubuque Street is closed at the Mayflower Dorms.  There was a mud slide last night and of course the Iowa usually floods in that area as well.  Roads are going to be a mess around the IC/Coralville area today.

    Boo on the temps falling through out the day….

  9. Portlaw

    going to be in the 50s here in Manhattan. Looks like very variable weather throughout Moose Land! For those of you on the road, safe trails.  

  10. anotherdemocrat

    Austin’s not far from West. Neither local station I had on would say a number of dead, but there are “several” firefighters who are not accounted for, and now I hear a police officer is missing, too. Houses flattened, the roof caved in at the retirement home but they think they got everyone (at least, one reporter talking to one woman who helped evacuate said that & I’m choosing to believe that right now). Looks like the middle school is a complete loss, thank FSM it was so late at night.

    This is about an hour, 90 minutes up I35 from Austin. Not actually in west Texas. Tiny little town. Where you stop for Kolaches on the way to Dallas. Czech/German heritage still strong.

    Just too sad for words. Wikipedia entry for the town:

    someone please make it stop, I just can’t take any more

  11. DeniseVelez

    going up to 60 something

    I overslept, or didn’t get much sleep – don’t know which way to put it, so logging in from work.

    Tired – from the overwhelming but wonderful response to the BKos call, over at GOS to stop the racist name calling…it will take us over a week to sort/list all the names of those who signed on   Spent hours and hours online thanking people.

    So I’m fried.  

    But happy-fried

  12. slksfca

    A warm day is in store; we should be in the low 70s, at least downtown. Probably mid-60s out where I live. Things will get warmer over the next several days which is good. I can wear shorts the day I go do laundry, which will probably be on Monday.

    Watched a fun Donna Reed Show last night where Donna became an intrepid newspaper reporter after getting her hackles raised by someone describing her as the “average” American woman. It was all pretty silly, but charming. 🙂

  13. LeftOverFlowerChild

    It’s raining, all good we need it. High of 60 or so today, bit of a big drop from yesterday when we reached 88. My goodness.

    The news from the city of West is just awful. West about a hundred or so miles from where I live. Lots of prayers and lots of community calls to action going on now. Just like the Bastrop fires. Far too much tragic news this week…

  14. wordsinthewind

    here. I opened the shades to discover that our neighbor had dug a hole getting ready to set a fence post on our property. I went out and set him straight which did not please the fella who was going to get paid to put this guy’s fence on our property. He thought he could bully me into silence and was unpleasantly surprised-much better than him have tried and failed. Then he told me that I couldn’t call the police to stop him, it was a civil matter. Yeah property disputes are but trespassing is a crime. It becomes trespassing when you have asked the offender to not do it again, that part is very important because they must have notice that they are trespassing. I’ve accomplished that and with witnesses so I don’t think my neighbor is going to take me on. They really misjudged this, mr w would have been much nicer but they decided to take advantage of his absence so got me instead. Not such a good decision.

  15. anotherdemocrat

    I need help tomorrow morning, got this e-mail from the Ride:

    A pool of very generous donors has stepped forward with a challenge and an offer.

    On Friday, April 19, beginning at 8:00 am, every donation of $100 or more received on behalf of a registered participant will be matched dollar for dollar up to the challenge total of $20,000! Wow!

    Get your emails ready and double your impact

    So — what can I do to maximize this? Help me come up with some good diary & e-mail ideas

  16. princesspat

    We made good progress at my MIL’s house yesterday…rented a truck for multiple trips to the dump and to goodwill. Today the movers are coming to help pack and move the basement furniture and collectibles, the car is packed with things for her assisted living space, my head is full of lists, I’m bone weary…..but the end is in sight!

    Packing away a life well and fully lived is a poignant process, made even more challenging by not knowing what we will find wrapped in multiple plastic bags, just tucked away. Yesterday’s find was RonK’s parent’s school records. So much family history to preserve along with all the “stuff”…..

  17. Nurse Kelley

    We had almost eight inches of badly needed snow yesterday, but now it needs to warm up. It’s almost time for the hummers to return.

  18. bfitzinAR

    The County had some damage from straight-line winds and flash flooding between 2 and 5 this A.M. – am waiting to see if Judge Edwards needs me to sponsor anything re: clean up – the worst my neighborhood got was filling the creek up to but not over the bridge at the end of my block.  Yesterday’s visit to the foot dr. was good – very much of a “non-invasive” attitude and didn’t even insist on an x-ray which I refused when suggested.  The “sore place” on my foot is a friction-caused issue whose name I forget and needs to be excised because it’s so big.  The temporary fix is to “abraid” it, which he did, and that gives me 6-8 weeks to find a time slot for the minor in-office surgery to excise it.  I’ll be in a special boot/sandal for 3 weeks afterwards until the stitches come out but then should be good to go for years.  Got to get busy taking care of yesterday’s stuff as well as today’s and then QC tonight.  Hope everybody’s day goes well.  {{{HUGS}}}  Y’all take care, bf

  19. JG in MD

    The exercise class got really difficult today, as I knew it would. I started crying halfway through, about 9:30, for a lot of reasons, not just that it was difficult, and I haven’t stopped yet. Nobody saw me, thank goodness.

  20. Khloe

    First one of the year. All the stuff that has happened this week has made me jumpy. I’ll keep my eyes to the skies today.

  21. slksfca

    It’s really a gorgeous day outside so I think I’ll take a longer walk this afternoon.

    They’re still tearing up the street out front to replace gas pipelines. Got home to find a notice on the door of the building stating that our gas would be shut off at 7:30AM next Thursday. WTF, that’s prime coffee-brewing time for me, and I don’t have an electric coffee maker. I may go commune with the herd from a cafe that morning, because I’m certainly not doing without my morning coffee! ;-p

    Anyway, then I have to stick around until they’re done so someone from the gas company can come in and relight my pilot lights. Otherwise I’ll have to call and make a special appointment, and who knows how long that will take. No stove and especially no hot water won’t do at all.

  22. slksfca

    I was just able to take some bags of trash and garbage downstairs to the bins. First time since before surgery!

    I still have more cluttering my back porch, but two trips down and up the back stairs is enough for one day. I’m actually a little winded.

    Anyway, it’s a good feeling knowing that I’m coming back to a point where I can do common household chores! 🙂

  23. anotherdemocrat

    video heavy – I need to hear/see stuff to make me feel better, also hard to find words this week. I’ll post around 7:15-7:30 in the morning

  24. slksfca

    For the first time in weeks I put my leg up without falling asleep. I guess that’s progress too, but something tells me I’ll be nodding off in front of the TV by 8 or 9PM. Especially because I don’t think there’s anything very interesting being broadcast tonight (or in my DVR archive). Maybe I’ll just read instead.

    Instead of napping I managed a little light housework, but at one point forgot that I’m not supposed to bend over (unless it’s the classic golf bend, with one leg thrown back) and made my hip sore. Dammit.

    Now I’m having something to eat before going to find grub for dinner, probably a veggie burrito. Meanwhile, it’s still gorgeous outside and I have the back door wide open. Not even a cool breeze out there.

    Have a great evening, peeps!

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