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Welcome to the Motley’s Moose’s Weekly Gathering for all things made by us!  No matter your methods, you may share!  

I have 3 knitting projects on needles, one swatched, and one abandoned one to pick up.  

Also, brownies are coming out of the oven right now.  

I only have photos of one item to share:


I bought 2 strands of beads, and one package of that larger bead (containing 2) and challenged myself to make everyday blue earrings out of them.  

I am just lousy with wirework.  Thankfully, one employee helped me wire-wrap the two larger beads, and attach them to the hoop.

Then I sorted the multi-color beads out a bit and made a small repeating pattern.  I am very pleased.  Although I do wonder what to do with the rest of the beads 😉

Here is a closeup of the wirework at the top:


All my earrings, and most of my jewelry, is photographed on my actual self.  


  1. jlms qkw

    We can also help with getting photos posted!  


    My daughter wore her “pioneer” outfit for a school program this week.

    She made the kerchief herself, from her own design.  I suspect she was trying to make a shawl and did not account for seam allowance or drape, but hey, it turned into something useful!  

    She took a long sleeved white t-shirt, and on my advice, sewed buttons down the front to make it look like a blouse.  Then on her own she stitched the outline to make it look like a placket!  She didn’t even know the word “placket” but she knew she needed one 😉 !!

    I sewed the skirt for her – I wanted to make it more of an a-line but she wanted it this shape.  She has since, after wearing it all day, changed her mind.  The skirt is simple gathered waist.  

    The brownies are cooling.

  2. Jk2003

    i have never tried to make jewelry.  i can see that i might really like it though.

    i am still working on my infinity scarf – it is gonna be awesome and when it is done.  

  3. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Some weeks, the dragon wins and I get knocked down. That’s when I’m reminded my schedule and agenda are indeed tenuous no matter how I may argue to contrary.

    Still working on finishing up a pair of socks, one down the other well under away, I should finish that tonight. Several ren faire orders for snoods came in and a request from a cousin to make little crocheted crowns.

    The crowns are just too cute! She’s a photographer and is always looking for cute and unusual props to use in her photo shoots. We have a deal, I do stuff for her photo shoots, she takes professional pictures of my stuff. Works out well for both of us.

    Lace Crowns

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