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Open Thread: Welcome Visitors

Many of you are aware of the rather large group of Kossacks who have decided to abstain from the GOS for a week.

I want us to roll out the purple carpet, hide polish the silver, and put on our Sunday best (yes, fog, that means pants too) to welcome any boycotters who decide to stop by for a visit.

Whether it is for a week’s vacation, or as a permanent home, I want to give a heartfelt “Welcome, make yourselves at home” to those seeking a respite from the flamewars.


We love having new voices added to the conversation. While, for some, it may only be for a week’s vacation (Will Smith, anyone?)…we hope that you will find yourselves wanting to extend your stay.

Here is a diary that might help our new Moose:  Insider’s Guide to Motley Moose

Make yourselves at home, kick up your feet, RELAX.

In fact, I invite ya’ll to do as scribe has done…and Jump Right In!


Open thread, ya’ll…have at it.


  1. sricki

    We’re pretty slow here compared to dKos, but I am rather fond of both paces. I have an easier time keeping up with things here though. 😉

    For however long you’re here, enjoy your stay.

    • Shaun Appleby

      Now with introductions in order, what do you think of the brouhaha over Krugman’s 9/11 remarks?

      How many of our professional pundits – people who should have understood very well what was happening – took the easy way out, turning a blind eye to the corruption and lending their support to the hijacking of the atrocity?

      The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.

      Paul Krugman – The Years of Shame NYT 11 Sep 11

      I can see that it may be controversial but it seems right on the money to me.  We went off our collective meds.

      • Shaun Appleby

        For shipwrecked MyDDers our origin mythology?  Seems appropriate.  I would have to say I’ve found the DKos front-page has greatly and steadily improved over the years.  But there’s something about the comment threads which seems both addictive and dyspeptic.

        • blue jersey mom

          in Hawai’i this summer or something on our work in Egypt. If you prefer, I could also write something about our work in Ukraine last summer. I will be staying home most of this year. I am not going back to Egypt until January of 2013. Because there were only about 4 days of excavation this year, there is very little for me to work on in the lab in January. I should be back in Hawai’i next summer, but we have not yet set the dates. I am snowed with work at school this week, but I might be able to post something at the weekend. would that work?

      • sberel

        Here is why.

        1) People needed to take a breath, take a run, move, something.  I mean the BK people.  It was obvious.

        2) I am hoping people who take the time off will spend some time talking to one another about positive steps they can make and things they can specifically focus on to improve the culture for black folks who choose to stay in there.  I believe with focus, a group can carve out some measure of safety, and with time, the safe space can increase.  I don’t think that anything’s going to come from the top. Seeta will allow discussions of that nature at her site, or if you will allow them here, that would be good too.

        3) this is the big one.  Do you realize what happened there?  Hundreds of white folks stood up and walked out, without question, on the say so of a black woman.  Let that sink in. Say it again. Say amen.

        In some, it’s not about them (dkos), it’s about us, or you really, because I am not going back, it’s about the people who left and transformation or the potential thereof.

        Aaron, happy you decided to join.  There are also a lot of people staying, but doing important work in solidarity and who have commitments but expressed solidarity in my skeleton crew diary.

        I may have a different perspective because of my level of participation in the diary cascade, but it was awesome. awesome.  

    • Kysen


      I, too, have mixed feelings about the boycott. However, for me, the fact that many I care for and respect feel deeply about it…is enough to garner my support.

      Boycott or no…the Moose has long been a retreat of sorts for many dKos regulars. Some have joined in on the boycott, others have not..either way the Moose is a safe harbor.

      Make yourself at home.

      If you have any questions, fire away in any active thread (or use the Contact the Moose at the bottom of the page).


  2. More of a “return of the prodigal” or  – insert other parable here – for me, as I used to hang here a lot in 2008…and then just got too stinking busy to do much but lurk.  DK was never too much of my style anyway – too big and impersonal.  

    And that impersonality, I think, contributed to the appalling mean girl behavior I’ve been reading there of late.  This lack of civility, coupled with the “LA LA LA LA what problems what racism LA LA LA LA I Can’t Hear You” attitude has spurred me to get back into speaking…but not there.  

    So, hi, yinz guys n’at.  This Pittsburgh gal is back  🙂

    • …and so great to see you make contact again on my boycott diary.

      I must boycott more regularly.

      Stick around and fasten your seatbelt. I think, politically, we’re in for a bumpy ride.  

