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Calling All Prodigal Moose

Greetings Moose. Let me first wish all of you, and all of yours, Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus/New Year/Birthday (I’m sure I’ve missed several) and the best of wishes for many more. 2011 was an interesting year for my family…both the highs and the lows will mark it as a memorable one.

I am beyond excited to be here in 2012…not only because even numbered years are my friend, but because we get to work to see Obama to another term. Thus far, it seems to me that the Republicans vying to be his opponent are helping further our cause more than anyone or anything else.  Have you ever seen such a circus??

Despite the boost that Obama and the Democrats have gotten from the Republican antics of late, we WILL have to fight to see that Obama is a two term President.

It was during the 2008 battle to see a Democrat elected to the Presidency that most of us met…and I hope to find many ‘old-timers’ resurfacing to take up the fight again.  

I want to see Old Moose and New Moose (and Lurker Moose!) engaged in the battle. I want to hear about ‘feet on the ground’, phone banking, door knocking, yard signs, and bumperstickers. I want to hear about donations and voter registration drives. I want to hear about the discussions held around the family dinner table. I want to hear what Moose feel is worth fighting for…and what is worth fighting against.

We have less than a year before we find ourselves in the voting booth again…I want to be pulling the lever (er, touching the screen?) with the confidence that I did everything possible to see an Obama victory.


I want us ALL to have that confidence.

And I want every step…every action…every frustration…every happy moment…and, ultimately, the joy of victory…to be shared here.

Any takers?

I guess it may seem a bit hypocritical for me to be calling for activity here. I’ve been in one of my Lurker modes for a couple months now. I had to make my preparations for the end of the world (it’s still supposed to end this year, right?). I do wonder though, why it is such a big deal that the Mayan Calendar is ending? Ours ends every year and no great harm results (other than the occasional raging hangover from the end of year party). What gives?

As to my absence, no, I was not really preparing for the end of the world (though, tbh, at times it felt like that might be a good thing). To put it succinctly…the latter part of 2011 was a bit rough. I think I have my feet under me again now…and I hope to be about more and more as the weeks pass.

I am one of the more ‘recurring’ Prodigal Moose…I have long had the habit of dropping into Lurker mode only to randomly join in on the conversation again. We have lots of other Prodigal Moose…sricki and Holz and Stipes! all immediately come to my mind (and I see another of my faves, Spiff, has been about in recent days)…all are ones I want to see more of in 2012. There are Moose that have not been seen since shortly after Obama was elected…and I also hope to see them show their antlers this year. I KNOW that there are Lurkers Lurking…and I hope that they too will join in on the conversation in 2012.

I intend to be better (much much better) about commenting and rec’ing and writing. I want to ask that everyone else do so as well. In order for others to join in on the conversation…there has to be one.

This is the Moose, while the Presidential election of 2012 is an obvious topic to write about, there are a zillion other topics that ‘fit’ here.

Write about what interests you…it will likely interest others. If you write elsewhere, cross-post here. I know many of our members are more frequently seen in Orange…it is a known fact that Purple and Orange go together brilliantly. Speaking of the GOS…Follow your fellow Moose (click the wee heart in their dKos profile), rec/rate and comment in their diaries, join the Moose Group (Moose on the Loose) if you have not already done so, and share what you have learned there here on the Moose. That goes for other sites as well…there are lots of sites (a fair number on our blogroll) that share Moose interests and ideals. If you read something you like, write about it and share it with other Moose.

For example,  something I learned elsewhere today (while not originally from dKos, it is written about there too): Melissa Harris-Perry has landed her own show on MSNBC! I think that this is the best decision that MSNBC has made since they hired Maddow.


Moose have raved about her before…so I know she has fans here already. If you have not yet seen her on your TV screen, you need to give her new show a gander.

