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I Must Be Stupid

I really don[‘t care much for sports. Make that professional sports and the insanity that is college sports in the USA today. I won’t argue with anyone about this because I do not know enough about athletic penchants to even articulate why I disdain them so much. Perhaps it is simply the fact that it pisses me off that we spend so much time and attention on something I find almost utterly without value.

I am sure that this will garner me a lot of outrage and arguements but please spare me your indignation. I have enjoyed many high school basketball (my 6’7″ stepson played the entire 18 years his mother and I were together) and hockey games over the years. I love watching women’s basketball at my alma mater, the University of North Dakota and their consitant nemisis and equally talented “Lady” Bison’s. Ah hell, I remember wathching hockey all through my childhood at

I had wondered why I had so much difficulty listening to Willard “Mitt” Romney for more than 45 seconds without screaming my head off at the TV machine

What if republicans started calling looking forward is a slogan used by marxists in the fifties look this up

My TV host can beat up your pundit

I am not much for sports but I love a pugilistic bout between a really smart liberal and the best Republican pundit

Conversation between Martin Bashir and Crystal Ball and black dude from NY times  cnat remember hjis name “Romney see’s our best years nehind us and wonats to recleaimn some imaginary time in America that was a bastion for capitalism and independent conservative ifdeals that worked so well of  our country. When wass this? I havent got a clue as it would seem that hte very best days of this coutnry wree in the 40’s 50’s and even the 60’s…WHEN OUR FREAKING TAX RATE ON THE KINGS OF INDUSTRY WAS 70 TO 91 PERCENT!!!!!!!!

Then Martin and dude discussed Obama who seems to think our best days are yet to come

I must be stupid

can anyone please tell me how president obama has ruined our country over the past 3 years? please…no really, PLEASE?????

Martin Bashir: “Mitt” found a severely conservative line to use on the President this week, That a marriage is between a man and his offshore bank account…er, sorry..I mean a man and his wife