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Friday Morning Herd Check-in: Grazings and Greetings of the Moosekin

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All the News Fit to Share: Midweek Edition

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  1. dear occupant

    30 and heading lower. i’ll take it this being the last day of the work week.

    my wife was sent these pics via facebook. typical Frenchies.

     photo image004.jpg


     photo image002.jpg

    have a great day everyone.

  2. nannyboz

    sharing lap duty this morning which is not helping me type.  My big news is that Sadie peep and pooped in her box!  Woohoo!  Have a great day!

  3. Jk2003

    22 degrees here in st Charles. Staying in the twenties today.  Two showings this morning.  Two birthday presents to buy for two birthday parties this weekend.  I miss football.  Hurry up baseball!   I am ready to root for my white sox!

  4. blue jersey mom

    I am looking forward to the long weekend. The university is closed on Monday for Presidents’ Day. Woot!

  5. pittiepat

    in the forecast for the middle of next week but I’ll believe it when I see it.  If you are lucky enough to have Monday off, enjoy your long week-end.

  6. nchristine

    meteor/asteroid hit?!?!?!  Wow – very interesting to hear the sonic boom from it.  A very much smaller one struck within 150 miles of here a year or so ago.  But, there was no sound to the video with that and didn’t have the sonic boom.  This one, the sonic boom took out not only windows, but some old brick walls!!!  Too cool – well except for those that got hurt from the flying glass.

    “They” don’t think this morning’s strike is related in any way with the asteroid that’s supposed to shave us today.  Today’s will be much bigger and has a slim chance of taking out a satellite or two on the way through.  I hope that someone gets photos of this one going by, it’d be too cool!!  Goes to show that we need more scanning going on!!!

    It’s the weekend…. 96 hours til I can email to inquire on the status of the job I had the interview for…. I was told that it’d probably take a couple of weeks to get the rest of the interviews done… today is the 2 week mark.  Would be polite to give them Monday to review things before asking about it.

  7. bill d

    A balmy 48* here in North Texas with a high in the low 50s.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a good weekend.

    Today not getting off to a wonderful start, when you see some of your employees standing in the parking lot waiting to talk to you then you know it is not going to be a calm day.

    Oh boy.


  8. Wee Mama

    for Terun Weed, over at the GOS. It will post at 3 pm EST, the same time as the cathedral service. I will likely post a diary here too as well, but probably a pointer diary as I don’t know if I can do justice to two at once. Thought some of you might want to know in advance.

  9. princesspat

    And I’m sleepy….in other words, all is as it should be! My pressing decision is whether to go to the pool or work in the garden, ’cause I prolly shouldn’t do both. I may need a nap to decide…..

  10. Lorinda Pike

    Happy Friday. Sunny and 50o in central MS. Should be 62o this afternoon with a chance of widely scattered Near Earth Objects…

    Hope everyone has a nice long weekend, and doesn’t get smacked by anything.   ;-D

  11. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Nice day on tap in N.Texas as bill d says, it’s down right balmy for February! :o)

    Rough night at our household last night, the oldest child called. He’s caught the flu, taking him to the Dr.’s office in a bit. He was dizzy and couldn’t drive so spouse person picked him last night and brought him home. It’s a good thing we live a quick 20 minutes from his apartment. He’s one miserable kiddo this morning.

    Looks like there’s a schedule shuffle in my future, makes this weekend a bit more difficult too…Youngest son has a power lifting competition Saturday, oldest son is sick and spouse person has his genealogy gathering at our house on Sunday. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my daughter and middle son are added into the mix as well!

    Happy Weekend to all!

  12. JG in MD

    It’s 55° and no wind. We have bright sunshine and I hear a light Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! from the valley. I think it’s an owl but if I used to know what kind of owl I’ve forgotten. ::Jill lunges for her bird book::

  13. JG in MD

    Haven’t been able to Google the bird because I’ve never seen it, only heard the sound, Whooo… whoo whoo. Always three, same timing, an uptone on the first syllable sometimes. A brief tone before the whooing begins sometimes.

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