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The Lounge: Racer Sez Meet teh Family!

My name is Racer and I sit on my hoomin Mom’s lap every morning, unless Atticus beats me to it, while Mom reads the herd check in.

This morning some folks said Mom should post my picture but she didn’t know how on her iPad.  So I talked her into using her regular ‘puter and here I am reading the sports page of the paper…

 photo Racer_Reading.jpg


GMB02 left this world shortly after noon today.…

This is a link to the diary with info about funeral arrangements for anyone in the area or anyone who can attend.

Very sad, but he is at peace.

Open Thread for commonmass and GMB02 Updates Started 1/26

The Moose has graciously allowed this post to serve as an open thread for us to share any updates we find about the dire health situation of GMB02.

While commonmass hasn’t put up a new diary in two days he is commenting in others.  What we know as of now is that GMB02 is becoming a bit aware of what’s going on and the ventilator is at a lower setting.  So at least a bit of positivity.

Please add whatever you find and if it’s big news I’ll edit the diary and bring it into the body.  Otherwise check here as you see new comments added.  

Any other thoughts to help facilitate the flow of info?  Also, if it bogs down or falls off anyone just put up a new one.

Thanks Moose.

Roll Call Please! Orange/Purple, Orange to Purple. Updated.

My head is spinning!  So many orange/purple peeps!

But, some have the same names there as here, some not.  I am not always sure who is who.

So, would you sign in with your orange name and then your purple one?

So, I’m nannyboz there and here.  And you?


Thank you so much to the Moose.  You’ve welcomed we refugees, made it easy to acclimate.  You’ve provided us with TU status to ease our way.  You’ve provided “teh roolz” here, basically one… be respectful of one another.

Thank you.  We’re so happy to be in this lovely and warm place.

The Lounge: Pootie Help Requested

I could really use any input you can offer Mooz.

This is our sweet girl Sadie…


She is 81/2, a beautiful smokey pootie who has always been so well mannered.  A little over a month ago she began to pee outside her litter box.  Not all the time but always in the same place.  At the time she had some vomiting but no more than what seemed normal for a cat.  However after she pooped outside the box, this was all in the course of a week, I took her to the vet.