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Roll Call Please! Orange/Purple, Orange to Purple. Updated.

My head is spinning!  So many orange/purple peeps!

But, some have the same names there as here, some not.  I am not always sure who is who.

So, would you sign in with your orange name and then your purple one?

So, I’m nannyboz there and here.  And you?


Thank you so much to the Moose.  You’ve welcomed we refugees, made it easy to acclimate.  You’ve provided us with TU status to ease our way.  You’ve provided “teh roolz” here, basically one… be respectful of one another.

Thank you.  We’re so happy to be in this lovely and warm place.


  1. dear occupant

    but recent migratory patterns strongly suggest a full glass of purple for me, please. with ice.

    carry on.

  2. Nurse Kelley

    The pootie peeps first started calling me Nurse Kelley many years ago, then it spread to the whole blog and, after I wore scrubs while giving a talk at NN10, just about everyone adopted the handle.

    But you know that!

  3. sricki

    but most regular Orange folks won’t remember me from there. My participation is pretty sporadic, and I do a lot more lurking than posting. Most folks round these Purple parts are pretty familiar with (sick of!) me though. I’ve been aggravating other moose off and on for 4 1/2 years now.

  4. spacemanspiff

    boriquasi over there.

    Most peeps won’t recognize the handle while others will.

    Call me spiffy or spacey but call me, maybe?

  5. mapamp

    Mine and my Liberal-in-Training daughter’s initials, says the proud mom of a 15 year old.

    Same there and here!

  6. iriti

    it really is that important in orange, which always got acronymed (is that a word?) to iriti anyway, so…..iriti here.

  7. So, when I came on the internet I could never remember my screen names across platforms and all the cool ones were taken.  I had a business once Adept Resources plus it had a number in the middle of it…shoot I never have to worry about someone wanting that name, unless they want to me…and that’s creepy : )

  8. Mnemosyne

    as there. Although had I known, lo those many years ago when I first signed up over there, how long I’d use this name or how hard it is to remember the spelling, I’d likely have gone for something along the lines of Smith or Jones.

  9. weatherdude

    a royal pain in the ass, but here I’m weatherdude. Username obviously chosen because I’m a woman who studies otolaryngological abnormalities.

  10. fogiv

    (orange) fogiv

    (purple) fogiv

    (irl) a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset, carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. also, you’re drunk.  #jackhandey

  11. jlms qkw

    orange, purple, twitter, email, sometimes w/ an underline, sometimes w/ a space 😉

    4 initials, 3 fav hobbies.  

  12. DeniseVelez

    have always been DeniseVelez here – and NeciVelez on MyDD.

    Then morphed into fullblown Denise Oliver Velez at GOS

  13. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Just easier to remember…I have to say I’ve posted more here in the last week than I have in months on the GOS…slower pace and less drama in the purple haze suits me just fine.

  14. Via Chicago

    I can’t imagine many people recognize my name at either place, but I do like to fly just under the radar.

  15. Moozmuse

    during the orange boycott in Sept 2011. I wanted to cast off my orange identity as translatorpro, which really is my profession, and cultivate the more artistic side of my nature as moozmuse.

    The latest round of gunfights has driven me back here for the more sane (passionate is fine) approach to politics, art,  life and site moderation.

  16. Hope I’ve caught all of you newcomers, but a big up to Geek and Rustbelt Dem

    I’m  Brit on the Moose, and caught many of you if different guises, whether in fierce advocacy for sensible effective politics, Murdoch investigations, or merely showing wit, kindness and loyalty when you saw others being personally attacked

    The Moose has been going four and a half years, and we’ve had a ball – aswell as important and tough discussions. I owe this place so much – including a change of career from fiction and drama writing to political non fiction and journalism. I found my voice here – or rather found an intelligent audience who informed me, and made me want to continue the discussion

    For professional reasons I might not be as vociferous and present here at times as I’d like to be. But this influx of New Moozog gives this site a whole new life and a reason to be

    Thanks one and all for showing things can be different. Love yas

  17. onceasgt

    I lurk more than I write – and I just didn’t want to miss some of my favorite bloggers

    So I followed the purple trail and here I am.

  18. ChurchofBruce

    a member of the Church of Bruce.

    My actual name, for those who don’t know, is Frank, not Bruce. Bruce refers to the author of the gospels of Born to Run and Thunder Road, my one and only religion 🙂

  19. slksfca

    And unpronounceable in both.

    Why’d I do it? Because I followed some dear friends over here and felt like being consistent. IOW, I’m the slave of a mistake made six years ago. 😉

  20. mikidee

    mikidee there, luvlymikimoto somewhere else. Lurk daily and occasionally comment, here and there.

    I’m here and there and other places because there are 26 letters in the democratic/liberal/progressive) alphabet.

  21. JG in MD

    A day late as usual. JG in MD here and there, @AuntJill on Twitter. I have a sock puppet there but she never caught on.

    I also had an alter ego on an eBay forum long ago but she showed up at a friend’s house and my friend drowned her in the creek, and good riddance.

  22. Susan from 29

    would trigger the need for a memory upgrade and I am trying to put that off until I can buy one on Amazon.

    I am hoping this post goes through since the three brilliant, witty and amusing ones that I wrote last night got lost.

    I do tend to avoid the meta battles at DKos, so I am not up to speed on why so many have migrated over here but there are a lot of names I recognize and am thrilled to see again.

  23. I’m FrugalGranny here and there. I’m Julie Satchel IRL and on FB. I should probably change my name to Frugal-LATE-Granny as it has become a bad habit. Oh well. Do not mistake “frugal” for being cheap. 🙂 I refuse to be cheap. I will probably be late most of the time though. LOL

    “Over there” I help with GUS (gave up smoking), a group for lending support to anyone wanting to quit smoking. I’m not a great writer, but I would be happy to “lend an ear” here for anyone wanting to do the same. 🙂

  24. GlenThePlumber

    GlenThePlumber…over there Glen The Plumber…I hope that clears things up.

    I try to be nice…but sadly that is not always possible…so for those I offend…I offer my sig line…exclusive to MM…

  25. Canadian gal here and kos/mydd.

    My ipad tends to now capitalize things though which, for those that know me, is big departure. It’s great to see so many new and old (Louis!!!) faces and echo what Brit says above. This influx of people has changed things at the moose.

    Hi all!

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