Her show debuts February 4th. t will be a weekend show, Saturday and Sunday, that follows Chris Hayes’ show ‘Up’ (another brilliant decision…great show) and will fill the 10am-12pm slot. I, for one, am thrilled to see more NEWS and less Lock Up on MSNBC weekends. I look forward to watching and supporting her show.

Something else that caught my eye in recent days? This comment from Geekesque over at dKos:

Sure, but you can see the flow chart (58+ / 0-)

that is used by some:

1:  Did the President do the right thing or the wrong thing:

A:  Wrong thing–this is proof of his character and his values;

B:  Right thing:  This is a meaningless attempt to pander and get himself re-elected.  He will try to undermine this good action after the election

Spot the fuck on.

Hmmm….I think I am beginning to ramble…as is oft the case…I oughta wrap it up.

I just wanted to say “Hey! I’m sorta back!”…and to put the invite out for others to come to surface as well.

I have missed all of you…and I am very much looking forward to another election year with Mooses.

So, this is my shout out to my fellow Moose…what say ye?


  1. Kysen

    I’m like a bad penny. /grin


    I hope all made it through 2011 mostly unscathed…2012 is lookin’ like it is gonna be a doozy. Doozy or no…I’m all in.

    Are you?

  2. sricki

    Actually I’ve been watching Moose a tad bit off and on since the new year began. Just haven’t bothered to really log in, rec, comment, or read a diary all the way through. Lol. Okay so I haven’t been doing so good a job of watching I guess.

    Dunno what my excuse is really. Not sure I have one. I had a kind of hellacious period of time myself awhile back there, and I pretty much gave up the blogs completely. When things started to improve, I just didn’t bother to catch up on all I’d missed online.

    Admittedly, I have not particularly been looking forward to 2012 because even numbered years are usually NOT my friend. 02, 04, 06, and 08 were rather nasty experiences overall. I must admit, though, that 2010 was a very livable year, so maybe it broke my pattern of nasty even years. Hope 2012 is a great year for us all.

    I am definitely enjoying the Republican circus, though I’m having to watch it unfold on CNN. I finally got cable TV here at home (after being pressured repeatedly by some). I even have the digital preferred package. And yet, despite having over 200 channels, the one I DON’T have is the one I wanted MOST. Apparently Comcast does not carry MSNBC in this region for anyone on any available package. Prime example of wingnut psychos trying to restrict access to “liberal media,” yes? Mayhap methinks. So hopefully Melissa Harris-Perry will be available to iTunes users like me for free via podcast. That’s the only way I can consistently get Maddow, though I’ll admit I haven’t much bothered of late.

    But anyway, the GOP is cracking me up. I’m as much of a Ron Paul fan as a liberal can be. I was also really enjoying Bachmann so I hate that she dropped out. But the gaffes should still be interesting going forward. I could really do without frothface though. The constant gay-bashing makes me a little ill, and I’m thinking he made some bullshit offensive racist remark recently too. Santorum’s not so much fun as just… infuriating. I’d like to go to a Romney rally though and see if he’d make me a $10,000 wager. I could really use the extra cash flow.

    After all this talk of being active and not lurking so much, you’d better stick around more, Kysen. I get cold and lonely out in the open without my fellow lurkers. 😉

    Happy New Year to all! Hope to be seeing more of the lot of you in 2012.

  3. dirkster42

    Kind of a nitpick, but it’s interesting how “prodigal” has come to mean “returning after an absence,” instead of “spending money lavishly.”  The kid in the parable didn’t just leave and come back – he maxed out the family’s credit card while he was away.

    Looking forward to seeing more Melissa Harris-Perry and less Rick Perry in 2012!

  4. Strummerson

    Once more into the breach and all of that.

    We few, we happy few, we band of bloggers.  For he who blogs with me this year, he shall be my blogger.  Be he ne’er so vile, this blog shall gentle his condition…

    To bad medieval armies weren’t egalitarian.  Apologies for the archaic and exclusionary rhetoric.  

