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Open Thread: Read My Lips (w/ bonus History lesson)

Just another Manic Lazy Monday Sunday. I was poking about on the intertubes and came across another of the comical Bad Lip Reading clips. The ‘victims’ chosen, this time it is Herman Cain, certainly add to the laughs.

Laughs on a Sunday? Perfect fare for an Open Thread.


These clips crack me up. I don’t know if it is because I have to resort to lip reading on a regular basis (I am hard-of-hearing) and am intimately aware of how easy it is to ‘misread’ someone…..or if it is because of how, in some cases (Bachmann especially), the misreading does not sound so far off from what the ‘victim’ might actually say. Either way, they started my Sunday with a laugh….I hope they do the same for you.


Bad Lip Reading

Rick Perry:

Michele Bachmann:

Mitt Romney:

Herman Cain:


And now for the promised lesson in History.

Today we turn to Professors Fallon and Timberlake for a 3 part course on the History of Rap.

For fun, see how many songs/artists you can name.

History of Rap:

History of Rap 2:

History of Rap 3:


Having watched them all again, I now have Fallon and Slow Jam the News in my head.

So, here are a couple of them as well:

Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams Slow Jam the News:

Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams Slow Jam Occupy Wall Street:


In other News, I watched the new Timberlake movie ‘In Time’ this morning. John actually brought my attentions to it with a brief preview (and the trailer) of the film. It was pretty good, imo, so far as entertainment value. Some rough edges, but, overall, a pretty good flick (far from Oscar material..but entertaining).  I have to admit that Timberlake has come to impress me over the years (I used to mock him and all other boy banders…thus far, he is the only one to have earned a pass from me).

‘In Time’ Trailer:

I give the movie 3  out of 5 stars.

Wazzup, Moose?


  1. Ok so Rick Perry gives a speech in New Hampshire on Friday.  The speech lasted half an hour as per the Huffpo, but check this Youtube condensation of the idiocy.  

    Consider this idiot is seriously being considered to lead this country.  He wins and I’m going to go live on Peter’s couch : )

  2. So you went to see In Time. I must admit, the premise is intriguing. I checked it out on The critics don’t care for it, at least, most of them.

    This is what the Rolling Stone critic had to say about it – “Pretty cast. Potent premise. Piss-poor execution.”

    Dana Stevens of Slate really panned it – “A movie so consistently flat-footed, with pauses between lines of dialogue so vast, that you begin to wonder if the whole thing might be a psychological experiment of some kind.”

    On the other hand, Mike LaSalle of the San Fransisco Chronicle liked it – “Not for one moment does Niccol compromise this serious sci-fi world, and yet he hits all the marks for crowd-pleasing mass entertainment: “In Time” never stops moving.”

    So did Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post – “All in all, “In Time” is not just stylish but surprisingly substantial.”

    Audiences gave it a 3.4 of 5 with 60% positive reviews. The critics were a little more harsh with a 5.3 of 10 and 33% fresh and 58% rotten ratings.

    It looks like the critics weren’t too thrilled with The Rum Diaries either. Hard to imagine a Johnny Depp movie that isn’t worth watching.

  3. Oh, god bless the twisted minds!


    “…when i buy stickers for folks in prison I bring milk – not backyard meth – it”s a prison party!”

    “I went from being two banana plants up to a thrill-seeking shark who sold pictures of different toys I wanted.”

    “Of course there’s no time for all of us to party, tuna-face.”

    “Dat hobo kept screaming:  ‘Save a bore. I want to see it. Do your raps. C’mon. Do it silly lady. Do that whole fiesta food dance. Jackpot fishy poopy pants, you’re going to wish you could buy me a tip cup for all these nickels. I’ll get you.'”

  4. November 5

    Yes, it’s uneven and flawed, but a great concept nonetheless.

    It reminds me a little bit of Strange Days, and kind of a poor man’s Blade Runner. More genre than content, of course. And of course, the riffs on Logan’s Run are obvious, but that film wasn’t in the class of the other two mentioned.

