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Diary name subject to change!

I just wanted to open up a spot for us to share our stuff – what we’re making.  

I know there are other crafts around here.

I’m not even picky about a name.  And with our “dinner-table conversation” I thought a weekly post would be fine.  

I want to be open and welcoming to all crafts, and activities in general.  And share tips, successes, problems, and resources.  

My name is Jenn.  I quilt and sew.  I knit a lot.  I started beading in November.  I also have some home maintenance I am very proud of.  I bake and cook too.  

This is my first moose diary that is not re-posted from anywhere, so I need to be careful with the coding.  I will attempt to share a few photos.

Here is a hat I am in the middle of, and it is for someone here but I don’t remember her moosely name.


Next I am going to line it with stretch fabric, then knit a second hat to slip inside, so it will be reversible and very warm.  

This is the bread I baked for Epiphany gifts to my children’s godparents:


I bake from James Beard’s Bread Book.  Since he baked at sea level and I bake at 4650 feet, I make a few modifications.  

This is my newest bead project.  So far I am making the project of the month at a local Bead Store.  


It looks better on my wrist than in the photo, and the button closure is the best part.  I also fiddle with earrings to match the bigger projects.  

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  1. ceriboo

    I’m a fluffhead, aka a handspinner, and I make yarn, and sometimes I even make things from the yarn.

    Here’s what’s on the wheel right now:

    This is 80/20 merino wool and silk blend in a color called “Golden Hibiscus” and I already have over 1,000 yards of it spun and plied. I waaaaaaaant to keep it for myself and knit a light sweater out of it but my conscience keeps nagging me to split it into smaller hanks and sell it.

  2. Wee Mama

    twig bundles for the fireplace. A generous handful of twigs in newspaper and tied with string makes a great fire starter but they are a nuisance to make freehand. Today I took a shoe box, cut pentagons into the ends and three slits on each side for string, and it’s a pleasure to use. Load three lengths of string into the slits, line that with newspaper and add the twigs. Roll the newspaper over the twigs and tie off with the string – voila! It sounds simple but you won’t believe how much my sweetie used to swear making them.

    The other small project was a collection of my Jesse Tree ornaments. This is the first year I’ve done one. I took a large shoe box, covered it and its lid with shiny saphhire blue paper and put wired glittery blue ribbon on the top. Each ornament is now inside, in order, in a ziplock bag with a large number for its date and a brief description.  

  3. broths

    pictures on needlepoint canvas, that i have framed.  I’ve wrapped beads on 4 foot tall wire manakins, and other things. I decided to take some time off from beads, and learn how to quilt. I’m traveling right now, but I plan on taking quilting lessons in the Spring. Some of the great quilters over at the GOS have inspired me.  

  4. nannyboz

    candle rings from Christmas ornaments.  They’re for center pieces using pillar candles.  I use many shapes and sizes and no two are alike.  I go on a mega spree after Christmas buying ornaments on sale (OMG, Kmart has Radko for next to nothing!).  The rings are about a foot on the outside diameter and enough room is left inside for the candle, about four inches.  I base all this on a styrofoam ring.  All you see are ornaments.  Really pretty.

  5. bubbanomics

    better than the poll choices.

    I’m working on some cabinets… when they get further along i’ll make some photos and submit them.

  6. Jk2003

    I make all my cleaning products at home

    I’ll try to figure out how to post a picture of my current infinity scarf.  It is awesome!!

    I love crafty threads.  Thanks for posting.

  7. wordsinthewind

    my projects have lately been in miniature. I like the challenges and it does limit the mess. I’m retired now so I’ve plenty of time to indulge my interests and generally do. I’ll have to figure out how to post pictures when my latest project gets further along.

  8. Mnemosyne

    Nimble Fingers, Clever Minds.

    I’m thinking there could be quite a Christmas catalog in purple when the time comes.

  9. kirbybruno

    here are the size 50’s that I use. I hold an angora and a bulky together and get a really soft flowy scarf. I still need to add fringe to this one, I like to make the scarf long and add looooong fringe!

    You beat me to it, I was going to start some king of crafting weekly series, but I was going to call it the “the c word”. 😀

    Going to vote in the poll!!

  10. LeftOverFlowerChild

    I like to think I’m a crafter…but I don’t what it is I do exactly. I like to make lace, mostly crochet and particularly Irish crochet. I’ve recently taken up bobbin lace, which is a form weaving, so far I’m truly enjoying it. Crocheting is my mainstay I suppose as I make and sell more crochet items than anything else. I use both yarn and crochet thread, preferring thread crochet.

    I knit, spin on a wheel and on a spindle, and I quilt. I’m a hand quilter preferring to use the needle and not a machine to quilt. I have machine quilted and do appreciate the very different skill set needed to machine quilt!

    I like “the making place” or the “crafting thread”…



  11. jlms qkw


    i finished these earrings last night.  they are a bit of green for the season at church – epiphany.  

    i will next make earrings to match my new purple bracelet, i think.  

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