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Open Thread: Watching…Waiting


Here we are, Moose…four years later.

I’m excited and nervous.

Hopeful and semi-confident.

I am also thrilled to be here, again, with you silly Moose.

When do you think we will know?

I am curious to see how long the talking heads hold their calls. I wonder who will call the vital States first? Who will be the first to call it for Obama? I would like for it to be NBC via Rachel. /grin

So, here we are again, Moose…I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

There is nowhere else (online) I’d rather be.  😛


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  1. Strummerson

    CA will clinch it, it we win.  But we should know before that,  Say PA and FL are called.  Or if they call OH and FL.  We’ll know.  One might even know just if FL is called for the Pres.

  2. Strummerson

    I guess the trees weren’t quite the right height after all.

    NY too.

    All we need is MN and my home states are swept for the Pres.

  3. Strummerson

    Wisconsin 52-46 Obama, neither Romney nor Ryan will carry any of their home states

    48-48 Colorado

    50-43 New Mexico

    50-47 Minnesota

    All I need to feel better is for PA and ONE of the tighter battlegrounds to be called for us: FL or OH or VA.

  4. I’ve been comparing 2008 and 2012 results and it looks like the Prez is running behind his 2008 numbers. Only a few counties have reported all of their votes, so it’s still not completely clear.  

  5. fogiv

    loudoun and prince william counties in VA.  yo, kysen: i read somewheres that the latino pop. in the former is up 300% in the last decade.  that’s a crowd i’d have expected OFA to have micro-targeted for registrations, sporadic voters, etc. to broaden the electorate.  gimmie a local perspective?  how’s loudoun gonna turn-out?

  6. Strummerson

    that the Pres. is up by 5 with 80% counted in Hillsborough FL, the bellwether county that no candidate has lost and carried the state.

  7. “Republicans are still seen as the party of no…”

    Whazziname CNN conservative

    Skeletor: “Somebody in the Republican party is going to have to break out of the tea party donald trump bellicose…”

  8. Hamilton County.

    Two election judges removed from post “for allowing illegal voting”. Unregistered voters allowed to cast ballots.

    Look to have FOX beat this drum for a week.

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