    Roger Ebert gave it 3* out of 4 and noted (correctly, IMHO) that JT has a future in the movies, although obviously this wasn’t the most challenging material.

    Was it my imagination, or was the Timekeeper and Weis having a “look like a young Christopher Walken with hair dye and a facelift” contest? Both of them looked embalmed, don’t know whether that was by design or not. Really kind of weird looking.

    Going back to politics, the current GQ has a pretty funny riff on Perry on its back page, calling him the “Texecutioner”. I loved that one…wonder if someone can make the moniker stick while he’s still relevant. I just have the feeling he’s going to be “timed out” sooner than later.  

  5. wordsinthewind

    to embody the very worst of Texas politics. It is amazing that one person can accomplish all of that, normally our politicians fail us in maybe one or two areas but this guy hits them all. He truly is utterly devoid of any principles or moral standards.  

  6. DTOzone

    A good friend of mine is a junior high school teacher on Long Island, in an exclusive 99% white rich school district.

    One of her eight graders was being a bully, pushing some kid, spitting on him, beating him up in the hallway, so before suspending him, the school decided to sit down with the kids’ parents for a conference.

    Let me start this by saying that the typical reaction she gets from bully’s parents is “not my son/daughter. S/he wouldn’t do that”

    Not these parents. They admitted their son was a bully…and they were proud of him.

    “That’s how we raised him,” they proudly said. “To be a warrior.”

    If the kid was being bullied, it’s because he’s weak, and the bullying their son was giving was going to make the kid being bullied stronger, and how dare she (my friend) threaten to suspend their son for being “a man”

    My friend was incredibly upset and dissolutioned, she almost quit today.  

  7. fogiv

    Ronald Reagan beat out Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the former president Americans would like to see in the White House during these trying economic times, a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll finds.

    Thirty-six percent of those polled said they wanted the Gipper to lead America out of the economic crisis, while 29 percent picked Roosevelt. Thomas Jefferson came in third place with the support of 14 percent of those polled, followed by Roosevelt’s successor Harry Truman at 8 percent. William Henry Harrison, who was inaugurated in March 1841 and died one month later, came in last with 1 percent support.

    favorite part:

    When asked what words they thought of when the heard the name Marco Rubio, 25 percent said “U.S. Senator” while 14 percent said “Major League Baseball player” and 7 percent said “Cuban musician.”

  8. fogiv

    I used to mock him and all other boy banders…thus far, he is the only one to have earned a pass from me

    for the record, Donnie Wahlberg (of the totally gross NKOTB) was great in the Band of Brothers series.

  9. anna shane

    someone sent me a link to berkeley cop watch:

    and I watched film of a Berkeley cop in Oakland, keeping people moving.

    and I was thinking, this is like Rashomon.  The girls wants to show that she knows she has rights, she does it in a way that’s aggressive and unattractive, but how else to show rights if not the right to be unplesant?  And the police guy has obviously had his training, he comes in to take over, and he can hustle her along, but it’s just his job, he doesn’t create his own assignment.  And he probably assumes he’s doing his best and he’s probably patting himself on the back for showing such adult restraint. So, they each are doing their thang, perhaps quite well, for what they maybe can see.  Her story is she’s exercising her civic responsibilities and the cops represent repression and so she stands up to them heroically.  And his story probably is yet another crank that just wants to make him have a harder day and she should probably get a job.

    But, what if he smiled at her, and agreed with her rights, which are factual, but told her he had an assignment and she needs to take it up with the mayor if she doesn’t want cops enforcing someone’s policy?  And what if she gave him a flower, and was friendly and said something like, hey man, I know it isn’t you, but I need to be out here filming cause some of you guys are bad apples and there isn’t a way of knowing from what you look like and I think some innocent person is less likely to be shot if some of us are out here filming.  

    I mean, is being unpleasant a requirement?    

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