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Joe the Plumber’s Open Letter

His 15 minutes are over, but he apparently does not realize it.  He’s written an open letter to the parents of the victims of the mass shooting in California.  I do not think that he has done himself any favors.

Your Daily Dose of [(Misinformation)(Paranoia)(Both)]

I happened to stumble across this web site:

“Your Daily Dose of Conservatism.”

I read the top-most article.

Here, we have the story of how the Bureau of Land Management has mutated into a rogue agency and an Agent of the Regime and how it has a license to steal.  "[T]he BLM has become a personal extension of our imperial leadership."

[/Aside:  I thought that going rogue was something admirable.  At least that is what Sarah Palin told me…. / End Aside]  

This is Good News for John McCain!

Today, at a rally in Ohio, Mitt Romney was asked by a female African-American teabagger.

She prefaced her question by stating that President Obama was operating outside the Constitution (which statement drew much whooping and cheering.)

She added that she agreed (apparently with a comment that a fellow bagger near her made while she was framing her question) that President Obama should be charged with treason.

She then asked Mighty Mittens what he would do to restore Constitutional balance to our government.

Mittens’s reaction, as compared to that of John McCain in a similar situation in 2008, is quite a study in contrasts.


From time to time, I get emails from a former client, now retired, concerning political topics.  The former client, let’s call him Bill, is a moderate Republican and a reasonable fellow.  (Yes, Virginia, there are still a few of them around).

Many of the emails that Bill sends me are over-the-top things that he gets from people he knows.  He sends them to me mainly to get my take on their contents.

Below is the latest one, and my response.

Fade to Blah

Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign so that he can spend more time with his family.

Fade to Blah

Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign so that he can spend more time with his family.

Senator Lisa Murkowski: Rush Limbaugh’s Comments about Sandra Fluke were “horribly offensive.”

According to the Homer News,… during a radio interview, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) criticized Rush Limbaugh’s tirade against Georgetown University Law School Student Sandra Fluke.  The Senator was in Homer, Alaska on a one-day visit and appeared on a local AM radio station, KBBI, 890 kHz.

She also criticized the Republican candidates for President for standing in silence and not condemning Limbaugh’s rhetoric.