          • Shaun Appleby

            The discomfiture of explaining some of these policies in daylight is proving a bit of a strain:

            The gloves are really off now, with Romney and Perry laying into each other over Social Security. It’s like the Foreman v. Ali of policy discussions. They’re generating cheers, laughs and boos. Most of the boos appear to be directed at Romney by the tea party-leaning crowd, but Romney’s seeming rather more centrist and solid. Huntsman’s now critiquing them both for “scaring the American people.”

            Perry V. Romney TPM 13 Sep 11

            Scaring me, too.

  3. HappyinVT

    This is just too f*cked up for words:

    Were Sarah Palin and Barack Obama lovers when they both lived in Honolulu in the early 1980s?

    That is the explosive question posed by Howard Decker in his new ebook novel, “Palin and Obama – Lovers When We Met.”

    “It is a historical fact,” Investigative Reporter and author Decker says, “that Sarah (Heath) Palin and Barack (Barry) Obama were in Honolulu, Hawaii at the exact same time, when Sarah was a young woman beginning her college career and Barack was a young college student.”

    “Sarah went to college very near the neighborhood Barry lived in with his grandparents,” he said.

    “There is no historical record that shows the two actually met at that time,” he said.

    “But what if…?

    What if… the two attractive, basketball-crazy young adults had met and fell for each other?

    via rumproast.  

    It’s an ebook that supposes what might have happened had the president and the grifter met back in the day.

    There’s even a Harlequin Romancesque cover.  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  4. IL JimP

    I’m a recovering Dkoser myself, and let me tell you this place is more like home.  🙂

    Just watch for the Moose signal.

  5. AaronInSanDiego

    Even though I have mixed feelings about the boycott I’ve decided to participate, since I think it’s probably for my own good. I set up an account here a little while ago, but this is my first comment. So far this looks like a civilized place and I’ll try it out for a while.

  6. blue jersey mom

    I am taking a week off from the Great Orange Satan and thinking about whether I want to go back. I have a long-term commitment to IGTNT, but I really do not like what is happening at DKos.  

  7. HappyinVT

    was a good idea to have a debate on the opening night of MNF.

    Hope they aren’t expecting a ton of eyeballs ~ that could be the point.

  8. sberel

    1) I am a dangerous ratings abuser so watch those Fails.  No, actually, if I do that tell me so I can fix it.

    2) I am so happy to be able to click buttons again.

    • Shaun Appleby

      Booman was not impressed:

      Apparently, there is another of these freak-show Republican debates tonight.  The best part is that CNN is teaming up with the Tea Party Express to co-sponsor the thing.  Nothing like legitimizing a scam organization.  Way to go CNN.  

      Booman – Wankers of the Day: CNN Booman Tribune 12 Sep 11

      It says something about our politics and media, that’s for sure; probably “It’s club and you’re not in it.”

  9. Emerald

    Any chance of moving Pootie diaries over here? (I’d suggest TPV, which is now my “home” site, but it appears to be easier to post photos here).

    Um, how does one go about adding a sig line? Can’t find the place on the profile page.

    Thanks to Brit for posting a link to here on TPV!

  10. Shaun Appleby

    It’s a real slugfest so far.  Heh.  This “Ponzi” branding is really taking hold.  Hard to say where this is headed; shifting the Overton Window or a Republican crater in 2012.

    • Strummerson

      Heard an interview with them on NPR.  They are serious researchers of this tradition and absolutely wail.  They were also pretty darned funny.

      If I have to be on a desert island, I want them with me!!!

    • Progressive Witness

      That right there is the pure drop, it is.  That wants an “Extra-Fierce” button.

      How did I not know about this band before now?  Well, deficit amended, I know about them now!  Thanks!  Wow.  Just…wow.


    • Progressive Witness

      That right there is the pure drop, it is.  That wants an “Extra-Fierce” button.

      How did I not know about this band before now?  Well, deficit amended, I know about them now!  Thanks!  Wow.  Just…wow.


  11. mrsgoo

    to find a big welcome sign here. It’s still too warm in the California Delta to drag my moose slippers out of the closet. All I have to say is this, if I made it through the entire day LET ALONE, the live blog on the CNN baggers ball tonight, I’m fairly certain I can last the week. And who knows. I’ve revisited some old favorites today and this looks to be a nice spot to relax and chat with old friends and maybe make some new ones. Just getting ready to prep some dinner so probably won’t hang long tonight. But I’ll be sure to get into the insiders guide so I don’t end up looking like this poor guy:

  12. DTOzone

    the number of self-described liberal friends I have who support Ron Paul for President in 2012.

    I must live in a bubble of absurdity.  

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