  5. I kind of like the way the Moose isn’t a continuous stream of news like CNN or Kos, but has its own cycles of hibernation. But certainly 2012 is – especially given the even numbers and Mayan collapse – time to shake the snow off our haunches and totter on down to the plains and start some serious rutting.

    I’ve been in regular correspondence with our Antipodean friend Mr Appleby, who’s been on one of his blog walkabouts. I think a big shout out from the Moose Moot might cajole him back to these pastures too.

  6. left rev

    (slightly paraphrased)

    “You know…if the prodigal moose existed in a time of socialism, he never would have returned to his father, where he should be, because the state would have taken care of him when he blew it all by bad choices. Its just the same in our country to day. The only thing that enables us churches to spread the Good News to moose everywhere is that we live in a capitalist democracy where people have to take care of themselves and come to Yahmoose when they can’t.”

    We….don’t talk much. Seriously. I think the second moose of the Trinity would probably give him some kind of holy atomic wedgie.

    THIS kind of shit keeps me busy, because there are so many folks who need help without judgments. So I haven

    t been on the internetz as much, nor have I left any moose dropping recently. But I peek in every once in a while, to reassure myself that the Moose is still motley.


  7. Rashaverak

    I want to see Old Moose and New Moose (and Lurker Moose!) engaged in the battle. I want to hear about ‘feet on the ground’, phone banking, door knocking, yard signs, and bumperstickers. I want to hear about donations and voter registration drives. I want to hear about the discussions held around the family dinner table. I want to hear what Moose feel is worth fighting for…and what is worth fighting against.

    Umm, don’t u meen hooves on teh ground???

    As regards engaging in battle, we can report a minor, albeit satisfying victory in a recent skirmish…

  8. Emerald

    (although I’m wretchedly poor, so I’ll be doing my Obama support by blogging).

    I’ve been lurking, and probably will continue mostly to lurk, but at least I finally thought of a sig line.

    Love the Geekesque comment.  

  9. Cheryl Kopec

    Let’s see, excuses, excuses: been supporting the Occupy movement locally, learning NetObjects Fusion Essentials (soon to upgrade, I think, to XII), beefing up my church’s website…. oh yeah, and of course there were “The Holidays” and generalized winter blahs to go with them (am I one of those blah people, too?)

    In my defense, the Moose is one of my default home tabs in IE, so at least I’m sure to SEE the favicon daily, even if I forget to click….

    But, I’m here, and obviously I read this post, so I’ll adopt it as a New Year’s resolution (since I already forgot my first couple) and make it a point to visit at least once a day. 🙂

  10. Jjc2008

    but it has been a crazy time for me.  Sold my house. Closed in December.  Before moving out, someone tried to break in and scared the beejeeus out of me.  I watched him (a 20 something guy) as he fiddled around my door at midnight after ringing the doorbell at midnight (I think to see if it was an empty house since it was sold).  After observing him, I did call the police. The next day I saw he has been cracking open somehow the metal lockbox real estate people use.  I think he was hoping for an empty house with some copper.  Cops came but he was gone. I moved immediately in with some friends.  And then packed and moved out (I had to do that anyway, I just did it a week sooner).

    I am finishing up a long term sub job in CO and then moving to PA (closer to family and good friends) So I will be in transit until March.  Then I will be in a small town in PA (relatively conservative but no worse than Co Springs).

    I plan on registering ASAP and will hopefully get involved in the campaign to re-elect Obama.  

  11. HappyinVT

    Started my monthly OFA donations a few months ago.  Am voting in our primary in March just because.  And will do what I can for 4 more years.

    And that picture of POTUS holding that baby is simply fabulous … most of them are but, jesus, that is sweet.

  12. Kay W

    Montana, and so is my partner.  Already donating; will give more, though it is a hard economic time for us, as for so many millions of others.  We’ll be phone banking, knocking doors and doing whatever needs to be done to GOTV.

    Thanks, kysen.

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