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Wednesday Morning Herd Check-in and Open Thread for the Moose

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  1. nannyboz

    NC State vet school today for MRI to get further info.  It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive each way so a long day ahead.  Still trying to get to the bottom of all this.

    commonmass has a diary up, GMB02 is improving, sorry, no time for links or open thread, gotta get ready to leave for Raleigh.  Have a great day all.

  2. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    Normal high temp for this date is 37.  Going up to 58 here, 60 in the city.  A spring thunderstorm, with 2 inches of rain and high winds, coming in tonight.  Then, tomorrow, temps plunge back to below normal, with snow tomorrow night.

    Thank goodness global climate change is a myth.

  3. Khloe

    In the last 24 hours we have had rain, high winds, snow, sleet, hail, sun, thunderstorms, and fog. This evening, winter is suppose to return and bring us bitter temps and snow. The weather is changing faster then my kitty can change his mind.

     photo catchangedmind_zps23f15cac.jpg

  4. trs

    Currently 57&deg here, with a predicted high of 68. Tomorrow’s high 43, and Friday’s is 32. I saw a robin yesterday. What month is this again?? This is crazy.

    Kidlet finished her behind the wheel class last night. She will be a legal licensed driver as of April 2 (the delay is because you have to hold your permit for nine months in Virginia before you get a license).

    More coffee is needed before I go to work…

  5. blue jersey mom

    I am about to re-boot the first day of school. This time I am hoping for more success. The good news is that blue jersey dad and I received our formal invitations to China for the worked bone research conference in April. WOOT.

  6. first thing in the morning.  mmmmm

    With a high of… 62?

    The weather is so weird that even is confused. High winds and sever thunderstorms today. Batten the hatches!

  7. tonyahky

    went off at about 6:30 am. It didn’t last long, but the winds were crazy! I think a weak tornado may have passed over us–I could see the wind rapidly change directions, within a matter of seconds, as if the winds were rotating. It blew my barbecue grill halfway across my driveway.

    I don’t know if I am happy with the school district’s decision to go ahead and run the buses during that time–there were buses out on the road picking up kids while that storm was blowing through. Not very safe. Why couldn’t they have had a one hour delay today? It’s not like they didn’t know this storm was coming.

  8. Portlaw

    NYC with rain and wind on the way. Yuck. Love the image of the cat deleting a thesis!  Thanks for the morning smile.

  9. Jk2003

    St Charles Illinois is 33 degrees and wet.  Up to 39 then the bottom falls out later today.  Maybe some snow though.  I will take it.  I love snow and this winter has not produced anything worth calling snow here.

    Oh, I have a cold.  Bummer.  But, my mom is coming to see the kids today so that takes some heat off of me today.  

    Have a good one!

  10. wordsinthewind

    it’s cold here but at least the wind has died down some. I’ve a busy day planned but first I need more coffee.

  11. nchristine

    It’s snowing.  There are accidents on the interstates making slow going an understatement this morning.  The wind is picking up.  There’s around 2 inches down already, expecting up to 7.

    A cousin is supposed to be bringing over an antique buffet this afternoon.  It’ll be interesting to see if he really does make it.  This is a ‘family’ piece that my aunt got from one of her great aunts (I think).  She refinished it decades ago and is really nice.  Why her two sons don’t want it is beyond me… oh well, their loss, my gain and it’s staying in the family.

  12. Via Chicago

    It’s 38 degrees and drizzly gray.

    I heard something about wind and rain and plummeting temperatures later today. I don’t know the details and don’t care to look!

    I’m going to ride to work in the comfort of an automobile today rather than the norovirus express (CTA).

  13. Mets102

    I can’t see so much as two blocks ahead of me thanks to the thick fog.  Unfortunately it’s supposed to cool down again tomorrow and they’re even talking about snow over the weekend.

  14. pittiepat

    yesterday.  Off and on thunderstorms all day but mostly just a good soaking rain.  Columbia is 37F (after a high of 67F yesterday) and there is a 50% chance of snow.  Don’t think that will happen.  Having breakfast at Panera then off to the laundromat.  Such an exciting day (not) ahead.  Those of you who are in the midst of or expecting wintry weather, stay safe and warm.

