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Senator Lisa Murkowski: Rush Limbaugh’s Comments about Sandra Fluke were “horribly offensive.”

According to the Homer News,… during a radio interview, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) criticized Rush Limbaugh’s tirade against Georgetown University Law School Student Sandra Fluke.  The Senator was in Homer, Alaska on a one-day visit and appeared on a local AM radio station, KBBI, 890 kHz.

She also criticized the Republican candidates for President for standing in silence and not condemning Limbaugh’s rhetoric.

The Senator made her comments about Limbaugh’s tirade after being asked about her position on reproductive rights.

  “I think what you’re sensing is a fear, a concern that women feel threatened, that a long settled issue might not be settled.”

She called radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh’s rant against a female Georgetown University law student, “offensive, horribly offensive.”


“To have those kind of slurs against a woman … you had candidates who want to be our president not say, ‘That’s wrong. That’s offensive.’ They did not condemn the rhetoric.”

The Senator was also quoted as saying:


“The right to a safe and legal abortion has been affirmed by the courts, and I stand by that. I will continue to support funding Planned Parenthood.”

She also expressed astonishment that some Republicans think it is to their advantage to restrict access to contraceptives.

   “It makes no sense to make this attack on women.  If you don’t feel this is an attack, you need to go home and talk to your wife and your daughters.”

It is ironic that this comes from a Republican woman Senator who voted for the Blunt Amendment.  But perhaps she is finally seeing the light.

In the first instance, it will be telling whether she apologizes to El Rushbo for daring to criticize him.  What’s the over/under on an apology with 48 hours?

And what will the Snowbilly Grifter say?  There is clearly no love lost between them.


  1. Mets102

    I know that she’s popular in some GOP circles, but what’s her winning percentage in seeing candidates actually elected to office?

    Remember, unlike other GOP senators, Murkowski does not owe anything to the tea party wing of the party given that she won re-election as a write-in back in 2010.

  2. IL JimP

    pressure to back the Tea Party/RushCo as some others given they beat her in a primary and she beat them in a write in campaign.  Plus she has 4 more years before she has to run again.  

  3. It was radical and edgy to be a Tea Partier in 2008. By now it is the pat, safe road.

    Good for her. Love that line: “…go ask your wife and daughters.” Classic.

  4. rfahey22

    She beat up on an easy target and didn’t do anything to advocate a change in policy.  I guess that makes her less of a Neanderthal than her cohorts, but not by much.  

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