  15. JG in MD

    Will Kidlet ever finish her driver’s ed course? Will she get her license? What will happen then?

    –Breathless with Anticipation Near DC

  16. JG in MD

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

    I will read before I comment.

  17. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Yesterday, muggy upper 70’s until the rain hit, then the temps dropped. Now it’s 49 and headed for a high of 59. It’s hard the joints and makes for a grumpy Suzi.

    In other news…Awwww Rick Perry has some bad news. The latest PPP poll show his re-election numbers really suck, job approval at 41=54 and his re-election numbers 31-62. Maybe just maybe enough Texans finally figured the emperor has no clothes. (ewwww, that’s an ugly mental picture)

    And then there’s Greg Abbot he’s decided it’s his turn to be Guv…I can’t stand that man. I’ve met him, my brother works for him. He’s a heartless ass. Tort reform was his idea–The man’s in a wheelchair due to the negligence of a company–I think. Anyway…He sued for compensation, he got it. First order of business when he became the AG? Tort reform, he got his but by golly no one else gets theirs! Jerk.

  18. slksfca

    I had such a fun lunch yesterday with some Orange peeps. The best thing was getting to meet side pocket‘s delightful missus, who couldn’t have been more charming.

    Lunch was fish & chips, with creme brulee for dessert. Yum.

    Weather this morning is cool, in the low 40s, but we should see 60 degrees by afternoon. I can’t complain. 🙂

  19. kishik

    First time i am accessing via tablet (ipad) … Things seem to be working okay so far!

    Maybe the lifting fog cleared the cyberwaves?? 😉

    Good morning All! Mid-week. Two more days and its Friday…the child of loving and giving.  But Wednesday?? Gah… No wonder i feel this way today…. Full of woe!

  20. JG in MD

    I think the genealogy company I write and edit for (all my other clients folded or drifted away) is on the way to shutting down. They raised my hourly rate last month and now they’ve asked me to do some extra formatting on some of their documents.

    I think they want me to squeeze out as much income as I can before it’s too late. I’ve done a lot for them over the years and they appreciate it. But my workload is down by half last month and this month.

    I don’t know the name of the Senior Researcher who manages the research projects. They call him SR, the team SRT.  I’ve tried to find out from A, my contact who coordinates all the freelancers, but she won’t say.

    There’s no communication other than emails. The company, shall we say, lacks luster and I never tell anyone its name.

    There are a lot of freelance genealogy researchers but I’m not supposed to know who they are. I mentioned one once and A was shocked. I told her that “properties” on MS-Word shows the author. I haven’t contacted any of them because they don’t depend on the company as much as I do and I don’t want to talk out of turn.

    The 21st century workplace… just when you thought you had heard everything…

  21. Noor B

    Had a very intense — and hugely remunerative — work-weekend, and have been flat-out exhausted.  Also had first visit with the holistic doc Monday.  She thinks my thyroid and adrenals are crapping out.  So there’s an absolute boatload of bloodwork that has to be done.  

    On top of that, I’ve been reorganizing the entire house.  It’s been intense around here, to say the least.  That’s why I’ve been so scarce lately.  But all’s well in my neck of the woods.

  22. Avilyn

    Things seem to be looking up in general for many concerns I had, so I will take a breath and remember to be in the moment.

    Supposed to get up to 60! today in NJ.  Going to try & get a walk in sometime today while the weather is nice.

    Sounds like the NJ Gov race is going to be Barbara Buono vs Christie – other likely Dem candidates have announced they’re not running.

  23. LabWitch

    just got back from doc, i’m fine.  infection all gone.

    before i forget, if anyone gets an email from me from this address, please forward it to me with the header.  only one person, and no one here has said that they’ve gotten one and i’ve changed all passwords and run malwarebytes.  i’m thinking it’s a fluke of somekind because no one else has said they’ve gotten one.

    thanks ever so much.  everyone have a great day, i’m off for a haircut.

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